ABC News Live Update: Officer involved in fatal Breonna Taylor shooting speaks out

Plus, President Donald Trump and Joe Biden make final campaign pushes less than two weeks before Election Day, and New York State cracks down on non-essential travel as COVID cases rise.
3:00 | 10/21/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Officer involved in fatal Breonna Taylor shooting speaks out
Good morning I'm Diane estate thanks for streaming with us in today's update the startling report about the corona virus. What the CDC is now saying about hospitalized -- nineteen patients. And flu patients and why New York once the epicenter of the virus is cracking down on nonessential travel to neighboring states. Also ahead an ABC news courier journal exclusive one of the police officers involved in the Rihanna Taylor shooting tells a story of what he says happened that night. Give us walker civilians Rihanna words were screaming with it. So they've never heard. Any announcement that it. What he says he would have done differently. I'm Tony Mike that it happened throughout their meal. And his message from Rihanna Taylor's mother. And the historic moment in space that lasted all of five seconds at NASA spacecraft touching down on an asteroid that immediately. Taking off again so what was accomplished and that quick moment we'll explain the mission years in the making. But we begin with the homestretch of the presidential election now less than two weeks away. President trump a set to hold a rally in North Carolina tonight as he visits battleground states with several campaign events. But new filings show Trump's campaign trailing Biden and funding by more than 100 million dollars. Meanwhile President Obama heads to Philadelphia today for his first in person event campaign. For his former vice president ABC's senior White House correspondent CC a Vegas has the latest. Clearly president trump in the battleground of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania you gotta get out and. You don't win win Pennsylvania we wouldn't know a thing. It's a state he won by less than 1% in 2016. And one he needs to win again. Even though this time around he made a visit for grudgingly. Before the play came in I had it name I would see coming to you read. I don't mean I have to be honest there's no way I was coming. The president had hoped to have the First Lady with him can get her first public appearance since contracting the corona virus. But the morning of the scheduled trip she cancel it citing an abundance of caution and a lingering cough now the president on a solo blitz to the finish. Four battleground states sometimes two stops today he Nevada Arizona Pennsylvania and North Carolina all between Sunday and tomorrow's debate. Par is rival Joseph Biden just one stop in North Carolina. While Biden is off the trail preparing for the final face to face showdown his running mate Kabul Harris in the battleground of Wisconsin. Calling on supporters to vote early. Some people in China suggest that your vocal matter. Now they want they understand is that when you vile. You have power and his most powerful surrogate of all former president Barack Obama. Tweeting out a video with an urgent message for young voters and headed his first trip out on the campaign trail later today. In times as polarized as these. Your broad doesn't just matter. It matters more than ever before Joseph Biden needs your vote I know Joseph better than almost anybody. I trust them to be a great president. Earlier at the White House president trump asked what he would do differently if he had a do over on his handling of the corona virus which has so far killed more than 220000. Americans. His answer. Not much look at all over the world you have a lot of great leaders of lot of Smart people. So all over the world came out of China and generations stops it. And Biden is off the trail again today ahead of tomorrow's debate and any other presidential election it would be unthinkable. To not see a candidate publicly so many days this close to the election. Meantime president term he is back on the campaign trail and this barring our blitz of these battleground states. Hoping that these rallies helped energize supporters in his final stretch Diane he writes. The city of vague in Washington thanks to Syria and tune in for full coverage of the final presidential debate at 8 PM eastern tomorrow night right here. On ABC news live you can also go to high 38 dot com to find out how to vote in your state. Americans hoping for new stimulus relief we'll have to hope and wait a little longer. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steve may knew each and spoke by phone yesterday. But still have not reached a deal. Plus he's deputy chief of staff tweeted that the conversation provided more clarity and common ground as they move closer to an agreement. And that both sides are serious about finding a compromise. Afloat she initially said if they didn't reach a deal yesterday it wouldn't happen until after the election she's now extending that self imposed deadline but says if the bill is to be voted on before Election Day. It needs to be finalized and written by the end of this week. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said he would allow a vote on the bill if it clears the house and has the support of the president. Meanwhile the US is fighting a new surge of corona virus cases an internal health and human services memo obtained by ABC news. Says 44 states and territories are now reporting an increase in cases. In Florida were more than 161000 people have already died from the virus. New daily cases have doubled in just one week ABC's Victor komando is in Miami with the latest. This morning staggering loss the World Health Organization announcing that in the last week alone. 