ABC New Live Update: TROPICAL STORM Isaias knocks out power for millions of people

Plus: Parents prepare their kids to go back to school and Australia enforces a strict lockdown amid a second wave of COVID-19 infections.
26:41 | 08/05/20

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Transcript for ABC New Live Update: TROPICAL STORM Isaias knocks out power for millions of people
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for straining with us. In today's update more than three million people are without power this morning after is the easiest swept through the East Coast. The storm killed at least three people left claim damage behind check out this moment power line sparked an explosion right near our reporter on the ground. Now the cleanup begins. Also ahead as millions prepare to send their kids back to the classroom we're taking you inside schools that have already opened. See the video of a Georgia high schools packed hallways and the school's response to. And Australia is now imposing one of the strictest block down to get as they faced a second wave. A corona virus put that could tell us about a second wave here in the US. And wait until you meet little ruby Tucker had just six years old she's already packing a pint sized punch and giving a rocky run for his money. The life lessons her dad is teaching her through boxing. But we begin with the latest on the deadly explosion in Beirut Lebanon the blast killed at least 100 people. It was so powerful people reported feeling at 150. Miles away on the island of cypress now rescuers are searching through the rubble for the missing. As investigators try to figure out what caused this in panel has the latest. I don't like. As the moment the hearts of Beirut was shaken to its cool. The blast at the city's port sending seismic shall waged through Lebanon's capital. So why is quick detection equipment and well. It's video from a local church large streaming at the time shows how devastating the blast walls. Priest running for cover as stained glass rained down from above. Lebanon's health ministry says at least a hundred people were killed tumbled in full house endangered. Already overwhelmed hospitals struggling to ten for the wounded. Be sure who's around the city are yet day I mean this is more than request should be. Did and president Tom offering condolences. And date. Our prayers go out to all the victims and their families United States stands ready to assist Lebanon. The president suggesting without evidences that the explosion it was a good times and Rick they seem to think it was a attack. It was a bomb of some kind. I go com and Lebanon's prime minister vowing to find whoever's responsible. Telling the public that this disaster Williams crafts without accountability. And that those responsible. Pay the price. The massive blast cold when 2750. Tons of ammonium nitrate exploded the same material as the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. But reportedly. A thousand times stronger. Needle based artist Michelle a boot shop these videos showing the immediate aftermath. Saying the entire offense and so real Michael. Ul of the sudden. Everything starts shaking and here it is double bag and before he could even think of what's next. Everything exploded and when I mean everything I mean everything has a degree was falling and I just hit older car that the people. There are likely truly stunning when they actually doing guess what all of them. Don't have had some of them died. Officials in the disaster stricken city now searching for answers about what Kohl's C enormous explosion. And a bubble who was responsible. And in panel joins us live now from London in you touched on it right they're the big question is was this an accident. What caused this right but not just the cause was this an accident or was it an attack what do we know. Yeah that's right that's the big question and pastime as pie. Past I think is starting to become clearer you had Amare report that suggests in my present trump. That this was perhaps some kind of bombed some kind of attacked Willie US official. Speaking to ABC news has now knocked down that Deri saying they're not seeing any evidence that supported head investigators on the ground are instead focusing on the idea that this was a tragic accident. The you have to put it in context because Lebanon also suffers from chronic mismanagement and corruption. Some that will be looking out yes was just an accident wasn't a simple mistake. Old walls that some kind of gross negligence involved. And many people already angry body did the State's of the nation they've been out on the street protesting. It's now book corona virus this latest incident I think for many people will be the final stroll people are desperately looking brand says the government says they'll get them. But can they do that's openly honestly and. And in it you look at the scene any aftermath it's just so devastating it's even hard to describe an as you mentioned it's almost comes at the worst time possible so. How does this city move forward. Yeah I mean it really doesn't mean it's hard to owns a school choir how just texas' situation already is an eleven I'll give you an example the capital Beirut. Residents there are only getting two analysts of power. Power and a day and again that's because of mismanagement this is he's running out of money the banks own working. Many people already struggling to feed themselves. And the hole is the main lifeline for the country this country that doesn't feed itself it relies on imports is just lost support he's just lost his major grain supply is dealing with a corona virus pandemic which of the movements is peaking. That it content Cohen tank and then you put hospitals overwhelmed so I don't so that the political the economic crisis. Governor and really just needs help from one of my close friends whose base and Bayern rates can contest just tweeted saying thank you feel sympathy. What we really need now is Joseph helped. Diane. Snow heartbreaking in alpha hopefully we can give them some we appreciate your reports thank you. And more than three billion million people here in the US are waking up without power after tropical storm idiocy is swept through the East Coast. New Jersey was particularly hard hit cleanup crews are now working there to clear fallen trees and other damage. 