Self-Pumped Bra Deepens British Cleavage Contest

There's a lot more wind beneath British busts these days.

As the war for the ultimate cleavage deepens, an all-new bra, which allows women to pump up their chests to more than twice their original cup size, is now available in stores across Britain.

No it's not just hot air, it's the Ultrabra Airotica, manufactured by Gossard, the British bra giant.

The new cleavage-enhancer sports a crescent-shaped airbag stitched into each cup, which can be inflated or deflated as the need arises.

And it's all in the customer's hands.

A tiny rubber pump, called the G-pump (G for Gossard) can be secured on the two-way air valves of the airbags and pumped up much like a beach ball. The effect could well be much like a beach ball except the manufacturer advises customers not to go over the top, so to speak.

"You can pump it up to the hilt, but Gossard recommends you pump it twice your original cup size, " said Christine Morgan, a company spokeswoman. This way, said Morgan, users have space "to breathe."

The bra, made from sheer net fabric and available in black, white and "lavender lust" was launched on Wednesday to a rapturous response from customers.

About 100,000 women had already ordered the Ultrabra Airotica before the launch and Spice Girl Mel B had already sampled the bra before its release, said Morgan.

It's a War, a Bra War

If the pumped-up bra is simply helping women propagating a lie, no one seems to particularly care, seasoned as most women are, to the cutthroat business that is cleavage enhancement.

The Airotica is just the latest salvo in the bra wars between Playtex' Wonderbra and the Ultrabra, Gossard's brand answer to the Wonderbra.

And as the cleavage war wages on, the customer — and her chest — has everything to gain.

The battle for the ultimate lie in breast history has had a range of arsenal from elastic, plastic and metal wires to gel sacks or simply silicon. But this one, said Morgan, was simply the best.

"It's a much healthier option than surgery," said Morgan, "and the bras are light, unlike gel-filled ones, so it's a much healthier option than the other alternatives around."

What's more, at 28 pounds a pair (approximately $40), it's also a much cheaper alternative.

Morgan also notes that the company's vigorous product testing included testing it under high pressure conditions such as airplanes. Short of taking a pair of scissors to the airbags, the Airotica is built to last.

Although the wonder cleavage-boosting bra is not as yet available on American shelves, Scott Alvery, the U.S. distributor for Gossard said limited distributions of the Ultrabran Airotica would make their way to U.S. lingerie shelves by mid-summer.

Now that's another scorcher for the summer.