Egypt Attacks: 5 Pakistanis Sought


5 Pakistanis Sought in Egypt Terror Probe

Investigators say they are seeking five Pakistani men in the weekend terror attacks at the Sharm El-Sheik resort that left at least 64 dead. (AP)

Many Suspects, Few Certainties

It remains unclear who carried out the bombing of the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, killing dozens of people, mostly locals. Whoever turns out to have been behind the attack, it is unlikely to encourage President Hosni Mubarak to push on with the limited political reforms made so far. (The Economist)

Al Qaeda Leaders Seen in Control

Experts Say Radicals In London, Egypt May Have Followed Orders. (Washington Post)

Experts: No Single al Qaeda Mastermind

Al Qaeda Operatives Bound by Ideas, and Very Likely Little Else, in Latest Wave of Terror. (AP)


Police Name Terror Suspects

Bus & Warren St men named. Link to device found in park. North London flat searched. (The Guardian)

Brazilian Electrician Was Shot Eight Times, Inquest Hears

The Brazilian electrician mistaken for a suicide bomber by arned police at a London Tube station last week was shot no less than eight times, it emerged today. (The Times)

Did a Fifth Bomber Lose Nerve And Dump Bomb?

Police fear that there may have been a fifth bomber who failed to carry out his suicide mission last Thursday after the discovery of a suspect package in bushes near Wormwood Scrubs prison in West London. (The Times)

Pakistani American Aiding London Probe

Man in U.S. Custody Has Ties to Al Qaeda. (Washington Post)



6 Purported CIA Operatives Sought in Italy

Italian Court Issues More Warrants for Purported CIA Operatives Linked to Cleric's Kidnapping. (AP)


3 Election Workers Kidnapped in Afghanistan

Kidnappers have abducted three Afghan electoral workers in an area of eastern Afghanistan where a female colleague was wounded in an attack days earlier, an official said yesterday. (Arab News)


Abu Mohammed al Maqdisi: al Zarqawi's "Spiritual Godfather"

Abu Mohammed al Maqdisi, born in 1962, has, once again, made the headlines of extremist news bulletins and amongst followers of the Salafi movement (following the methods of the early Muslims) who espouse jihad (holy struggle) and of which he can be considered "the Godfather". (Asharq al Awsat)


Bomber Targets Iraqi Police Post

As Many as 40 Killed Outside Station. (Washington Post)

Iraq Constitution Boycott Is Over

Sunni Muslim representatives in Iraq say they are ending a boycott of the committee writing a new constitution. (BBC)

Al Qaeda Claims Kidnap of Algerian Envoy in Iraq

Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility yesterday for the kidnap of the chief of the Algerian mission in Baghdad, stepping up pressure on the new government struggling to quell relentless guerrilla violence. (Reuters)


Recruiting for Life

There is no more "us" and "them" It is all "we". When London, Beirut and Sharm el-Sheikh are all attacked in less than 48 hours, there is no more Muslim or Christian or Jew. There is no more believer or infidel. There is no more East or West. (Asharq al Awsat)

Pure Evil

After London, now the Egyptian tourist resort of Sharm El-Sheikh. Evil continues its rampage around the globe. Yet more innocents are slaughtered on the altar of hate. Where next, people ask. (Arab News)

The Rise of a Jihadi Suicide Culture

The bombings in Egypt and London come as more terrorists adopt a tactic now commonplace in Iraq. (CS Monitor)

Making Excuses for Terrorism

Efforts to link the bombs in London to Britain 's involvement in Iraq are worthless and a badly timed justification. Egypt , a country which did not send any soldiers to fight in Iraq and has always opposed the war, has also been the victim of terrorism in Sharm al Sheikh. (Asharq al Awsat)

What Bush Doesn't Know

The war in Iraq is not making us safer here at home. (NY Times)

No Tails or Tridents

The bombers look like everyone else, and it is improved intelligence rather than bullets that will weed them out. (The Guardian)

Pakistan: United Militants, Divided Leaders

More than ever, the heat's on Pakistan from the US and Britain to stamp on militants. President General Pervez Musharraf is doing his best to comply, but in the process he's putting himself on a collision course with militant organizations and sections of his government. (Asia Times)

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