G-20 Report: What Are They Wearing?

Answer to questions you've always wanted to ask but were afraid to.

LONDON, April 1, 2009 -- What does G-20 stand for anyway?

"G" stands for group, and and G-20 is supposed to be a meeting of the economic powerhouses of the world. The "20" is a misnomer, though, as there are roughly 36 member nations represented in London. They are roughly divided into "A" and "B" countries. "A" countries, including the U.S., Great Britain, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. "B" countries include Canada, Italy and Mexico.

Oh. So, what is Michelle Obama wearing?

Michelle Obama is expected to wear the same combination of high street and designer clothing she is famous for. To visit a cancer center in London today, she wore a green pencil skirt and cream sparkly cardigan by J. Crew.

OK, how about the other ladies?

The British Prime Minister's wife Sarah Brown, who was visiting the center with Michelle Obama, also looked stylish in a navy blue Britt Lintner dress and Russell & Bromley shoes.

What are the leaders of the world eating?

They are dining in fine style tonight. London chef Jamie Oliver is cooking a three-course dinner that includes organic salmon as a starter and slow-roasted shoulder of lamb from Wales for the main course. Vegetarians can have goat cheese salad. Jamie Oliver is cooking with a group of interns from Fifteen Restaurant, which runs a program that hires disadvantaged youth. To observe the credit crunch, dessert will be a simple teatime favorite -- Bakewell tart and custard.

What about dining arrangements? Who's sitting next to whom?

The heads of state will dine together, but since it is a working dinner, their spouses will be seated separately. Don't worry about awkward spousal conversation. Michelle Obama, for example, will be seated next to best-selling author J.K. Rowling and Olympic gold medalist Dame Kelly Holmes.

Where are the Obamas staying in London?

Winfield House, the official residence of the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom.

What are the Obamas driving?

Obama's vehicle of choice: "The Beast." Obama's armored limousine can withstand bullets and chemical attacks, and it has a night-vision camera, reinforced steel plating, tear-gas cannon and oxygen tanks. The gas tank is surrounded by impact-absorbing foam. A nice accessory to Obama's 200-strong security team.

Security? What kind of security is being provided? Who is he traveling with?

In addition to security members, Obama is traveling with an entourage of 500 including doctors, nurses, press coordinators and assistants. Rumors are that he is traveling with a supply of his own blood, type AB.

Any extracurricular activities while Obama is here?

Yes. Obama is scheduled to have a meeting with the queen at Buckingham Palace at around 5 p.m today in the State Room.

Ooo! That sounds like a fun thing to see!

If you happen to be in London, you can try your luck at spotting Obama pulling into the palace through the Main Gate. The queen herself will be waiting inside. But unless you're part of the press, good luck trying to see them together.

Are the so-called B-list countries feeling a little neglected?

No worries. They will receive gift baskets that include a tie designed by one of three British tailors (Ozwald Boateng, Timothy Everest and Richard James), a tea towel from Ulster-based Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen, Kelly Hoppen candles and Rococo chocolates.