ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, October 15, 2020

New lockdown measures in place as Europe battles 2nd wave of COVID-19;By the Numbers: Waiting times for early voting;'It’s Not Too Late' with Ginger Zee: The quality of water is changing
53:35 | 10/16/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Thursday, October 15, 2020
Released video of a medical scare in a high school cafeteria. Deputy Pedro colon performing CPR for several minutes after student suffered a seizure and collapsed. The teen of recovering an alert sat up until paramedics took him to the hospital. That's student then returned to the school. Showing gratitude to the deputy in person. Dueling town halls what would've been the second debate tonight will be separate events on separate networks happening at the same time. President trump and Vice President Biden less than an hour away from facing off but. Not directly against each other after president trump withdrew. Senator Kabul Harris halting travel after tumor campaign staffers tested positive for rotavirus. And the stunning comments from Republican senator Lindsey Graham today about the presidential election. Meaning different knocking Matt yeah they got this through. So third surge has arrived according to the Kobe tracking project as fourteen states are now seeing an increase in the number of daily deaths. Hospitalizations are on the rise across three dozen states. And why doctor Anthony felt she had this to say today so I think that we've just got to look at square in the eye and say it's nonsense. The crackdown in Europe as the cold cases they are surge curfews going into effect in several major cities including Paris. All indoor gatherings in London Vance. And we take you to the European country with the highest rate of infections in Europe as many air admit they declared victory over the virus too soon. Fallout over the lack of a stimulus how Rebecca Jarvis until the leading economist about the devastation that could be on the way. Congress fails to make a deal seeking justice in new details and again and grange police originally said he died in a car accident. The newly obtained audio from the body cameras suggests a much different story Greenspan who joins us tonight. And while president trump responds to the threat of climate change but saying we have the cleanest air and water. Tonight a reality check help rising sea levels can affect power or water quality. There was seventeen disputed wastewater into our ground water could ever would ever goes broke ground water goes into our day. Pretty disgusting. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us. My enlarged funny it's funny has not played out like many thought it would and the same is also true of the second presidential debate consider it social distancing on steroids while both candidates are making their case on the national stage like those stages are in different venues in different states on different networks. This is a trickle down effect of the president getting corona virus has since recovered but he withdrew from the head to head debate when he learned that the town hall would be virtual. Because of his initial diagnosis Joseph Biden and made his own plans. And here we are. The former vice president we'll speak to voters in an ABC news town hall it begins right after the show here's a live look at this stage there tonight in Philadelphia the president's computing event was finalized just yesterday in all of this comes as senator Connell Harris. His hope to travel after she had contact with two people who tested positive for coated. One of them a close aide and across the country to call a virus is showing no signs of slowing down. We're now approaching eight million cases and we are just nineteen days away from the election we begin with Mary Bruce on the dueling town halls. With Kobe case is on the rise around the country president trump today touching down in North Carolina which just reported its highest single day increase since March. But the president argues everything is getting back to normal. And the people want to get back to kids wanna be vacuums. A. Michael baron he's married to home. My beautiful Barron an NCB is ends up. But might be a diplomat added he recovered like soap fans. Today's U masks in the president's crowd on GMA doctor Anthony found she said that's a big problem. When you have a high community spread particularly when people and not wearing masks is not a good thing that's a high risk endeavor. The president is increasingly attacking without G the nation's top expert on infectious diseases. Said. A problem to or about. Once a problem the craziest thing but these guys guys I keep them around Brentwood. Joseph Biden is eager to highlight his campaign's different approach to the pandemic. Today aides announcing his running mate Connell a Harris is off the campaign trail through this weekend after two people on her teen tested positive. Harris had not been in close contact with are either of them. Biden himself off the trail today but trump is ramping up his rallies spending time in red states he won in 2016. Mine are expected to average at times been pleading with the key voting block women to support him so. Women would you please liked these. Today he says he's given female voters what they want. I was there once saved. These security and a lot of may have a lab. I. But four years later he's still taking shots at his former rival the first woman nominated by a major party. And they talked about the glass ceiling that the woman breaking into the glass ceiling. That didn't work out that way the glass ceiling broke her but there will be a woman that breaks the glass ceiling it just won't be Hillary. President trump still thinking about his 2016. Opponent Mary Bruce joins us now from Philadelphia of course this was not the head to head town hall that many were anticipating tonight but we'll hear from the fighting campaign as far as what he's hoping to accomplish tonight. But Lindsay in many ways Joseph Biden's goal for these next nineteen days is simply to do no