ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, January 13, 2021

GOP congressman on why he voted ‘no’ on impeachment; Trump could face criminal liability: ABC News legal contributor; In their own words: Representatives discuss impeachment
53:42 | 01/14/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, January 13, 2021
Yeah I thirteen thirty. They may show 1987. Good resolution is picked up without objection the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. And with then president Donald. Ten house Republicans joining Democrats in holding trump accountable for one week after the terror attack on the capital and just one week left in his presidency. Lawmakers argue their case present trump released a statement would in order to his supporters. Kevin McCarthy the top Republican in the house and the president bears responsibility. For the attack. But stopping short of supporting impeachment. Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling him a clear and present danger but now will Mitch McConnell and his fellow Republicans in the senate vote for impeachment. Fortress DC the massive security efforts in the nation's capital on high alert for domestic terrorist. Its funny thousand National Guard members in town for inauguration day. A stunning sight troops camping out in the hallways of the capitol building to prevent another insurrection. Additional metal detector set up for members of congress and a handful of states where authorities are reportedly most concerned about a potential outbreak of violence. Searching for suspects new arrests tonight including a former Olympic gold medal swimmer identified by former teammates while wearing his official here. Nancy and wearing at camp out sweatshirt and the suspect in court today who was next actually Babbitt while she was shot and killed. Trying to climb to a barricaded doors. Cyrus death soaring. Staggering loss of life more than 4300 people dying in just the last 24 hours and that's one person every twenty seconds. And as researchers discovered new variants in the US. Andy in tonight's vaccine launch a simple question how can you get it. Millions lining up with the latest guidelines for you. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thank you so much for streaming with us 130. Years that's how long it was between the first and second presidential impeachment in this country Andrew Johnson 1868 in Bill Clinton in 1998. Now just thirteen months have passed between our country's third and force impeachment. It's like the House of Representatives voted to impeach president Donald Trump again. This time with the support of ten Republicans this second impeachment is yet another first for the history books the charge incitement of insurrection after president trump told his supporters to quote fight like hell in March to the capital sparking violent riots that left five people dead. And in this rapid pile up of extraordinary events we are also learning more Americans died from cove in nineteen in one week then from the seasonal flu and an entire year. And just yesterday the Pentagon makes deadliest day nearly 4300. Lives lost in just 2.4 hours. But we start tonight in congress without historic impeachment coming just one week after the insurrection. The president's new statement finally condemning the violence and the high speed trial we expect in the senate ABC's Mary Bruce leads us off. One week to the day after a violent mob of presidents some supporters stormed the capital. Congress tonight impeached the man who sent them there charging the president with incitement of insurrection. He must go he is a clear and present danger to the nation. That we are a lot of members of congress recounting the harrowing hours of this siege. They searched the rubble of buildings and a vice president who they came to hang for treason the overran the office of the speak over they came to assassinate. They thought above all else to seize control of our government in the name of Donald Trump. Freshman representative Cory bush imploring her colleagues to take a stand against the racism that was on full display and we have a mandate to legislate in defense of black glass. The first step in that process is to rule out. White supremacy starting with impeaching the white supremacists in chief Democrats challenging their Republican colleagues to think beyond politics. Urging them to do the right thing. Reflect on your legacy. My friend which way is history flowing right now will Donald Trump join the pantheon of Washington Lincoln Roosevelt and Reagan. Or will his 33%. Approval ratings and the condemnation. Of principled Republicans can sign him to they keep. Of reviled demagogues went Joseph McCarthy and Andrew Johnson. Where he goes in history. You go in history just over a year ago no Republicans voted to impeach the president but tonight ten did. Last week there was a domestic threat at the door of the capital. And he did nothing to stop it. That is why with a heavy heart and clear resolved. I will vote yes on these articles have in future. Congresswoman Liz Cheney the third highest Republican in the house gave her colleagues Culver. Unequivocally backing impeachment in advance saying there has never been a greater betrayal by a president of the United States. Fewer Republicans were willing to defend it comes actions instead going after the idea of impeaching on his timetable with so few days left in the trump presidency. Calling it a snapping peach meant. Many who just last week voted to overturn the election malice say it's time to heal. After the dramatic events of last week the majority should be taking steps to unite us. Instead they are only dividing us further. Democrats outraged. A police officer was killed. And what I years' time be healed he's not even buried yet. One notable standout Republican leader Kevin McCarthy one of trumps most loyal supporters he argued it would be wrong to impeach a president whose time is almost up. But he also issued his harshest criticism yet for the president who has shown no remorse and taking no responsibility. For inciting the insurrection. The president bears responsibility. For Wednesday's attack on congress by mob rioters. He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. These facts require immediate action the president truck. Except to shared responsibility. Quell the brewing unrest shortly after McCarthy speech the