21 tornadoes were also reported from Jersey to North Carolina and win top 100 miles an hour on parts of Long Island. Stephanie Ramos has a closer look at the aftermath. This morning millions waking up in the dark after he say yes brings up the East Coast. The storm leaving at least six people dead in its week including one person in Maryland when a tree fell on their Clark. The sync thing happened to a sixteen year old men in New York. A man in for hope with Massachusetts thankful to be alive after getting trapped under a fallen tree in the front yard of his home. Heavy rains quickly flooding roads in trapping drivers close to interstate 76 near Philadelphia that was scared. In fighting there that keep us is gonna draft. Images from Google Earth shall we neighborhoods like this one in Pennsylvania before the storm but after the same streets now overwhelmed an underwater. And the tornado warnings in Bertie county North Carolina. A possible tornado mingling homes and flipping cars. Two were killed twenty hurt Tunisia Thomas was home with her daughter clinking to hurt in the bathtub. Maybe in the bat and I'll put my by the Obama has definitely he Monday at a time did you lose everything it. This children's day care facility's roof torn off when a possible tornado ripped through no life threatening injuries reported. Other possible tornadoes like this one in ocean city New Jersey and wind gusts causing downed trees while power lines and causing this. In Cape May, New Jersey someone reported this sparking power line. This is basically a result of the storm power lines down carbon carbon Rosenberg's anger. Pittsburgh for you so what can happen meanwhile the damage being assessed to the south in North Carolina the search tossing boats like toys leading them piled on top of 1 another in the morning. And along the areas where the storm hit hardest corona virus patients still filling hospitals. Just say this is not an easy endeavor in the midst of a pandemic would be the understatement of the day. Wind gusts here in Bergen county New Jersey reached 55 miles per hour knocking down power lines like these this morning there are still a million customers without power across the state. Stephanie Ramos ABC news New Jersey. Stephanie thanks for that and students won't be returning to Chicago Public Schools for the start of the new school year. The district is expected to announce they will begin the year entirely online. The Los Angeles Unified School District has also decided against bringing students back for now. And if the New York Department of Education doesn't come up with a plan that could mean students in the three largest school districts in the US will be taking classes remotely. But some schools have already reopen and students back in the classroom have already in some areas tested positive. For -- nineteen that includes Georgia ABC's Steve Boson Sami has the latest from Atlanta. This is the picture from inside a Georgia high school that. Flew around the Internet bringing the debate over safety to people around the world this is north hoping high school with crowded hallways a student for changing classes this week. Most of them more wearing masks the school superintendent had email parents saying that in the middle of the pandemic there is no question. That the photo does not look good but also sharing that his schools are following Covert nineteen protocols. He says that the high school has more than 2000 students so class changes are a challenge. He says students are only in hallways for brief period and that they're working on ways to keep students from gathering about thirty minutes north in Bartow county for staff members at an elementary school. Have already tested positive for coping nineteen. And the school is opening for in person instruction today another thirty minutes to the east a second grader in Cherokee county received a positive test result. A day after returning to classes. And now the classmates and the teacher need to quarantine at home for two weeks the crane S Fam leave Georgia says they want what's best for their kids and are sending them to school with masks carrying an area. And wearing. It's a decision many teachers parents and government officials are struggling west. In Greeneville Tennessee they've had to cancel the football team's first game after kids on the team tested positive in Mississippi were a handful high schoolers have tested positive for the virus. The governor is now requiring face coverings for everyone in all public places for two weeks. He's also delaying the start in school instruction for older children in areas with outbreaks. Today I will sign an executive order there requires the use of mass. All adults and all children. In our schools. Unless there is a medical reason. Not to. In Central Florida 01 teacher is doing it for herself. Installing PVC piping in her classroom with a plastic shower curtain to try and protect herself. And her students. Terrorist. According to the federal government the death rate from the corona virus across the country is 24% higher this week. Then last week. 28 states plus DC and Puerto Rico are seeing an increasing number of hospitalizations. Like in Mississippi were at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson they ran out of icu beds weeks ago. Any time of day it opens us there are multiple patients waiting for that is. Here at the CDC health officials say that we should be prepared for very busy school year. Filled with hope at nineteen it's just the start of the school year and schools are having to close classrooms and school systems we've talked with say they are very prepared. To have to close in tires. Stephenson Tommy ABC news Atlanta. Difficult thing to think about and to deal with Steve thanks. The pandemic death total has topped 700000. Worldwide and Americans make up more than 20%. Of that. Now some countries say they're dealing with a second wave Australia which seemed to have the