harm he likes the fact the president trump is soaking up a lot of the oxygen they think that's good. For dividing campaign but despite the fact that Joseph Biden is up in national polls fifteen isn't taking anything for granted in fact his campaign manager summing it up and it tweet. Writing there is still a long way to go in this campaign and we think this race is far closer. Than folks on Twitter thank. Padding like a lot closer when things. And we even heard some interesting comments from senate Republicans they seem to acknowledge that the president could lose including the president's close ally. Lindsey Graham. It living this is a very rare admission from Lindsey Graham one of the presidents arguably his closest. Ally on Capitol Hill Lindsey Graham today saying quote. The Democrats have a good chance of winning the white out even doubling down later and saying I think it's true. And today there are also some other really surprising stunning comment from another senate Republican senator Ben SaaS of Nebraska he was caught on a call with supporters. This just ripping into the president. Saying that he has flirted with white supremacists that he's treated the presidency like a business opportunity also criticizing. The president's handling of the corona virus it went on and on and on some rare blunt comments from Republicans on the hill the next. Mary Bruce forest in Philadelphia thanks so much Mary. And another on line to the special edition of 20/20 ABC news town hall with Biden begins right after this news cast George Stephanopoulos with questions from voters tonight at eight right. On ABC news lines. One of the big issues and he can expect to be discussed tonight is of course the pandemic especially with this country now seeing a surge in cases across 38 states a third person in the US now confirmed to have been re infected with the virus. As we approach 60000. Cases daily nationwide and tonight news on your blood type and a virus BBC's Marcus Moore reports in from Oklahoma City. Researchers say a man in Seattle tonight is the third known person in the US to a been infected twice with corona virus. The nursing home resident in his sixties spent forty days in the hospital this spring before testing negative multiple times. Only to get sick with coal but again five months later. Researchers saying re infection is like this are considered rare. It comes amidst the fall searched doctors sounding the alarm at Entegris health and Oklahoma City they've run out of icu beds it's. Challenging its. The same thing over and over again dealer very very sick patients. It's tough for families it's tough for staff that stuff for doctors and stuff from nurses. And people or people or are tired. Cases now climbing in 38 states hospitalizations. Rising in 36. And tonight the CDC forecasting up to 240000. Deaths. By November 7. With colder weather doctors are seeing more indoor spread Wisconsin's governor urging people to stay home. Or Wear a mask when going out. This is becoming. Life and death for folks in this through Wisconsin. El Paso, Texas today tightening restrictions after cases and hospitalizations. Hit an all time high this is an impression an amount of new cases. Which require immediate should. Action in order to slow disparate funeral homes here preparing for the worst adding walk in refrigerators they can hold up to twenty bodies each. It's hard to see you. People's loved ones passing away. Alone in the hearing that from the family that you know they wish it could've been there at their best moments. In California bands want to Nia is bearing his wife Sally today. They worked at the same hospital he wants people to know his wife was devoted to her patients battling cove it. I want them to know that it affects everybody specially go so take care of them in hospital. Tonight new research suggesting blood type to be associated with Kobe at risk. Type O blood may make a person less likely to be infected. And less likely to develop severe illness although experts say more research is needed if blood type does make a difference and why. So blood type he even playing a factor here is well. Marcus Moore joins us now from Oklahoma City where he's been speaking with the medical staff there. Marcus to us more about some of these challenges of their facing right now in really expected to face as we head into colder months. What Lindsay I don't just outside the busiest ER here in the state of Oklahoma and so. They are still treating the heart attacks and they car accident patients who come and what they are. Most concerned about going into the days ahead. Is being continued number of cases of cold mid nineteen they are out of icu beds here. And though there are the concern along with the patients the general public here. Is that there their doctors and the nurses and respiratory therapists themselves. Could end up sick and needing treatment and so as we look ahead to that the days and weeks ahead and we get him to flu season they are certainly preparing. Four a very busy time. My head and Marcus as Americans plan their Thanksgiving holidays we got a reminder today about the reality of testing and why it isn't a guarantee that we'll keep you in your family safe. Yeah Lindsay we heard from the the of the admiral who's actually the testing coordinator for the -- administration he did a recent interview with our Devin Dwyer. And he basically said. Found ways cannot rely on testing for the holiday. They anticipate that a lot of people across this country will be going to their their relatives' homes to celebrate Thanksgiving. And that perhaps they may try to prescreen get a test. Before going but they say there's no guarantee. Because you could be negative one day. And end up caught developing. Code red nineteen similar. Or even the day after that because there is an incubation period so I'll that's what they're trying to caution people about his week. Into the holiday season. Right no guarantee our Marcus Moore thanks to you are. And turning overseas now France has declared a public health emergency the British government is issuing tougher restrictions in London and didn't Eastern Europe the IC views are filling up but totally sure America for a time this summer in Europe believe that the virus was contained as Ian panel reports that belief is now in the past. But do little policy for the ages. It was the end of June the law downs would lifting and the Czech Republic was killed hundreds to pure the successfully so yeah. It had been a grueling few weeks so Andre Kobe's wanted to celebrate his country's new found freedom. I make idea and ask. Purportedly shown safe and I can do to sanction invite people to sit through long stable and the and they say it OK have been deprived it was a good recalled situation. 