president released a statement which was read on the house floor. Prior to that there must be no violence no law breaking no vandalism of any kind this is not what I stand for. Is not what America stands for I call on all Americans to help ease tensions and com. Downs. Just put out that statement by the president I'd stay. But it was too little too late Donald Trump we'll now go down in history as the only American president to be impeached twice. I the president speaking just moments ago are not mentioning impeachment. No true supporter of mine could ever endorse. Political violence. No true supporter of mine could ever disrespect. Law enforcement. Or our great American flag. No true supporter of mine could ever threaten or harass their fellow Americans. If you do any of these things you are not supporting our movement. You're attacking Ed and you are attacking our country. The president's most forceful condemnation of the violence so far Mary Bruce joins us now from Washington Mary truly S story day. Tell us what happens next with regard to a senate trial. That is the big question here tonight well we know the Republican leader Mitch McConnell is that he will not call members back into session. And that means that the soonest a senate trial could begin would be January 20. Inauguration day that's right we could actually be seeing a new president coming into office at the same kind of the outgoing president is being put on trial in the senate now eyes or whether or not election the votes to convict president trump. We know the Republican leader Mitch McConnell has said that he does think. Trumpet committed an impeachable offense but today he told his members that he has yet to make a final decision. On how he will vote but Lindsay that doesn't mean the Mitch McConnell is open a. To possibly convicting president drop new presidency will still be bogged down with the last one Mary Bruce our thanks to you. Thank you. Illustrate our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl Jon the president late today releasing that video condemning last week's riots let's listen to a bit more of it. I want to be very clear. I unequivocally. Condemned the violence. That we saw last week. Violence and vandalism have absolutely no place in our country. And no place in our movement. Making America great again has always been about defending the rule of loan. Supporting the men and women of law enforcement. And upholding our nation's most sacred traditions and values. Mob violence goes against everything I believe in and everything our movement stands floor. Condemning the violence but still not taking any responsibility for it. John what did you make of this message and any word on how he's reacting to this second impeachment town. Well he's he's angry about it clearly but what I made of this is that he is also frightened. He's also worried about what comes next about the stain of a possible conviction. In the senate which remains tonight a very real. Possibility what it would mean not just to his legacy but the very real impact you would strip away the perks of the post presidency no Secret Service. By no staff no budget no office. I think that that is an -- in the dishonor they did comes with that I think he's really worried about that he has been urged. Every day now Lindsay for the past week. To come out and clearly and forcefully condemn what happened. But also to take responsibility. So now we have a clear and forceful condemnation of what happened. But still nothing to take responsibility. For more than anything I took that videos assigned. That he's really worried about what comes next. And Republicans still a rather delicate dance and how they handle the impeachment of the president including among the leadership was sent out to you as far as how things played out today. Well what would stood up to me. First of all was Kevin McCarthy I think saying something that he is actually wanted to say for some time. But he is held back at a sol ad or some idea that he thinks that he can steer Donald Trump but he came out. They did something that really none of the other Republicans did who didn't vote to impeach. Fight came out and said Donald Trump for responsibility for what happens and he said that Donald Trump needs to come out. Band. And again and can work to make sure the Joseph Biden has a smooth transition obviously it's a little late for that put a forceful condemnation. All of of Donald Trump's role as well as as as the riot itself that stood out. And the fact that Liz Cheney made the statement that she made but they did not speak on the floor of the house I think there is. Plus some real fear among Republicans. About the consequences. Of voting for or standing against Donald Trump even now and Liz Cheney. Even as the debate was was carrying out you had Republicans including Jim Jordan who led that debate for the Republican side today. Say that they did Liz Cheney should be stripped of her leadership position in the house there should be a new vote. And she should be replaced CC real consequences even for somebody as formidable as Liz Cheney for crossing the president. And many saw how Lindsey Graham was harassed in the airport and perhaps fearful of of the same kind of treatment or worst Jonathan Karl thanks so much as always. Thank you Lindsey. We're joined now by our senior Washington reporter Devin Dwyer Devin we know senate trial isn't gonna happen right away so what's your earliest this could get under way and is there any chance it couldn't happen at all. Yet there is some doubt Lindsay any we're in uncharted waters here there's a lot of speculation about what's. Ahead but the bottom line is we've never tested this before know president. Has ever gone into an impeachment trial after leaving office some lawmakers and legal scholars we should point out to people or actually questioning whether this is constitutional. In fact senator pat to meet a Republican of Pennsylvania today put out a statement he said the constitutional authority for such a trial is debatable. The president could actually challenge the senate trial in court that would really gum up the works. I so even as we talk about Russian had a possibility is there now there has been some precedent for this you talked about it earlier today and the special. Us 179718762. Former federal officials stopped presidents but they were tried. In the senate that was there got