In 60: Kim Jong Il

A look at the dictator's role in shaping North Korea.
1:15 | 12/19/11

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Transcript for In 60: Kim Jong Il
Hiding behind designer sunglasses lifted on platform shoes and holding nuclear power Kim Jong-Il -- -- close of North Korea for more than seventeen years 1994 he takes control following the death of his father and founder of the reclusive nation. 1998. North Korea fires a missile over Japan the region the world on -- -- 2002. The Bush Administration declares the north part of the axis of evil are 2006. Kim calls for more missile test fires. And the north's first nuclear device is tested for two years later a nuclear cooling time. Is destroyed. Kim Jong Il's regime is scratched from the US terror list while the dictator suffers a stroke. His health failed. 2009 -- snubs UN sanctions and conducts a second nuclear test President Clinton house retreat two American journalists held by the north. 2011. Kim Jong-Il agrees to talks with US nuclear issues and food are the centerpiece of the discussions. December 2011. At 69 the man known as the supreme leader dies of heart -- His youngest son Kim Jong-un is poised to take over where his father left --

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{"id":15192599,"title":"In 60: Kim Jong Il","duration":"1:15","description":"A look at the dictator's role in shaping North Korea.","url":"/International/video/60-kim-jong-il-15192599","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}