16100 foot long table and probes famous Charles bridge who center stage. People gathered happy and finally I can't free. The girls who love all that anybody can come but it been he has to the brink something contributing go to to do good to eat and to offer it to your neighbor. His mom. The country of ten million who managed to avoid the full brunt of the earthquake which I would than. And infections and 350. Deaths. But it was too soon to declare victory. People left their homes they went back to work. And then the virus struck back. Patients steadily climbed with new sign it seizing grow in becoming scarce. Today in the Czech Republic has more Kubrick infections but captain. Than any of the country in Europe. People but that hospitals are coping but officials scrambling to reverse cools the prime minister making this stunning admission of fault. Yes and Steve and I got carried away by the upcoming summer in the atmosphere in society. That was a mistake I do not want to repeat there's been off. It's Health Minister resigned last month and now like so much of Europe the Czech Republic is desperately trying to hold back the tide. When Lou around them off his water. Schools restaurants and bars closed again or. Officials rapidly pulling the plug on reopening as a -- a second wave sweeps across the continent with nearly a 100000 cases a day. In the last week. But think it would need it's a shift in the Czech capital Prague she's had to get creative. These could be cakes have been flying off the shelves ironically the helping her business supplying. That just doesn't mess of things that I had to teach him with a corona case we're trying to stay afloat so we are doing what we can't people are interested in it so that's the positive side of the krona my parents got over. But the negative side. And resistance to shut down measures is now widespread it was cool to witness sits in. A critical period the medical professionals who warned could be gone if people didn't pull as the lose. Of course grow at a historic day doesn't affecting more dangerous they say the fear. Just look at this. England and the hate the netbook. New masks and new distance. Not a care in the world. But this isn't the young who Ponte who ripped greatest race. It's those that do want to infect. Relatives neighbors colleagues on the roof built this seems like this it's cold calls to the ring. The Hague council now looking to prosecute party goes there. And we live local an uptick in the city's hospitalizations. With icy use in northwest England guessing fool thing. I know how parents can breathe it in minutes. And I know I can at the time rebounding. President Emanuel my chrome imposing curfews we know we need to French cities. Furyk a few moments but that we need total confinement except from can you please explain how keeping people at home from 9 PM to 6 AM is going to help the situation even a suggestion. From France to whole and for brits and to the Czech Republic Karuna Faris is raging once more recruits Europe. And the fact that it was once contained across the continent this summer. Stands as a warning to America and others festival as a sick of late that looks like. As winter closes in. The impaneled for ABC news life. Our thanks to infer that the pandemic is also continuing ticket hole on the American economy nearly 900000 more Americans filed new unemployment claims last week the thirtieth street week of historically high claims an overall more than 25 million Americans are receiving jobless benefits but Washington remains deadlocked over providing more much needed economic stimulus the roller coaster of negotiations going nowhere fast with. Little sign of a deal before Election Day. Here's ABC's chief business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis. With Washington at a stalemate over plans for a new round of stimulus to fight the devastating consequences of the pandemic. I'd say at this point getting something done before the election and executing on that it would be difficult just given where we are. Don't let perfect be the enemy of the good as they say you know a near perfect. Madam speaker always the case but we're not even close to the good. The economic recovery facing increasing pressure rehiring slowing layoffs rising. 898000. More Americans filing new claims for unemployment last week. And now more than eight million people have fallen into poverty since the start of the crisis. Eleven million people who lost their jobs during a pandemic still don't happen back how important is in your lanes from Washington right now. It's critical just not be short a critical. These councils. A million people who swore an oath altogether. Lost their jobs or lightly like 08 we are night one or. A knee additional bridge she will get really can't detonate. And ready to work when jobs are available. In an exclusive interview with ABC news' Mary Daly the president of the federal reserve bank of San Francisco calling on congress to get a deal done now. What happens if Washington doesn't answer what stimulus you. Viewed on our outreach. Don't want to take another decade you're currently we are the daily joining a growing list of economists including fed chair Jerome Powell. Who say failure to act now puts the recovery at risk and deepens the despair. Alternately Wheatley and an economic system that quite in it she can win one of a struggles all of us humble it's