Chuck Schumer says there will be a trial those are his words but we've got. A long way to go and of course how to court challenge could be hats and sounds like Mitch McConnell at least believes that there will be trial at some point. Now some of the house Republicans who voted against this impeachment today said that since trouble is left office. What's the point so what exactly is on the line in a potential senate trial. Well the biggest stakes for Donald Trump and Jon Karl just alluded to this our historical. And political president trump would not only be the first president as we've been saying impeach twice by the house but he'd be the first ever. If it happens convicted by the senate take in a trial so think about back going into the history books that stained. I'm your legacy for the state for posterity. But then there's this issue of the senate if they convict Donald Trump voting by a simple majority to bar him from federal office ever again. I want as you know Lindsay Democrats. After the twentieth will hold a simple majority in the senate said they could prevent. Donald Trump from hauling off as ever again. All on their own. So we we are out quite a bit aways from that point obviously a long road ahead but certainly something to keep an ion. As the president charts his next steps as he moves to Florida next week. Devin Dwyer thanks Rick and all down for us we appreciate it thanks for that. And joining us now is South Dakota Republican representative dusty Johnson thank you so much for your time tonight congressman that you voted no on the article of impeachment today in a statement you said the president trump does share responsibility for what happened last week what is your mind would've been an impeachable offense. Well I think I've got more process concerned unity thing having calling the president's actions words about that all hand but I do think they're worthy of criticism but I do think he deserved more than his Berkshire buoyant but the reality is we've got seven days left in this administration I don't even really know what impeaching somebody. But rather convicting them when they're out of office does is. I think due process matters and it takes us. A few months you know convict somebody who robbed a gas station not spam I know we like to talk about the house version of some sort of a grand jury. That's really not what the constitution envisions and I just felt like it snapped impeachment would not in the best interest of the country. So what would accountability look like in your estimation. Well I think there are a number of ways you know per Sodom and I think the fourteenth amendment. Section three for something a lot of members are talking about censure would be not letting impeachment for someone who is out of office. Looks like some sort of formal reprimand real and you can't come out one or already caught up. That's what century Paris and I think it Nancy Pelosi chosen to. Build bridges. Gone with something that would try to eat unify. Us unify the country. I think she could've gotten a hundred Republican votes percent church she chose a different approach I would also adjustment when deep it. I do think they'll be judicial proceedings that will hold the president accountable when he's a private citizen that's how we hold private citizens accountable. That is you know there would be repercussions. For impeachment even after office as far as a getting pension or site indoor Secret Service access in do you think that those kinds of punishments would be warranted. Well I'm not sure I understand the Secret Service component on them now we're saying that we don't want a key can save. But we're saying that we were so concerned about the violence that we wanna make and I should know me incredibly credible death a 600 that you don't wanna you know run pass. But we're so concerned about the violence that we wanted to make violence against him are more likely I just can't get patter. Now if you do not support impeachment what direct consequences do you think that president Chung could face in this role beyond censure any thing or would you support an effort to disqualify him from running again perhaps. What century would have meant something imminent think it we have border barked on a more bipartisan approach side that is absolutely something that I would have been open to. And I've talked to a lot of Republicans dozens who tilt the same way I mean there's frustration there are not a lot of people who were defending the president's action news. Over the course of the last few weeks and then frankly prior to. Nancy polls to decide if you would differ Oates. She got largely a party line vote and the I don't know what's gonna happen the center mobile I suspect it's gonna look and feel very civil. Now congresswoman Mikey Cheryl alleges that she saw lawmakers actually leading rioters on a quote reconnaissance store one day before the mob stormed the capital if we learned that that in fact turns out to be true in that case would you support expelling those members of congress. Let me get a new what was going down they knew that there was going to be an attempt so get overwhelmed capital. If they were giving that tour in an attempt to need that kind of seditious I'm so insert records activity then yes. I think. I think the congresswoman had better have some pretty firm faxed. I'm before leveling all kind of chilling accusations. And you know look at the facts out and and then we can decide the best way to proceed. You always many her colleagues have said that now's a time for unity not device witnesses comes of course. Weeks and new weeks after weeks and weeks of proven false claims of election fraud echoed not only by president trump and many congressional Republicans including the 147. Who voted to overturn the results of a free and fair election last week. What can you in your fellow Republicans do along with the Democrats to tone down this hostile environments and move forward. Yeah and I knew a melon mentioned just two points by way of context number one although it certainly have not been perfect have tried it my two years in congress to model good thing I have not been one of the ones on either side BL most is quick to pull the trigger. By questioning my colleague's motives or questioning their patriotism. My keys to one trying to lead by example on the doing even better and I'm gonna try to do a better job of