500,000 stranded after travel company collapses

The British travel company Thomas Cook ceased trading Monday morning.
2:16 | 09/23/19

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Transcript for 500,000 stranded after travel company collapses
Now to some breaking news overnight the British travel company Thomas Cook has collapse. For failing to secure 250 million dollars from shareholders and creditors to avoid going under him and now about 600000. Bookings have been canceled leaving. 150000. British customers overseas without a way home. So let's go across the pond out of doing the crawling in the London bureau for more good morning Julia. Mourning Kenneth mourning today yes that's right hundreds of thousands of people currently on vacation waking up to the news. That they almost a hundred an eight year old cobble found had to collapsed it ceased trading with immediate affects after a round of talks. Aimed at saving. This company as you say it's there it's the wells oldest travel fob. Now this does Austin for the company has triggered. Project might support not as a government. Ron project to try and repatriate around a 150000. Brits there are currently. Own holiday aboard with a fan added this morning the lost Thomas Cook flight landed back in the UK from. Or a land. Now. Hundreds of thousands of people around. 600000. People and ten till not just brits economy feel to be on holiday. On Thomas cut vacations. I'm the government highs organized a website for people to look up and see the status. All of that flights now it's got more than nineteen million customers lost yet according to its web sites say this is a you know the collapse of a huge huge historic legacy Fram. The government is now looking to Foss track. An investigation. In two YE Thomas cut has run itself. Into the ground a lot of people are asking is us to do with Brecht that is us indicative of the health. Of their the British economy not quite a lot of travel experts have said dot Thomas Cook for a long time has failed to. Updates itself and in scrape into more than the ways of travel of course a lot of found these. And in longer president you to think getting to travel agents I'm booking holidays the old fashioned way people are taking massive red has buying flights. Look sourcing the rent hotels and transportation. Thomas Cook has failed to adopt to people's changing habits guys.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"The British travel company Thomas Cook ceased trading Monday morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65797264","title":"500,000 stranded after travel company collapses","url":"/International/video/500000-stranded-travel-company-collapses-65797264"}