In Taiwan, pedestrian signal shakes off singlehood just in time for Valentine's Day

A pedestrian signal in Taiwan is a lot less lonely this Feb. 14.

— -- Pingtung County Mayor Pan Men-an probably doesn't get 30,000 views on every video he posts to Facebook -- but he did for one featuring a newlywed couple celebrating a brand-new regional landmark.

On the eve of Valentine's day, the stick figure normally seen on a pedestrian walking signal was joined by a female companion -- "a first in Taiwan," the mayor said.

Pingtung County, a southern county with a population of about 840,000 and known for tourism, unveiled the new signal in time for the holiday, and there will be 25 installed before the Lunar New Year, the mayor told Taiwan News, a local English-language website.

For 18 years, the signals featured just a man, but now he walks with a woman and drops to a knee to propose as the light goes red.

On his Facebook page, the mayor wrote, "We hope everybody smiles, no longer bored, while waiting for the red lights."