calling my colleagues to child publicly as well. I would note last week. I voted to accept the state certification sparkle like that was what the constitution called me to do. Stand. Clearly that was very complicated go to lots of numbers but what can we do going forward well I would just note. That it the rhetoric on the house sports at day would be most toxic I have seen in my two years. It was the most rancorous and that's one over the reasons why I was trying to get some of my democratic colleague or interest at that bipartisan censure. They're more unifying approach done I think. It largely single party impeachment. Process. Congressman Johnson thank you so much for your time especially on what has passed me a long and exhausting day for you we appreciate you coming on the show. What ranks around and it. We're also tracking an ominous bulletin from the federal law enforcement warning of multiple events planned for next Wednesday's inauguration when some groups are calling the week of siege. And a massive and growing show of force is already on around the capital with thousands of National Guard troops on duty and more on the way. ABC's Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has the latest. Tonight exactly one week since the insurrection. And one week until inauguration. The threat intensity rise and ABC news has learned that authorities are monitoring up to ten organize events. By demonstrators coming back to Washington to some are calling a week of siege warning that one group is promising the largest armed protests on American soil. Another event is planned to quote capture and detain democratic politicians. And set up a new government to try and convict congressional Democrats. Their goal quote eliminating the Democrat ideology from America for ever ABC news also obtaining an FBI bulletin. What's with that big deep tales about in bold and violent some supporters. Who ransacked the capital last week and now plan to return. The Secret Service is massive security operation. Wrapping up earlier than planned from the Supreme Court to Pennsylvania Avenue the nation's capital now fortress Washington. Officials are concerned about everything from aerial attacks and guns on the ground. 20000. National Guardsmen will be here by inauguration day. In the basement of the capitol building our national Guardsmen seen resting between shifts security wrapping up an all fifty state capitals to. The FBI and Homeland Security reportedly most concerned about. Violence in Minnesota Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Election battleground states where there's a considerable presence of armed malicious. High anxiety not just in the nation's capital but also in those four states as well and be on Pierre Thomas joins us now from Washington peer. Tell us more about that joint bulletin in the concerns it lays out about the threat of these trump supporters returning to Washington in the days ahead. Well as in there's great concern that you could have thousands of armed protesters coming to Washington. A particular concern was one that I noted today about two men who they've identified who were pat. The protests were at the mob violence at the capitol there's word intelligence that they may be trying to come back to DC. For the inauguration. And the capital of course getting that extra security those extra troops so what's lighten their on the ground and and Howell the expanded security around the capital work. This is now fortress Washington as I drove in this morning before 6 AM they were already putting up barriers dump trucks. Buses to block streets they're now additional officers are throughout the city police cars everywhere. You can see everywhere to look terribly scarves. Police cars so right now law enforcement officials say the threat potential threat of violence is growing they wanna be ready. Pierre Thomas our thanks to you. Meanwhile the hunt continues for the domestic terrorists who stormed the capital last week law enforcement has now announced a number of arrests from veterans to a former Olympian. ABC news chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz brings us this report. Tonight across the nation scores of arrests have been made in connection to the capital insurrection. Federal prosecutors submitting chilling new evidence in the case against Lonny Kauffman now in custody authorities seizing from Kaufman struck. Multiple firearms a cross spoke. And a cooler containing particularly. Lethal homemade Molotov cocktails. Investigators saying Kaufman had a hand written note a potential targets Coughlin pleading not guilty to numerous weapons charges. And tonight Robert Keith hacker arrested in Newport News, Virginia law enforcement say he was the writer wearing a could be. With the words camp Al Schwartz moment retired reserve navy seal Adam Newbold of Ohio has been interviewed by the FB time. After saying on line he wanted lawmakers to be left shaking in their shoes ABC news obtaining a copy of this now deleted FaceBook video. And Jeanne. Oh yeah are. Newbold now says he regrets being in the crown. And two off duty police officers from Virginia have been charged after posting this sell seats with an obscene gesture inside the capitol. There are additional names many Scharping. US Olympic gold medalist cleat Keller charged today Keller who won swimming medals in three summer games. Including have to sit 2004. New York Times reporting former swimmers and coaches coming forward. After spotting Keller in a video posted on Twitter pro town hall Keller resign from his commercial real estate job Tuesday. And USA swimming telling ABC news. We in no way condone the actions taken by those at the capitol last week and some even turning in their own family members. Eighteen year old Helen at duke. Recognizing. Her mom aunt and uncle among the mob Hellenic culture mom out on Twitter with these side by side photos. If I did not being I was. I felt that I was as bad as them. What happened inside the capitol last weekend outside of it now pitting family members against each other Martha Raddatz joins us now from Washington Martha you mentioned veterans who were involved in the mom I understand that's become a real concern for the military tonight. It is absolutely a concern Lindsay in fact army leadership. Today released a very stern very sober statement saying the nation expects all members of the US army to