London Bombings: Police Arrest One Man and Shoot a Bombing Suspect


London Investigation

UK Police Arrest Man In Anti-Terror Probe

British police said on Friday they had arrested one man near Stockwell underground station in London in connection with Thursday's attempted attacks on the city's transport system. (Reuters)

CCTV Appeal After Police Shoot Bombing Suspect

The Metropolitan Police today released CCTV images of four men they want to question over yesterday's attempted bombing of a bus and three London Underground trains, hours after shooting dead a man at a South London Tube station thought to be connected to the terror attacks. (The Times)

In Pictures: London Bombing Suspects (The Guardian)

Timeline of 21/7 Attacks (The Telegraph)

UK Boy Wrongly Labelled As Bomber

Evidence showing that all three of the London bombers of Pakistani descent visited Pakistan last year has been thrown into doubt. (BBC)

Experts Hail 'Forensic Goldmine'

As the search for evidence continues after Thursday's London blasts, experts feel the unexploded devices will provide a wealth of clues. (BBC)

Credibility of Claim of Responsibility Highly Questionable

The credibility of a claim of responsibility for yesterday's attempted attacks on the London transportation system is highly questionable. The statement was signed "Abu Hafs al Masri Brigades" and posted on the Internet on Friday. More than a dozen statements were posted online or sent to newspapers by "Abu Hafs al Masri Brigades" in the past two years, claiming responsibility for the power outages in the U.S. and the U.K., a plane crash in Kenya and the UN bombing in Baghdad among other things. This greatly undermines the credibility of the statements and so far there has been no evidence that this group even exists. (ABC News Investigative Unit)

Living in The Midst of High Security

London has become a city under siege as bombers target the Tube and bus networks. (BBC)


New Yorkers Handle Subway Checks as Part of Their Day

Morning commuters endured, for the most part patiently, random searches that began last night. (NY Times)



Renewed Patriot Act Gets Boost in House, Senate Panel

Vote sets stage for sharp debate over how far Congress should go in limiting the powers given to the government by the controversial anti-terrorism law. (Washington Post)


Newlyweds Shot Day After Their Wedding in Baghdad

Four Iraqi police killed in other incidents. (Reuters)

U.S. Ties Funds for Insurgents to 4 Nephews of Hussein

The Treasury Department identified four nephews of Saddam Hussein on Thursday who it said had operated from Syria and played significant roles in providing money, weapons, explosives and other support to the anti-American insurgency in Iraq. (NY Times)

Pentagon Report Says Iraqi Forces Are Not Yet Able to Defend Country

Iraqi security forces are not yet ready to defend their country on their own against a stubborn insurgency, but most of the nation's army battalions are able to fight with help from U.S. and coalition forces, according to a Pentagon assessment of progress in Iraq released yesterday. (Washington Post)

Iraq Is No Longer Priority News

Two weeks ago, an entire Iraqi family was assassinated whilst asleep. Television screens broadcast images of the murdered family members who appeared to be taking a nap, followed by a picture of their bodies bundled in a truck on their way to be buried. The coverage then ended. (Asharq al Awsat)


Suppose That Invading Iraq Has Made Us More Vulnerable — What Then?

It is too early to know for sure the provenance of yesterday's explosions in London. (The Times)

The Source of This Hysteria

Portraying Muslim scholars such as Yusuf al Qaradawi and even Tariq Ramadan as extremists is absurd - and dangerous. (The Guardian)

We Need Airport-Style Security On The Tube

The great fear lurking at the back of the public consciousness after the London bombings of two weeks ago was that this would not prove a unique outrage, but the beginning of a campaign of terror. (The Independent)

Muslims, Speak Out!

I am inclined to believe, especially in the aftermath of the London bombings a fortnight ago, that British Muslims live on a different island! (Asharq al Awsat)

More Bombs in London

Yesterday's bombings in London thankfully did not cause serious injury. What remains to be seen is whether they will damage the sense of assurance and relative political unity with which Britain so far has responded to the terrorist assault on its homeland. (Washington Post)

Green Light for Bomb Builders

The Bush administration keeps undermining the most effective way to stop the spread of nuclear weapons: the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. (NY Times)

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