7.1-magnitude earthquake strikes Mexico City

Reporter Anne Laurent speaks with a pair of residents about how they felt and how they reacted when the powerful quake hit the country's capital.
5:41 | 09/19/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 7.1-magnitude earthquake strikes Mexico City
It's closed that's pretty shaken and mystery how do you start with the earthquake of 1985. That killed at least ten thousands of people and destroyed the box pops up the country and hasn't Mexicans. Oh wait commemorating that instead of this huge earthquake you have to CN. We have another line right now this CD is hollows. No one he's looking everyone's outside industries. You can put their loved ones all good looking for rescue efforts. Beneath this seat I guess I'd means good things. That I succeed collapsing native let me a bit sloppy and is that he. Many themes in his house hosted dolls. He does as you he's huge. Robin Wright not as risky rescue efforts are going in this CD head in and neighboring states that more than those didn't quit not. Where dozens of bed where at least 48 as we speak right now. We are all served 100 nights in Tikrit. Our station went from. But that number is led it to me please in the coming hours or coming days so let me. And some Mexican Americans right now so you can have a feeling of what happened today went to earthquakes hit. Sun giving him. C socialites. So its enemy Nazis so where where you what you are quick to. He has analysts having the meetings on the ninth floor of the building in is older Mexican CD. We were having the meeting and then everything started to shake. So it ruined with a they're big was happening and it was strange because just a few hours before. Just I practice. Being had have been. And then. We move like that people started to back tweeting us we have two remaining that sport 94. For a few minutes because they told us that it was. Safer to stay either. At least until the shaking it happened passes. So we went out after after it's 8510 minutes and then throughout the building I immediately started. Communicating with the my you don't want to tell them that was okay and also making sure that mingled where is my friends that are permissible see where we're find. Sunday's earthquake took place has bad days but otherwise we had a very powerful 18 point 21. Cindy how this when you. No these lists. It was a lot worse. And basic goal he'd happening in the please read it. It was that he did in thirty at night and we immediately evacuated the building and we saw no damage. Well today and meanness you can see behind us. South and there are a lot of buildings that a collapsed this neighborhood is really sad because I believe. A few blocks from here and in its release like this season to feel things. It collapsed buildings on the positive Clark thinks he feels really nice mix being a whole. The only people getting together in solidarity that that the people he's showing. Market think you know as he saw. Let me get another president from Mexico. Was. You hear some ceiling. That's. An outlet where you would would earthquake. I was just paying its. Entertainment Colin. And here and I didn't think it's happening and I haven't. Ran. Yeah. Around residents. I'm fresh stab. Amendments and the kid from. Find them away and every never happens. Betting on the thing. So we have never strong earthquakes. About ten days of those topics what was different. Land every one is. Right next to you thank you my son met them. This one just. Down. It. So. This is our every court makes a good team as you heard from. Mexican residents it was this can't be seen. Here and another new Mexico City and other parts of the country but we haven't seen that in. I've damaged unit in this season. Scenes in 1980. As I said. Be it seems Regis Robert and I biggest ones behind me. Give arms shaking up and that is easy Eddy from left to right this month. Was it different he evening it was scary every once tried. 256. Bob as we speak right not. Many cheaper cost seen. At least in that rubble and the Mexican authorities. Working every hot and we continue working very odd. Throughout the night to its Q. I didn't mean to put husband and so we we keep you updated. Their rescue effort. And hope that that's so which is unfortunately. That its rise. The next hours I'm not wrong guy here in Mexico City.

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{"id":49968097,"title":"7.1-magnitude earthquake strikes Mexico City","duration":"5:41","description":"Reporter Anne Laurent speaks with a pair of residents about how they felt and how they reacted when the powerful quake hit the country's capital.","url":"/International/video/71-magnitude-earthquake-strikes-mexico-city-49968097","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}