follow the law. In or out of uniform and remain examples of professionalism. Character. And integrity. Quite extraordinary that those soldiers had to be reminded Lindsay. Exactly right Martha Raddatz our thanks to you. When we come back evacuations underway in the search for at least one missing person after a powerful storm our weather team is tracking. Federal government executes a female for the first time in nearly seventy years when she was convicted of dealing. But up next we have run out of superlatives to describe this pandemic so we will. Keep it simple there could be two new co restrains. And they're both from America one could be more contagious. Welcome back now we share from our nation's constitutional crisis to cope with crisis as Americans continue to die by the thousands every day yesterday marking the deadliest day with. 4327. One's loss this is scientists announced. New US variants of the virus but despite all the sadness. There is light at the end of the tunnel with more vaccine help and hope on the way. ABC's Stephanie Ramos has more on our nation's race against covad. Tonight Johnson & Johnson says it's one shot vaccine is showing promising results in an early phase study the company could apply for emergency authorization by the end of the month in Ohio scientists discovering two new variants that developed right here in the US. And officials say one strain spreading in the city of Columbus could be more contagious but needed more data. We're not ready to to to overreact we want to make sure that we studies and allowed that we get really get data. Tonight California now allowing anyone sixty final to to get the shot. This mass vaccination center opening today at dizzy land but what I heard 65 I was I was really pretty happy. And in Massachusetts this field hospital reopening for the second sort filling up with patients. There's an entire hospital operation set up on this convention center floor patient rooms set up her out to treat more than 200. Kobe patients. Matthew gad boys a first responder well enough to go home today. What are you thoughts about the virus before. Originally I listen I was skeptical. Didn't like wearing a mask because that's how I got once you get to a certain point and it's not debris since real scary. People still resistant to wearing masks even those on the front lines in some cases Stephanie Ramos joins us now stuffing the same New Jersey is Wednesday's it open up their vaccination to more groups today eruption he tells about them. Exactly Lindsay is so New Jersey is opening up vaccination lines to anyone. Over the age of sixteen with a medical condition and also to smokers new Jersey's health commissioner said this smoking puts you at a significant risk for an adverse result from Kobe's nineteen and there are two million smokers in the seat of New Jersey that fit into this category so. Two million smokers will have access to the cope but nineteen vaccine starting tomorrow in the state of New Jersey cleansing. Stephanie Ramos thanks so much. Still ahead here on prime Jacob Blake speaking out for the first time about the shooting that left him paralyzed. How lucky do you feel those duel mega jackpots continue to growl and the strain on president sums finance is also growing after last week's mom Bryant. We take a look by the numbers but first. Our treatment of the day how every sports fan reacted after hearing the blockbuster news that one of the biggest stars and sports is being traded. James Harding knees leaving Houston. From Brooklyn. Welcome back everyone in another fallout from president chums incitement of violent rioters last week his prize trump brand seems to be crumbling. We take a look by the numbers a Trump Organization could lose seventeen million dollars a year because New York City plans to cancel agreements for the company operated landmark carousel. Two skating rink set of golf course over Trump's role in the insurrection. Over the weekend a professional golfers association PGA's that it would move one of golf's four major championship tournaments away from the trump National Golf Club in bed minister New Jersey a decision that could cost Trump's company millions and also diminish the brand. And most out of office trouble lose profits that have poured in from political spending at trump properties. These totaled more than seven point two million dollars during the 20/20 election cycle and at least seventeen million since 2015. According to a pro public analysis of the FEC records. And on the other side of that balance sheet trump reportedly owes more than 300 million dollars in debt that comes due in the next four years. On top of a 100 million dollar tax payment due in two point 12 and potentially another 100 million more. If he loses a refund battle with the IRS. And we still have a lots more ahead on prime tonight as head to death eligibility widens how do you actually get vaccinated. We'll examine options the big announcement from tick tock new privacy protections aimed at teens but first we'll. Look at our top trending stories on Under Reagan revolution has picked up without objection amounts to reconsider its latest find it. Historic day in the house chamber one week after was mobbed by pro trump rioters. Lawmakers voting to impeach president Donald Trump for the second time a first in American history yeah Mac OK if they clear and present danger. Divination. That we all love the house voting on a single article charging president traveling incitement of insurrection is encouraging his supporters to march on the capital several Republicans joining the house's more than 200 Democrats and achieve a simple majority needed to human needs when it very hard. Clarion call from. I will vote yes and among these articles yeah. And many other GOP members are still standing by the president this is a reckless in the peach Ment to. President trump issuing a new statement read on the house floor by one of his staunchest allies in congress. Tired of their must be no violence. Snow all right no vandalism of any time the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says he will not call the senate into an emergency session before next week's inauguration the president speaking just moments ago I'm not mentioning impeachment. No true supporter of mine could ever endorse him and political violence. Powerful storms rolled through the Pacific northwest bringing with it heavy