really something we are we are each connect it so everyday waiting Wendy. Get a neck tentative DC who started her restaurant mighty and not in Denver Colorado nine years ago is one of the many desperately waiting. And I gave me is lead 300 dollar iris and no warning English. Currently being changed in this country and them. Now free Colby if we. I've got patients. We ran crying any media and that we Wear high of the Kerner Ian made it isn't that what you're mean and marine. Witten cold it hit the rain was forced to close to relocations. And lead off 60% of her teen. Seals have started to pick up but are nowhere near pre pandemic levels and without help from the government she says her business is at risk. I think what the true owners. Well we don't have this New York City on the same way we can be read Earth Day in high school where we can PP. And what do you say it. Says well let me just go to your bank loan from your bank. We and gasoline and Dresser. Grade or might be any trashing their efforts thanks mom her whole or three years and they are bitter words to an arbitrary and banned the door to door and turning. Considering how high the states are now wouldn't it. Her consider cutting checks directly to the American people we are waning hours. Outstanding tourists in 1913 it fit together they say you controlling interest rate journey that's your only real war to manage on each and hungry snakes are spending decisions are really. Congress and you know the same night he going back to his Kirby been able to demand on the news and immediately I think he can get this time and rare big. The feather signaled it expects to keep interest rates near zero for the next three years and has additionally pledged to do what every takes to boost lending. Committing trillions of dollars to purchasing corporate debt mortgage backed securities and treasuries. Is. Frustration inside the added that here we are. Billions of dollars an unprecedented amount of stimulus at this problem. And washing chin. Ben at a stalemate for months while more people are losing their jobs the rehiring is slowing down and that at least some of the progress that was made earlier in the some church yours to be stalling or nonexistent anymore. Now I'm faced with a heart problem. AT choices you get frustrated or Agassi. As Carlo rain she says she will also stay busy fighting to keep the doors of my via MP nada. Open. Business that he's being pills he's not sure that you close adore her Reshard you're actually seeing real change her. If you effort that you are putting her ears. Our thanks to Rebecca for that and when we come back a heartbreaking plea. The grandfather who lost his grip on his eighteen month old grandchild on a cruise ship has his day in court she fell out of a window that she didn't realize was open. We're tracking new developments in the alleged plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan. But up next the police reported to the death of this man Ronald green said one thing but the words of the lead officer on the scene said another and Snyder family is demanding justice we'll speak with them. Next. Tonight a family of a Louisiana man is calling for justice after new explosive audio that the Associated Press says was obtained from body camera footage that audio is now putting the death of Ronald green in the spotlight. Green died at the end of Maine 2019 car chase in northern Louisiana green's family was initially told by officials at the 49 year old died from injuries suffered in a car crash. Into a tree shrub at the end of a long chase it began over an unspecified traffic violation. The family is disputing the account from state police which omits any reference to troopers using force. They've released photos too graphic to show of green's body appearing to shin deep bruises on his face and cuts on the scalp. Photos of the car that he was driving show it only had minor damage. ABC news has obtained the audio from the body camera microphone state trooper Chris Hollingsworth authorities say that video will not be released while there's an active investigation going on. We do have to warn you the audio is graphic and disturbing. Yeah. Yeah. The chipper that you just heard their Chris Hollingsworth he died in late September after a single car accident on the very same day he was informed that he was being fired. For his role in this incident. These are images from his funeral Hollandsworth. Was the only one of six troopers placed on administrative leave following an administrative investigation of the incident not opened until this August. The case is now the subject of a federal civil rights investigation and tonight there are growing calls for authorities to release the full body camera video. Joining us now is Ronald green's mother Mona hard and he is sister Janelle Harding and of the family's attorney. Leave merit they have all filed a wrongful death lawsuit thank you all for your time. And miss Harding to say that we are sorry for your loss of course falls so short end and comes very late as you know this case has done very little national attention. Until now. Now you won't recently met with the governor of Louisiana you've both seen body camera video of the incident we just heard that disturbing audio. Ms. Hart and walk us through what you saw and did you receive assurances of this video will be made public and sent. What I big T a military unit told me why it. We're told to us. That he was an accident he died in the cart prayers because this accident. This video tells the whole different take. His death certificate and this video is two different stories. It's horrific the way I can't close my rights and not see my son. Ed in what they feed to him. IEI frank parts of sleep. It's been almost a year and a half it was heart before. It's even harder now. Philly it's unbelievable bit. This is gone this long but acting CY. It hasn't been repealed because it's about the story here it's it's horrendous what happened to my son. And expect it this is being kept under wraps. And expect that there are gonna keep it under wraps. Because