3-Legged Dog Caught Shoplifting

Surveillance footage shows a dog in New Zealand stealing from a convenience store.
1:32 | 01/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 3-Legged Dog Caught Shoplifting
This is shoplifter the object of much attention but in a good way in fact hundreds of people in New Zealand now taken home and adopt them. She is actually a dog caught on camera stealing from a convenience store. The -- German pointer is now sitting in a pound in New Zealand after he was caught on camera stealing from a local dairy store. He's not your usual shoplift anything I've been using up retreated behind -- Want as Oscar who in fact only has three legs. Grabbed the pet food from store shelf and then dashes out the door. The local manager of environmental health says Oscar escape through a hole in the fence after his owners left him with a neighbor. Now with the owners away. Oscar sits in the panel but there are plenty people who. He committed. Hijacking suspect. About 310 summit -- people saying that that left him behind some journalists on the via the exit -- the and it doesn't want them. As for that stealing -- -- -- The store's owner says she can probably. Forgive that -- You couldn't get louder than you couldn't be angry -- -- and then found in Baghdad just give immunity to stay in but he. Should be upset the search -- actually believes the docket -- Is a repeat -- snagging for from the back of the store before -- officials say that Oscar roll -- in the pound until its owners we claim him. But -- that's not happened here is in -- long list of people who are ready to give him a home.

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{"id":18231931,"title":"3-Legged Dog Caught Shoplifting","duration":"1:32","description":"Surveillance footage shows a dog in New Zealand stealing from a convenience store.","url":"/International/video/3-legged-dog-caught-shoplifting-18231931","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}