rain and high wind and snow even a landslide. In Oregon police confirm one person is missing after a landslide in Portland and telling local news and it was his wife from a mask covering an interstate 84. A landslide estimated to be about ten feet deep in some areas in Seattle thousands were left in the dark city has already received 20% of its normal annual rainfall. First time in nearly seven years that woman has been put to death in the U last. Lisa Montgomery executed early this morning after the US Supreme Court has cleared the way towards him move forward in the. But 52 year old received a lethal injection for the 2004 murder of a pregnant woman from new trying to pass off the date he has her own. I baby girl survived now sixteen years old and living with her father from Montgomery's execution comes just days before president elect Joseph Biden is an opponent on the death penalty. Takes office. Tick tock announcing new privacy settings for users under eighteen from stick telling telling ABC news starting today we're changing didn't -- -- privacy settings from all registered in towns and ages thirteen to fifteen to try and media all followers must be approved by the user or descending must be manually changed and the public also limiting comments under videos created by their youngest official users teens thirteen to fifteen can now only choose to allow comments from a friend. More from no one at all on them comes from big companies saying beat everyone can comment option is being removed the next stage. And now that Harry is you from commenting on a video you know very brutally there's bullying going. While these changes are move toward keeping creditors and bullying and bay news without any age verification for setting up an account. Kids ten glide past the protections. A Japanese man is making money are essentially doing nothing. And joining CNN garden he'll do it for 96 dollars you can rent amounts per socially distant walk. Am talking is optional on Twitter he advertises himself as someone who can give simple feedback there are nothing more he's received about 3000 or requests. Welcome back amid a bumpy roll out in recent weeks more Americans are now eligible to get a cope in nineteen vaccine in many states so how can you navigate the process. Bob Woodruff has the answer in this week's vaccine watch. Amidst the chaos Kobe cases have surged to new heights we'll. And a search for potentially life saving vaccines. Americans have met long lines broken web sites and confusion. Did not. Include government. So far nearly thirty million doses have been sent to the states but only 101000001. Doses injected into people's arms. How do you feel when you see these frustrations from people so they just can't get. Just picketed. Its devastating we have broker the the greatest scientific achievement of our lifetimes into lawlessness who of this vaccine. And then all of a sudden. We can't get it to people some now wanting to potential fall it's in the current distribution method. If you want to facilitates and any future aren't ourselves you send us your whole you. To address the slow roll out the trump administration this week says it'll release all doses to states. Rather than reserving the second dose that would hopes that by the time you're due for that second required dose. There will be more in stock while many support the move this is for small really getting good move on. Trees are its hurt some experts say vaccine supply is not the only problem. I don't see sliding market with a lot more vaccine is necessarily. In assaults on these problems we have hundreds and thousands. The Asians trying to. Gamecube. And register and ensure that you have enough supply. Rooted and all. Bottleneck is also a clinics pharmacies and local health departments often understaffed. And potentially underfunded. Now tasked with getting these vaccines out into the community. It's not surprising that she challenges in narrow. Especially as we're relying on the same people that are party so it's incredibly thin and under fund we need good luck in summation. I just don't read it any wonder we see or care centers. Now tech companies are stepping in to try to help local health departments hospitals and pharmacies. Cope with massive demand for these vaccines. We'd lost secured an order which is situated it allow patients to launch me into rule themselves com. Out into an onslaught of the pharmacy as a real. But even these tech companies admit the online approach will be challenging for the nation's elderly. Or people with limited computer access guitar. It is you know my five year old grandmother. Get a website trying to. Oakland street sent to the basin would like do I start cities minute problems talk about what's solutions might be. Look how it's not known first test deployments. And so working with you know companies that know how to build. I have digital tools especially in the booking in appointment arena has right rich have been brighter certainly amongst your music room. They are all our advertising taxi take as more of their meals corporate after my father wants to find Hannity you to vaccine. What does he do. There is no single floor will provide that. To your. Every state for those trying to navigate the process these tech experts recommended a few simple steps. Once online your first step is your local public Health Department web site. There you should be able to see if you are eligible for the vaccine based on your community's priorities Asian schedule second stop. Booking in appointment he might be able to do this from your Health Department web site or a third party web site like sock doctor. Or there may even be a phone hotline if you managed to schedule an appointment show up at the scheduled time. But there could be await the incoming Biden administration has promised 100 million injections. And the first 100 days in office. Hastened by a growing number of mass vaccination centers and delivery of more doses every day. There's only one home yeah. I didn't expect distributing the Washington DC that's just my book will we're we're providing. We get to this week to they've got so good thousand per week. And hoping to streamline this process with other online tools run apart from called taxi finder which is government resource the federal level that little girl lives in the coming weeks to allow people here where they can go to get back to use