they thought they thought there we would not do anything with this they just out that this is going to be another. Yes another murder. Bad they got away with a net RIC. But NIC what happened to your son for for families who are just hearing about this story for the first time. You obviously know this new information really well but based on what you saw on the video can you relay. Two assault what did happen to him. I want our schools saying the relaying would have an American video for this family will probably be entered biblical. I can save it as the vehicles came to a stop. Ronald green mute he surrendered with his hands any told law enforcement. That he was sorry yeah yeah actually kept repeating. That he was sorry and I and that he was here without much time. The law enforcement officers. Approached the vehicle. Shouting obscenities. They immediately cease Ronald and drug and from the caller. I'd it was a matter of seconds with a boot by the time that they approached the vehicle. Home once they had a moment ground officer. Chris Collins work put a minute so local. Swallow the other officers. At least one other officer on my sorrows which officers chased him at that point a second time. And a third time. As he was. Christopher violence murder continued to show put your arms behind your bed. But he made it impossible because of the choke openings place comment. While repeatedly teasing him. While that was going on them in continue to use obscenities and insults. Until four or minutes sustain millions of beating and shall and he. Home before they put him in hand outs. Hope once replacement hang. Yes. The beating continued. US. And Mitchell can continue. Until they stopped for a brief moment. A wash their hands of his blood. And then they returned home to percent components be they marked only stop don't know. It's. Hardly drug combines his see the change that the terrorists who speak for no apparent reason just for sport. And then they left about it. You're saying literally washed their hands of his blood a lot of fast forward for a secondly and just get a cent to were you surprised when you heard this the graphic audio recording. From that officer and what do you think needs to happen next. We knew we were rumors we were surprised and hurt regretted Oreo. But after seeing the video NBC news the behavior. A mess. That audio. We know there there are additional officers need to be arrested they should have been arrested. When it's PO. Was shared with. The supervisors. And and so there should be an investigation into why those supervisors or whoever responsible this that dead for this kind of thing happening. Who what when they sought why don't these men fires the families from the disappointing day after seeing this video that they won't have the opportunity. To secrets trial includes prosecutors. Know journalists who the other excellence has crossed. Yeah it's it's we did. Yeah it did well the question for you when you first heard the that your brother had passed away at what point did you realize that there might be more to his death and authorities were telling you. In our own. It I just beyond my based on the affirmation that they gave because. It wasn't until we received. A notification and stand that on FaceBook the neighbor post at that. He died. You know ride in my neighbors drive way. And bow and that's one marine we figured there was more to the story that he was actually. Beaten and not in a car accident when they first heard it Ronnie died in was in. Died because of the car accident we immediately went to release yen restate their total of nine days. And we had no cooperation it was also those nine days were at least we data had no corporation. No communication with none of the police though state troopers anything. And it was a back and forth they just ring innocent circles. We couldn't talk to Dolan and no one called us. We have you received any explanation as far as why this investigation is taking so long. What would be it will initial response vocal union terrorists that he immediately. And now these are civil rights violations and should be referred opportunities. Department of just dozens the he says since he reverted back and Tony nineteen. The cases as Bob just blatant way. Ms. Harden of of course this year has been extremely difficult for so many as so called racial reckoning in our country spurring protests and some amount of reform that you've been calling for justice for your son for more than a year now of course serve in similar calls for justice for. Rihanna Taylor George Floyd Jacob Blake and the list goes on. Many of those causes you know and gone unanswered do you have any advice for other grieving families and what's getting you through the first time an and what do you hope for now. From what I can say is. Hello. It's it's it's so bitter sweet but is that networking. And she renegotiate with so many damn is we understand each other's. Greek art last week police told me and it I hate using it description. When they order people you as you say. I'm so sorry forgive us all. If it does and it does resonate on any level or women immediate unique east and east. Well being during this kind of painful and horrific situations that goes on within that lives. It's an unspoken bond it happens. And out for me. I I found there. It is lightens the bird not me it I have someone I can talk to relate to and I can say is the networking. And T network with positive and keep positive people. It's. It's it's unbelievable. Defecting here we are. Almost a year and a half later. And the thoughts and everything on this is it goes right back to date want. It's it's like I I I haven't awakened but his bad dream. Nightmare on shore Mona is a no regard in. Lead marriage we we thank you so much for your time and for talking with Ellison and from sharing your. Your son in a stories. Thank you for having think it's an educational. Think you. And still ahead here on prime the burning car the people trapped inside in the dramatic rescue all caught on police body camp. The Postal Service actually a lawsuit what it