virus under control is now reinstating stripped out lockdown measures in the city of Melbourne. Chief national correspondent Matt Gutman takes a look. The streets or emptied this morning Australia's second biggest city Melbourne for a strict lockdown is being enforced. As Coca case is they're so work the hard hit state of Victoria declaring a state of disaster. Two months ago Victoria reported three new cases of the virus. Today it's 725. Australia which once seemed to have cove it under control. Now taking what officials call eight shock and awe approach to contain the surge of cases and acting stage for restrictions in Melbourne and that means an 8 PM. To 5 AM curfew. Just one hour about or exercise in only one household member allowed to leave each day for shopping. It official they're saying where you slept last night is were you'll need to state for the next six weeks for Americans living abroad like professor Maria rue believe the inconvenience is unfortunate. But necessary. While we feel. Senator Preston. In its hey it's like really didn't have to go through this again he didn't understand the need for and and were happy to abide by news. Weren't. And day and just give you sense of how quickly the virus is progressing. In the state of Victoria. On Tuesday their Tuesday they had 439. Cases. Today Wednesday they had 725. New cases now health officials and military officials. Are actually being sent door to door two people were waiting for test results or have gotten positive results. And should be in self isolation. They're handing out 3500. Dollar fines for people who break that isolation. Apparently nearly a thousand. Of those citations have been issued so far. Diane I know so many wondering is that what is to come here map we certainly hope not. On a better note though a 29 year old patient who spent 132. Days in a New York hospital is finally home. Chris Rogen was intimidated twice and even lost the lead from blood clots he says the world changed quite a bit in those four and a half months. When I went down. It was only on it. When I woke up only two nearly are what you she is. Rogan says he doesn't feel like this experience should define him and he says his folly of life will be better because he'll appreciate life so much more. The White House is optimistic a new stimulus deal could happen by the end of the week. The White House chief of staff mark meadows says yesterday was probably the most productive day of talks so far. But how much money to spend is still the key issue the democrats' latest proposal adds an additional 300 billion dollars to help schools struggling with the pandemic. And they still want to bring back the extra 600 dollar weekly unemployment checks Republicans say the extra checks discourage people from going back to work. Congress is supposed to start August recess at the end of the week but they might have to delay that. If they can't reach a deal senate majority leader Mitch McConnell told reporters there's unlikely to be a consensus among Republicans. He says the best chance for a deal as a bipartisan agreement between the president and house Democrats. And as congress continues to negotiate millions of Americans are still out of work. We spoke with two people who lost their job because of the pandemic here's what life looks for them right now. So without that additional 600 dollars at the federal government K Ginsburg here's act. I would not have survived. I did have a savings which has I had to use. I'm fifteen years four years old ice. Always works I never quite friends claimants this is my first time doing and it's not a pet 600 dollars how. From the cares act has and it. I gave him Adam exists I'm frightened I'm frightened about what's gonna happen she so many families. And who need this money and who are going to end up home Lance I want you get back to work. And now it the second waves happening in Florida the calving. Virus. I don't know and that's going to be. Time hesitant. To get back into the workplace. Due to the fact that my partner has. Immune deficiencies in an extra 600 dollars has been a lifeline to us to keep the roof over our heads. Keep food on the table job keep her medications in stock so. If we lose that it's going to be very very difficult. Chorus were not really sure what we're gonna do I think there's millions and millions of other people in this country. Who have their own independence stories. Wins different situations. It may or may not be like mine but didn't require this money right now due to the fact that. Pandemic is still seemingly in full swing in many areas. Now we will continue to follow bonding Chris but if you want to share your own unemployment story please do sweetest that ABC news live. I'm Melanie Johnson is making history in Atlantic City becoming the first black woman to serve as president of one of the city's casinos. But she's got to work cut out for her she's stepping into the role as a pandemic crashes the gambling industry Deborah Roberts has her story. Once billed as America's playground Atlantic City, New Jersey has always been one of the nation's favorite high stakes hot spots. Guess from around the world come to be dazzled by its expensive hotels iconic boardwalk and vast casino landscape. Yeah. Our. But the pandemic has dealt a blow to casino is all across the country. Your success often piggybacking on family vacations which of mostly halted but no other gaming district has been hit with a tougher cove at nineteen restrictions. And in Atlantic City. The New Jersey casinos got the green light to re open in early July 1 world renowned hotel and casino remain closed. I cannot stress enough this is a building this is a casino we offer. Although amenities that any other gaming establishment. Would offer. During the height of the pandemic in mid may the book Ghana welcomes Melanie Johnson. The first black woman president of in the Atlantic city hotel. Been the first. Black woman president had forgot us not like I'm coming in cold Turkey and this is not first professional job as a leader of a casino. Johnson left Maryland to become the hotel so occupation until she was confident it was safe to reopen. The