your communities. And companies like in life and health are working on a more proactive outreach. There were remind people when it's their turn to sign off. So essentially they only had sex message from XYZ pharmacies change. Words were worth your time this week's funeral and Europe and saw her real rule these rule sooner it's normal crew acted outreach persons are reactive. I would say if any generated early hang tight try to keep doing the basic non partisan or interventions. I think you're gonna see you know in the coming weeks months a real change the way that we're getting vaccines or to. People so noxious captains told the story. This is Bob Woodruff tracking the vaccine. Our thanks to Bob Woodruff and has always. Jacob Blake a father of six for the first time speaking out after being shot seven times by Kenosha police officer. That officer was responding to a domestic call. And in an exclusive interview with ABC news Blake talks about the moment he was shot with his children in the backseat. Seven time currently. Then I'll I remember at that point was. Apparently came back looking around on boys' eyes sit very loading the matter wouldn't have thought I was going to feel that. I thought it was only the last thing I'd say they don't. Deng out it wasn't. The DA decided not to file charges against the officer involved saying that they could argue self defense. Tomorrow morning you'll see more of Michael sure hands interview on Good Morning America. With all the heavy news in the world right now many Americans are turning to the Lotto for a little bit of an escape and dollar a drink or two dollars really and more than a billion dollars up for grabs between these two jackpots. The Mega Millions is currently at 750. Million dollars in powerball 550 million. See if that number will increase after tonight's powerball drawing a worry of someone will be Colin out of work tomorrow. And now switching gears who is president trump now impeach for incitement of insurrection we look at what other legal consequences he could face for his role in last week's deadly riots. He joined now by ABC news contributor Kate Shaw constitutional law professor Cardozo law school Kate thanks so much as always for your time. Now apart from a potential senate conviction that what legal liability criminal or civil is presidential potentially looking. Add as he leaves office. They're could be on criminal charges come out the federal variety arising out of the January 6 events. I'm incitement of insurrection and seditious conspiracy bees are the types of charges that you could potentially see. A Biden Justice Department trying to bring against a former president trump. These are typical cases Ted to make out. There are questions about what they would be question about the questions about what the president intended to. When he made the remarks he made at that rally that predated the storming of the capital. But I think all of that is a possibility. And then there are state charges that could well be. A possibility in places like Georgia where of course president trump made several phone calls to election officials including the secretary of state. I seeking to change the results of the election in Georgia I'm so there is the possibility of election fraud and related charges there. The Manhattan DA we know has been looking at the trump organization for some time. I'm so there are you know there are a number of possible fronts on which there could be criminal liability. And in civil lawsuits arising out of the January 6 events by individuals or of the families and individuals who are harmed during those events I think could be another possibility. And could his impeachment and a looming senate trial impact his civil or criminal liability in particular in this case. Where these lawmakers are also witnesses to his possible crime. As a direct manner I. I don't think sell again so so certainly evidence says introduced in the impeachment proceedings could well make its way into a criminal or civil case. So so certainly all of down as a possibility. I'm but the fact that he is either acquitted or convicted in the senate. Won't have any you know definitive legal effect in those proceedings. What one thing maybe I should say in addition to that there are questions about up. A pardon aura self pardon right president trump attempts to pardon himself. That actually could have consequences in terms of any potential civil or criminal proceedings. And that's because once an individual has received a pardon. The sort of the legal view is that that individual can no longer invoke the Fifth Amendment privilege against self incrimination so may have to act answer questions. Ordinarily he wouldn't be required to answer because of the Fifth Amendment because the idea is you can't be in fear of any jeopardy. Legally if you have been part and so so pardon could well. Unhappy impact in criminal or civil proceedings that could follow. Does this really kind of an interesting biggest loophole if you will that they could ultimately backfire against him now some Republicans said that the speed of this impeachment vote was problematic perhaps even unconstitutional. We'll likely hear similar objections to the senate trial how quickly could this process before. You know I I think it could move very quickly impeachment trial to typically taken weeks or months we have had them but there's nothing in the constitution that requires that. Kind of outpace. I'm so I do think just as we saw a very accelerated process in the house we could well see a very accelerated process in the senate. I do think the president's lawyers will probably make due process arguments and and I think you know there's a range of views on this I think probably there are some due process protections that apply in impeachment proceedings. So the senate couldn't say entirely skip the trial in just proceed straight to a vote. But whether they could have a very abbreviated trial of one day or a couple of days some arguments and then proceed immediately to voting. Is an open question and I think the answer is probably the senate could do got to finish. Was to what rights does the president have to tell his side of the story and also what impact. And what role might his actions of this particular moment Slade I think that you know those basic due process principles that we were just talking about I think do you suggest the president