5 Things to Know This Morning

5 Things to Know This Morning

— -- Your look at the five biggest and most buzz-worthy Christmas stories of the morning.

2. Holiday Newborns Go Home in Christmas Stockings

Some of the best Christmas gifts fit in stockings and babies born around the holidays are no exception.

That's why babies born at Magee-Women's Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center get special stockings if they're in the hospital on Christmas Day.

Parents spending their first Christmas at UPMC get the stockings and hand-knit red hats as keepsakes. Magee nurses have been organizing the event for several years, and they give away dozens of tiny hats each holiday season.

3. Archaeologists Believe They Found Location Where Jesus Christ Taught

The discovery was made in the ancient town of Magdala -- thought to be the hometown of Mary Magdalene -- on the western shore of the sea of Galilee.

Jesus is believed to have spent most of his life in the area.

4. Cheerful Cocktails to Get You in the Christmas Spirit

5. Man Builds Hess Toy Truck Collection Over 50 Christmases

Not many adults get a toy as a gift on Christmas Day. And when they do ask for one, not many ask for a toy truck.

Thomas Cook, 73, is one of those adults who enjoy getting a toy truck on Christmas. It all started when he was 24 years old and his wife Carol gave him a Hess Green Tanker Trailer for Christmas. “Every boy likes toys,” he says.

As soon as the holiday was approaching, Carol would start looking for the trucks at Hess stations. “She would go out there and find them. They were widely popular,” Thomas says. And so a tradition started.