means for the many expected to vote by mail it's our balance pops tonight. And speaking of voting white race may impact how long you may have to wait in line to vote we take a look by the numbers but first our tweet of the day. Senator Sam Smith's with this important message. You. Welcome back everybody we turn now to early voting now under way across the country with weeks ago before Election Day we're already seeing hours long lines at some polling site. It's not examine how race might determine how long he'll have to wait to exercise your right to vote. By the numbers this week. Some voters waited in line up to eight hours to vote according to the lawyers committee for civil rights which tracks particularly long lines in Texas Georgia and North Carolina. In Gwinnett County Georgia voters waited up to two and a half hours to vote. Good times vary widely in Ohio some counties have 97 times more polling places the her voter than others according to an analysis by the guardian it's nineteen minutes was the average time voters spent at the polls including in line during the 2016 presidential election. But wait times were 29%. Longer in entirely black neighborhoods and they weren't entirely white neighborhoods in 2016. And voters in black neighborhoods were 74%. More likely to wait more than thirty minutes at polling sites than those in white neighborhoods. And we start likes to get to here on time. It's an unlikely battleground the largest retirement community in Florida could the president be in trouble in this must win state. The red flag warnings now and again across several states and the new evacuations underway in California. And our Jeanne Jersey shows us how sea level rise could impact water quality. In this week's it's not too late but first a look at our top trending stories on From. For. A surgeon whom in nineteen cases as we head into cooler weather is quite concerned and we have a baseline and alien infection. At approximately 180000. Today 38 states plus Washington DC seeing a rising number of new cases ten sixteenths setting records for hospitalizations. Or several funeral homes in El Paso, Texas adding extra mortuary refrigerator so that way. We have enough. Executable. All of them have been that Hertzberg pat Terrell. Meantime the trump administration has reportedly embraced these unsupported idea of her community in which would allow the corona virus to spread among young healthy people while protecting the vulnerable to this idea that we haven't of the talents to protect the vulnerable it's. Total nonsense you'll wind up with many more infections of vulnerable people who would lead to hospitalizations. And weekend Connell Harris has canceled all travel through the weekend. After her communications director and the like remember. Tested positive for her rotavirus Harris herself testing negative. She tweeted she was not in close contact with either person two days prior to their positive just. She's gonna hold a virtual fence tying him North Carolina here rob also facing a surge Spain and Italy's seeing record numbers of new cases. New charges and alleged kidnapping plot targeting Michigan's governor Gretchen web Merck. The State's attorney general charging up 51 year old man from Wisconsin with helping in an accidental error that brings the total number of state and federal defendants in the case of fourteen people this latest defendant allegedly helped deserve bail the governor's home Whitman dash cam and night vision goggles. In our information and you better investigation and news I'm. Authorities claim the planning was months in the making according to the FBI the men were apparently angry news because the governor wouldn't Christian registering the corona virus and then we'll including those pardons Jim smooth. Capitol Hill the Senate Judiciary Committee has wrapped up four days of confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Cuddy various. In your hearts you know I'm. That. What's happening here. It is not right it's not normal them. Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee voted against a motion introduced by Blumenthal it was the only consideration of judge Amy go anywhere in the nomination until after Election Day removed committee members will vote on her nomination next week and a full senate vote could take place before the election. Like warnings across several states and the flames forcing dozens of evacuations and I knew Redlands California. And Colorado's Cameron peak fire exploding in size now the largest wildfire in Colorado State history yeah. This makes it extremely challenging for our firefighters put us right now words must happen. Those hearings loosely called caught on police guarding him but not. Albuquerque police responded to this compact car and actively burning. Both passengers stuck with the fire extinguishers and not a factor in the maritime limited of officers cut the seat belt and pulled the passengers and how to safely in Belize reportedly see speeding played a part in the grass from us that there were no serious injuries. You love vegan if Zell there is a new face mask radio. This Carmel has now created what it calls black label read them all Megan sounds amazing. Remember about that and according to the company Dublin and in addition Matthews is the latest every court sentenced technology. They giving him ask the way online now through October 20 no word on whether the mass. We'll be sold after they give away. You will likely remember the heartbreaking story of the toddler who fell toward death from the cruise ship while her grandfather was holding her well he says it was an accident his family has stood by him from the very beginning. Authorities charged with negligent homicide and today he pled guilty to aerial Russia explains why. Tonight the grandfather who lost grip of his eighteen month old granddaughter on a cruise ship making good gut wrenching decision pleading guilty to negligent homicide in her debt. Saying he just wants to help end part of this nightmare for his family and Sam and mellow holding little Chloe weekend when she