Bird Snitches on Cheating Husband

June 19, 2001 -- A Chinese housewife is seeking divorce, claiming the family's talking bird dropped clues on her husband's illicit affair, state media said today.

The woman from southwestern Chongqing city said she uncovered the affair when their mynah began saying things like "Divorce," "I love you" and "Be patient" after it overheard the husband's telephone calls with his mistress, the Xinmin Evening News said.

The woman said she noticed the feathered tattle-tale's strange new vocabulary after she returned from a monthlong visit with her parents that started in May.

Already suspecting her husband was having an affair, she observed that the bird became particularly talkative whenever the telephone rang, confirming her suspicions, the report said.

Last week she brought the bird to a law office for consultation, hoping it could testify in court.

"Can my mynah be used as witness?" the newspaper quoted her as asking.

Lawyers were not optimistic.

"The judges are unlikely to rule against your husband based only on the mynah's words," attorney Wu Di was quoted as telling her.