$100 Million Lottery Jackpot: Where's the Winner?

National Lottery is trying to find the person who purchased the ticket in a town north of London.
2:11 | 12/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for $100 Million Lottery Jackpot: Where's the Winner?
Where could DP. Down the back of -- couch. Buried at the bottom of the -- back. -- -- it. -- -- -- The search for a missing multimillion. It was been looking for everybody ought people who -- -- delivery -- to Cuba that I've been looking for it and you know I'll definitely mention no. 63 men and and to do it. This news agents and Stephen as they've seen a steady stream of hopefuls none. With those seven magic number X. Recently last couple weeks in Evanston for the tickets and -- -- live and in the cause in the house is CNN upstairs downstairs Atlantic coast to think confident may finally -- it. They have until eleven tonight to come forward if not the money will go to charity becoming the biggest unclaimed jackpots. The British -- for reasons. Well they're still calling there is still higher open and we really hope that the when it comes forward with that ticket and we can height and now. That had a 190 -- in the diet the -- side. And -- is mighty slim but but hopefully we'll be how can someone to celebrate for 11 o'clock tonight. Misplaced tickets have been found just in time the full iris -- -- twenty million after a TV appeal in 2000 and full. Morris -- 11 point nine million in 1997. His ticket turned up. In secretaries makeup bank and -- Chris Jackson went 250000. In 2000 his ticket found an issue books. In the back of the car he was living it. And halt the chair of the local paper reported first a lot of friends and now a campaign to keep the money it was one. Can Steve -- an agent and -- should go into it to good causes and to charities. In this particular area that he shouldn't go back to the rest of the country. With the added interest it comes to almost sixty -- Staggering amount to win. Staggering -- to -- Michael trying to BBC news Steven H.

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{"id":17885497,"title":"$100 Million Lottery Jackpot: Where's the Winner?","duration":"2:11","description":"National Lottery is trying to find the person who purchased the ticket in a town north of London.","url":"/International/video/100-million-lottery-jackpot-winner-17885497","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}