plummeted from this eleventh floor Royal Caribbean cruise ship window in San Juan Puerto Rico in July of 2019. Until lose our baby this way. Ideas but. This is a sad admirable. The toddler's parents standing by her grandfather and now while always maintaining it was a grave accident that he didn't realize the ship's window was open. I see here broken and we all. Souter wrote him. Her fairly strong. Moves station on. But unreleased surveillance video scene by ABC news appears to show and LO look over the railing through the open window. And LO then picks up Chloe and they appear to lean over together before she disappears from frame. Tonight the family's attorney telling ABC news because the plea agreement includes no jail time and no admission a fax it was decided the plea deal is in the best interest of the family so that they can close this horrible chapter and turn their focus. To morning Chloe. And Lindsay Chloe family is suing a Royal Caribbean for negligence but while the cruise line disputes that lawsuit. Tonight they say their thoughts are with the family during this difficult time. Lindsay. Our thanks to area L and now to tonight's the ballot watch. He is having US Postal Service has agreed to reverse changes that had slowed down mail service nationwide. The Postal Service settling a lawsuit filed by Montana's governor then argued that changes implemented by the Postal Service. Over the summer had harmed access to mail service is leading to delayed deliveries of crucial male in her ability of people to vote by mail during the pandemic. When a record number of Americans are expected to cast their ballots by mail you might remember a battle postmaster general Lewis to enjoy being grilled on Capitol Hill for the changes which included removing collection boxes of mail sorting machines. Closing and consolidating some processing facilities as wells restricting extra trips in overtime for postal workers. Which had been temporarily blocked by a federal judge in September and wick this new settlement many of those Postal Service changes will be reversed but while no more sorting machines will be removed. Don't expect them all back in action. The Postal Service has said that some have been dismantled and stripped for parts. As for your election ballot under the agreement the Postal Service will be required to prioritize election male in the coming weeks some welcome news certainly but remember distilled drop that Allen in the mail early to make sure it's delivered on time. Or consider delivering it to the proper location in person. An unlikely battleground in the 20/20 election the villages in Florida the largest retirement community in the country. It's normally of reliable Republican bashing the president trump has lost ground was seniors who easily won over in 2016. And that could have major consequences in a must win state of Florida ABC's victory can do is there and files this report. Today it keyboard of Florida the selling C at all. President trump is back in the battle gross state he's visited more than any other vendor must wait. The builders who could decided to leave here inside central Puerto scrolling retirement community. The villages this year Republicans are fired up. Democrats or to. Residents here are well aware that senior citizens make up 82% of coded nineteen deaths in the state. David Grimes a onetime Republican prosecutor does voting for Biden. He says he has little trust in the White House. They say they value life but the real value overload but season Burrell patrolled supporter says 219. It was not a concern of hers did you get from. Now mama sent me your home and my word about it now I'm not the candidates battle for votes has been playing out in real time in Florida this week. How review been unable hug your grandkids. Who seven months. The president who took the demographic in 2016. Has been trying to shore up support. Biden's and it would be a catastrophe. Floor Florida's seniors. A recent poll of likely voters in Florida shows those 65 and older back Biden 55%. To 40% over trump. Chris Stanley the head of the villages democratic club says she's heard from Republicans making the switch. I have a dead anywhere between. Five point five and six. That we peeled on support from. And so that's significant it doesn't sell it a lot the second making huge difference that being Florida and Florida that that could win or lose this race. Victor can no joins us now from the villages in Florida in victors traditionally voting high numbers but of course the pandemic is complicating things this year how are people they're planning on casting their ballots in and how to they think election night of them. Lindsay every single resident that we spoke with today told us that they've already voted by mail they also expect president trump to win the villages. But the big question is by how big about how small of a large and Lindsay. And many of us remember that video that president trump reached pleaded with residents are clashing over the summer and their golf carts did you feel any attention marriage you were talking to these seniors who live side by side in this. Typically close knit community. There is definitely some tension here Lindsay what we're speaking with the head of the democratic club. Already view is it erupted once or twice by some trumped supporters as she also shared a story with us about faith Biden supporter who woke up 1 morning. To find out that someone had taken to weed killer to their front lawn to write the name trump all over it. Lindsay now. OK Victor attend owe our thanks to you. Then return you have heard about sea level rise posing a threat to cities like Miami ginger is he explains it's not just for the reasons you might think. Stay with us. Finally tonight a look at the impact rising seas are having in South Florida and it's not just flooding a beautiful bay an entire ecosystem is at risk so in this week's it's not too later. A. Hi I'm in Jersey and it's not to lakes. Today however about sea level rats in Miami. I know you're probably saying to south bella. We know that the