needs to have some opportunity to mount a defense of himself in the senate. You know easy to tell his own story you know there were questions in his first impeachment lie about whether he might try himself to participate potentially even testify in the trial. His attorneys evidently prevailed upon and that that was not advisable. I'm of course is legal team I think looks very different this time so I suppose that's a possibility if he wanted to seek to defend himself personally. He did nothing preventing him from doing that although I think if it very unlikely but certainly his team have to have an opportunity to present evidence and arguments. You know that suggest you know some lack of intent with respect to what followed the events on January 6 or other these sorts of arguments about. Minute of the First Amendment protections potentially that the president's speech and shouldn't be viewed as enjoying. Show odds for a long day we thank you so much for hanging in there with us and as always appreciate your instant UNC. And before we go tonight our image of the day house majority leader Steny Hoyer walking to work before today's historic impeachment vote and in between National Guard troops posted inside the capitol to protect it. We checked in the last time any military unit was staged inside was during the race riots after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Extraordinary times paying deet. And that is our show for this are you sure distinction ABC news site for more context and analysis of today's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us and before we go. We'll take one more listen to some of the impeachment arguments made today on Capitol Hill want an unbelievable. Start to the year. We know that the president of the United States incited this insurrection. This armed rebellion against our common country. He must go he is a clear and present danger to the nation. That we all love. Impeachment around two. It's always been about getting the president no matter what team. It's an obsession. And session that is now broaden. Not just about impeachment anymore it's about canceling as I've said canceling the president and anyone that disagrees with them first. Several hours last week yeah. Mom loves tried to interfere. Some say. The riots caused by anti. There's absolutely. No evidence. That conservatives should be the first to say so. The vote to impeach would further divide this nation. That doesn't mean the president the street from fall to the president bears responsibility. For Wednesday's attack on congress by Bob right now. He should Evan immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolds. We are all responsible. My colleagues are responsible for not condemning rioters this past year like it's like those who barricaded the doors of Seattle Police Department and attempted talking murder. The officers inside mothers including myself are responsible for not speaking out sooner. Before the president misinformed and inflamed a violent mob tore down the American flag and ten brutally beat capitol police officers. I had a speaker we must all be better. I rise in support of impeaching a gay and the worst president in the history of the United States. Simpson's birthday and offers this president has spent four years abusing his power. Lying embracing authoritarianism. Radicalize and his supporters of at this president intends to exercise Arab Blount didn't happen isn't out of office. It is reported that the president of the United States. Watch the invasion. From the Oval Office but I capital and streaming really enjoyed it I want you to now. We should be concerned that the Republicans will not be fined him and then the heat this pickle boat. Up starting a civil war he must be impeached he must be stopped now. I am not afraid of losing my job but I am afraid of that my country will fail. I'm afraid patriots of this country have died in vain I'm afraid my children not grub in every country. I'm afraid in justice will prevail. But true. Truth sets us free from fear. Truth doesn't guarantee that things won't happen but it does promise to always prevail in the end. And it has no shadows were darkness can hide. Richard come eleven we did use our right now might vote to impeach or sitting president is out of fear based decision it's the only way to defeat fear. My parents brought me as an infant to America because they knew it's the land of democracy. It's the beacon of hope for all the world we call that the American dream. When Donald Trump told rioters to go to the capitol and sort of low fight like Helm he incited an attack on the capital. And the ideals comprising the American dream. I'm voting for impeachment because I know we're still the country my parents believed and then I will fight like hell forest. To my district and I commit to constantly being objective in all of my decision making sure. Then and as I abandoned it remainder of my remarks. As I listen to this today it's no wonder our nation is divided we are on an absolute race to the bottom and I was hoping. They're last week could have hit rock bottom. I commit to doing better. And I hope that we all can dig in and find a way and now we hear talk above healing. After the criminal acts are completed would never as a criminal defense attorney did I think judge began my guy completed the armed robbery but let's heal mountain Vietnam there was accountability there was accountability then they should be accountability now. And there should be impeachment now. A police officer was killed. And what I hear is time to heal he's not even buried yet. It's clear. And present danger. No it is probable. Not the president if he has for years or four days in remarks. Do the right thing and for all of America has. Because. He must be held accountable are black is on this house. We must do something about it after we moved from stopping this deal shouldn't be doing but he really requires accountability. An everyone must. Catapult. Make no mistake. This will be no ordinary roll call. This. Is about our country and our constitution. And our democracy. These votes will be inscribed on the role of history. A record of courage and none of our commitment to country and constitution. But our commitment to the rule of law and renewal of that which we inherited. I hope to pass on. An unbroken. Fun shattered.

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