At least 39 killed in Italy after bridge collapse

Rescue efforts are ongoing as the investigation into the cause of the collapse centers on the 51-year-old bridge's maintenance.
3:41 | 08/15/18

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Transcript for At least 39 killed in Italy after bridge collapse
So let's go to Italy now for the latest star reporter Julie McFarland is there in gen Y and you know families are still clinging on hope. Hoping that they might find their loved one somewhere in the rubble a Julia. Thank you for joining us in what can you tell us about the rescue and what the latest is. Palin a yacht while the top line at the man is not political prefecture have has raised at dusk till up to that he nine at least that's nine dozens have been inject. The rescue operation still underway. If you see just behind me but that is a lot of heavy machinery gang on none of the heavy machinery is lifting of these huge it's a mangled concrete in the hate that people might still be. A rescue that the small number of people who are still missing so a lot of people here in Genoa I think some good news off to this office tragedy. And having been able to speak to any people who are survivors who actually lived through this horrific collapse. I think does a lot of people around here are sort of well witches and have been during pauses then. That the main bridge opposites the highway that's collapsed. Is just talk booklet Jonathan have been lots of data events have been. Walking caused barrels that of you know wishing and praying and hoping for some good news is while. There are people still being treated in hospital less seriously injured and out when not allowed to we went given access to the hospital I think Pete the people who receiving treatment. A critically injured and so the priority is to a given the space in the recovery that they need. One in that we led to the lost ally that is the mayor of Jenna he said that the houses. Well that the entire building has been evacuated you can still see. As a dozens of cause and trucks on either side of the bridge have just been abandoned and laid that since yes they since Jackson. But also did this area around us just behind this. This fire truck all of those houses have been evacuated that today the married seven. Said that these these houses the people you've been evacuated from them. Up possibly not even able to have a go ahead and invest thinking of possibly demolishing those houses because that's not told. Of just getting rid of the whole bridge and highly and how difficult that will be when all of these houses are in the area says there is a lot of medical anger about this about how. This bridge is allowed to stay in the condition that it was a lot of questions being raised about why that one adequate checks. And that the local media have been reporting that. Engine is two U is ago. Raised the alarm and the structural integrity of the bridge say yes that I off the initial assault and Horrow. All of how huge the sketch as you can see just this huge part of the space status collapsed. Today. Dot giving way to anger and frustration. Being directs that the authorities. While an understandable that is AM very dramatic image right behind you that bridge is being cut operate there but. IA I understand the residents who want to know what happened are there any actual. Indications yet of what exactly went wrong. So it. The Jenner Benton public prosecutors office have now eight in an investigation now looking into possible negligent. Homicide now it's anyone's guess as to how long it would take that investigation to reach a conclusion bought in the meantime you can expect. All sorts of finger point saying. Gang on politicians have been laying the blame. At various acts as whether it's EU austerity cuts and that it upon his sleep would it out to strides the the agency that's responsible for the highways. My I think until this investigation is allowed to reach conclusion. It's going to be very difficult for vote for true responsibility. The responsibility as be taken for this tragic accidents understandably lot of people want answers Juliet thank you for joining us today.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"Rescue efforts are ongoing as the investigation into the cause of the collapse centers on the 51-year-old bridge's maintenance.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"57198682","title":"At least 39 killed in Italy after bridge collapse","url":"/International/video/39-killed-italy-bridge-collapse-57198682"}