state only allowing 25% of staff and guests at any given time. She won't deter her new role knowing she'd have to make tough decisions early on. Verbal and some of her staff. Having the furlough employees that's extremely hard. Because it's outside of everybody's control is the worst thing you could possibly do. Denver got it was the must hotel to reopen in Atlantic City taking precautions to unveiled the newest amenities in front of the house. Hand washing stations on the casino floor. Poly carbonate dividers between blackjack players are the social distancing between slot machines and temperature check stations and every entrance to name a few. Every employee and every guest have to answer and have their temperature checks so we've got our thermal screening. Even this one bag has been transformed the bird got a flag bags. I. We are. Providing the east to our guests upon check in at the hotel. And it's always safety first the move gonna need a few monumental changes to its world class dining experience to mine. Think it's. Just a whole new world we all know that. We happen. The fifth district does change. No food or drinks on the casino floor and only outdoor dining and drinking so far the new restrictions haven't some guests from taking a gamble. The adult playground. My barometer is this the book on the board got it is the best casino. I'm slot players are lightening socialism thing. And this is our second home so homeway home we're so glad to be back I think it is the safest place to be. A bad thing. These trying times and. Johnson admits to new mold does not come without its challenges you can't just. Automatically think that you're gonna walk until it a new environment and you're gonna be well received because of a title. I'm a firm believer in coming again. Talking the talk walking the walk and earning respect cell. I do feel like everyone says except me. But she's decided to hedge your bets on them for Ghana. During opening weekend for casino boasted to big winds of 50000 dollars and 200000. Dollars per. God always has an opportunity to win win big because forgot his people it starts with us that it starts with the physical facility at starts with how we treat our guests that's a winning combination for got up will win big. Right our thanks to Deborah Roberts for that report good luck to you Melanie Johnson. And a few more things you should know before ego Rafael Nadal will not play in this year's US open he's a defending champion and the second ranked tennis player in the world. He writes on Twitter this is a decision I never wanted to take but I have decided to follow my heart in this time and for the time being I rather not travel. Nadal beats an ailment in dead last year's final winning his fourth US open title and nineteen Grand Slam. This year's tournament will be the first without Nadal or Roger Federer since 1999. The highly anticipated live action remake of will line will not premiere in theaters but instead will stream on Disney plus. The film was originally scheduled to be released in late march but it will now be available on September 4. We're rental fee Disney is the parent company of ABC news. And finally a father daughter boxing duo has become a hit on social media and it is easy to see why are well against caught up. With a 12 punch take a look. Shakespeare once wrote though she beat what little she is Beers. And a little ruby Tucker is definitely that no matter. The six year old pint sized powerhouse packs a punch. They'll build me the mobile home then hit. Bringing great but I gain that race. It really great task full Houston them extend their reach EE and her dad Q1 show. The ropes I started trainer about who little closes refusal but about four years old upstarts on the bottom liked the I think she Mathieu might be on to something you want to learn the sport from his father boxing definitely teaches a lot about life you know you did not vanity got to get back. Now he's teaching it through the duo becoming a hit on line. Hundreds of thousands of views on it to grant a loan I think America loves. Both fathered the order. Combination I think we look they own is a special connection you know home father and order I think we stay hard work in America. In a light update America likes to see that is still knocks you. The winner gloves come opt. Yeah. My son liked it ain't got and I can't cook in my teaching my old movie like tear claims might actually not till she eat at. This might be silly question by do you know you want to be when you go. Hey that's. Closes I think is hanging. Clean water and look like a reporter in als also the Indian lose lose in the I don't know you wonder beer reporter thanks you. Great news. Team beaten. Richter dad for. The trip. For anyone who's looking to step into the ring themselves what advice do you have for people who are looking Hugh channel their inner fears as well you do. It's a only. Believe me sell all waste the time. Green and. Try hard you try harder next the only thing stronger than those jabs hooks and upper cuts from ruby Tucker. Again. Again a father's love for his little girl did she wanted to glitzy show she would be the best marine biologists. I'll get what she wants to do her follows gonna have her back and will push through it pay a lot of people's attention to this girl and the message he saved my life she smiled world. Ruby has a long list of people who inspire her including Mohammed Ali Leila a leap Pacquiao and Marquez. But if you as an inspiration of your own from ruby and her dad you can see more of their boxing sessions. On her instead grand teen ruby and Jay. Diane I think I need her to show me a singer Taylor what do you think. You might need to severe lessons from ruby their loved but she's certainly inspiring all of us I think all of us here are definitely team ruby thanks dad. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diane as Dana thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Up next we'll car take supposed to look at one group's fight to protect our health care heroes on the front line. Stay safe everybody have a great day.

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