sea is rising in Miami we've seen the video of water overtaking the buildings we know that sea level has risen. Five inches since 1993. And we've also seen the 400 million dollar pump system that was recently installed. Just to keep their feet Jack. This story is about the less obvious and even more imminent threat. The quality of the water specifically. Mentioning bay. It has this many this volume. Of this. Looking for oxygen. Other almost air golfing over there. Now this day is that her place paradise that lap that the coast and southeast Florida are right about here also. Cases that strip of land barrier island. We call Miami Heat. In it generates billions of dollars annually for higher regional economy it's one of the jewels of the state of Florida it hurts herself and actually united not kayak. The permanent. This game they are protected in so many ways but currently it's dying thanks in part to sea level rise. Kevin Lansky heads up Miami Dade county's water and sewage system and he says that there department. Half the planned for a worst case scenario. He looks now only 41 year horizon we're planning on worst case eleven inches zero Ross. Which he lives are Florida they're threatening. Here coastal community. Who works. And I happen that the what is being polluted runoff from fertilizer litter and waste. From get this septic tanks. Yes septic tanks it's something that most of us think are reserved for farms and rural homes but they still have them in the city of Miami. We have over a 100000 septic tank to Miami Dade County still to this day. And we need to transition those septic tanks and connected to our sewer system is also aging. Yes it because of skeptics are disputing waste water into our ground water would ever goes. Goes into our day. And that's pretty discussing. In a typical tactic set up the waste from your house enters the take. Then the solid part of the waste settled for the baht the water that is above that goes to the drain field to be there. Now when sea level rise is the drain field mixes. With the ground water and the tactic can fail. That means your waist. From your toilet could go directly into the ground water and in this case into Biscayne Bay. They're also big problems coming from the inland parts of Florida. You went into all the area where he lives in Florida you would have been in ma. Daily column never really lazy all our. Analysts law and they sought to drain. As a project of mammoth proportions. So they can't started building Nelson. And they drain all water on the elderly in a giant own working to. Build a. And now. Those house pick up trash nitrogen and phosphorus from fertilizer and toxins that we're putting on our agriculture and outlines. And then they dump it all right into the day. All of chemicals were also met with historic heat this summer drowning out the oxygen in the and without oxygen. This happened. Thousands of fish that it. Now what happened with the fish kill that was an unprecedented. It. Once in a lifetime. Phenomenon. That regrettably because of climate change and are rising water temperatures. Is likely to happen again so what you had just did this show was the water temperatures are six degrees higher than normal you have nurses know circulation in the today. You have no win. And you have the you know incredible amount of nutrients that were seeping into the day due to marine debris and due to sewage spills and septic leaks. And that created this lack of oxygen. In different various pockets of the norm basin of the day. Summer is always hot in Florida but this past summer was next level. Seven of the top ten warmest week in Miami history happened in twenty funny. And is breaking records in the hot afternoons either. But instead it would also be overnight. Supposed to get cooler. Temperatures in the low eighties can you imagine in the overnight while Miami had six consecutive nights of record warm lows. Three of them. We're all time records Willie Gary from our Miami affiliate WP LG didn't entire special called saving this cane. Nader says dead dad floor of the day was littered with dead at. There is urgency happening now there's never happened before but there's a vigilance there's an awareness actually happening now Miami Dade County. Where people are gonna start to hold our leaders accountable. Miami water keeper an advocacy group says that Miami needs. Big change it's not just in sewage infrastructure but they also have to regulate the use of fertilizer and other chemicals. Level rise and it's happening in negative effect in all of these solutions sources worse. News urgently needs should be uniting Arab east. These investments ends and taking these opportunity tax. To record it is powered city is built it functions you ready for Christ I think their behalf unit its inherited not yesterday's evening to our ability to you know click here to fix these problems and tackle them head on. And I do have some good news this game today cat and recover it would be a slow process but if you look at their neighbors and Tampa bank. They till we're at a tipping point about four decades ago. They're seeing grass was killed off but pollution and algae humans. But it took thirty years and now they brought back their day. Today sea grass in Tampa Bay congress that same area it did in the nineteen that the that's nearly twice the size of Manhattan. Sell its Miami sad now I promise. It's not certainly. Minimally those dead fish in the water perhaps we'll serve as a wake up call from Manning our thanks to ginger Z for that before go to fighter image of the day pro democracy protesters in Thailand flashing a three fingered salute during a protest as they occupy a main road in the heart of Bangkok this all stems from a student led protests which is even targeted the king. Which is unheard of until recently certainly lots of first lately that is our show for tonight be sure to stay tuned to ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us the special edition twining twang town hall and Joseph Biden. Is coming up next.

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