36000. Of people of died worldwide. Due to Kubrick nineteen the CDC know saying that the US so nearly 300000. More deaths in the past ten months. Then what's usually expected annually. And that patients hospitalized with coated or five times more likely to die than patients hospitalized with the flu. Hospital workers are told. It's more human. Or emotions get to us. Sorry. That's usually. As the virus is on the rise in 44 states and territories. The US is now averaging 57000. New cases a day the latest White House rotavirus task force report obtained by ABC news shows 31 states it is so called red zone for cases. Up from 26 states the week before in New Mexico were hospital beds are filling up. The governor announcing more restrictions starting Friday retail space as would begin closing by 10 PM. And state operating museums and historical sites or set to close until further notice. In Houston Texas just one day after in person classes began sixteen schools closed because of Kobe Casey's. And in Ann Arbor, Michigan officials they are hoping to slow the spread. Ordering students at the University of Michigan to stay in place. The Health Department there sink students make up more than 60% of local cases. It was don't sit where he straight positive that he numbers and hospital is Haitians are all the rise. Carmen where rob is didn't even double lung transplant what's left with permanent lung damage after contracting the virus and spending 45 days an event later. This girl pirates. Attacked me. In every way possible about it current current. Literally 100% us. Oxygen. News. It lawyer. Ranging. Here in Florida the number of do you daily cases has doubled. It just one week something we're all watching very closely but just yesterday Florida's governor said that. Whatever the future may holds closing schools should be off the table Diane and I Victor candor in Miami thanks Victor. And now to a major development and embryonic Taylor case a Kentucky judge has given members of the grand jury permission to speak publicly about the proceedings. Now two of those jurors are coming forward saying they want to make clear what did and did not happen in the case here's Al express. This morning Kentucky judge issuing a rarely seen ruling granting grand jurors it typically sworn to secrecy. Permission to speak publicly about the proceedings and debris on and Taylor case. But decision follows months of protests in comes after the grand jury charged one no former officer Brett Hank you send. With wanton endangerment for firing his weapon into Taylor's neighbors' apartments. But no charges for the death of the twin six year old EMT killed when police executed a search warrant to jurors coming forward to what of them explaining they were never presented with any charges other than those for hankins and the grand jury did not have homicide charges explained to them. Adding questions were asked about additional charges in the grand jury was told there would be none because the prosecutors didn't feel they could make them stick. Neither were grand jurors are administering type of acclaim they wanted to contribute. To the truth and transparency of this proceeding. For the benefit of the whole community. The attorney general's office previously released audio from the proceedings you can hear one juror asking about seeing looked could be other possible evidence. In issuing the decision the judge allowing the jurors to speak in part because he attorney general has made public statements about the proceedings. While there are six possible homicide charges under Kentucky law. These charges are not applicable. To the facts before us because our investigation showed. In the grand jury agreed that Mattingly in Cosgrove. Were justified in their return a deadly fire. But a jury now seemingly refuting the attorney general writing the grand jury didn't agree this or in actions were justified. Nor did it decide the indictment should be the only charges in the embryonic Taylor case. And it will soon learn even more details about the proceedings the judge also ruled then that any parts of those proceedings that were not recorded by audio -- now also be made. Available to the public Diane. Alex present Chicago for us thanks Alex. And we are hearing from one of the Louisville police officers involved in the Rihanna Taylor shooting. Sargent Jonathan Mattingly sat down with Michael Strahan in an ABC news courier journal exclusive interview. Publicly telling his side of the story for the first time here's Michael Strahan. Three. Her death sparked nationwide outrage in anguish. 26 year old medical worker Rihanna Taylor shot and killed bottle bill police officers shortly after midnight on March 13 while executed a search warrant. Officers investigating a suspected drug operation. Allegedly linked to her ex boyfriend this morning for the first time sorted Don Mattingly you're sharing publicly what he says happened that night and so we get up. I'm are banging on the door to open hand hard smacks bam bam bam bam. First time to announce just hope that you become the door so everything was quiet neighbors wouldn't come out can you hear anything in from inside the apartment and the weather about the point. So after the first thing. Nothing happened I think again I yelled please search warrant police search warrant you're yelling this I mean time deal that part three times each with these thing. There's a total of six. Bangs six different knocks at the door. What we're doing that's. There were seven officers on the scene that night one said he thought he heard movement inside the apartment he should stop I can hear slowly coming to door. So stop listen nobody says he thing we young amply search warrant open door for their plea search warrant. And found him back of my lieutenant. Who's in the stacked back here he goes go ahead and it even managers hit the duel we don't raise your yelling yes everybody at this point everybody because that's what we all seven also. That I know it sound like it that's the typical this is typical how goes every time. And that didn't change can as walker civilian Rihanna were were screaming who is it. So they never heard. Wright any announcement that it was the police. They've been good what do you say to that. Maybe he didn't put an Oracle eleven neighbors who said the same thing that he said those eleven neighbors also say that we did not. Kenneth walker says we knock the other witnesses we not. So if she didn't hear is not united and here's amounts mentally says once the team entered the dark apartment he ceased to Figurs in the hallway. How far away from you thought 20/20 five feet probably yet twin twin Buffy. And as soon as such from the corner Akamai as demonstrates the barrel this kind I could see DT tip. In my eyes just focused in on it. Rihanna boyfriend 27 year old Kenneth walker a legal gun owner fired a shot. Later told investigators he fired because he didn't know who was bursting through the dual war. An FBI ballistics report saying it was Walker's bullet. That struck Mattingly assumes that felt that smack my leg in the heat boom boom boom return for far return shots four shots from start to finish from the time I get shots of the time I'm on the ground herb that last fall and shots. Twelve seconds total. I don't know I'm going to have to get somebody he did that dole is aren't appropriate level she shouted it's. I don't know you can't grow it now don't go. Oh yeah. Went yeah. Mr. walker said I just fired a warning shot out there also moment break into my apartment album hanging down because adults don't wanna kill anyone that debt that was. With his statement he wouldn't she have to ground warning shot he's pushed out with two hands looking straight ahead we. Us all his guns are postures were the same look and each other. When he fired that shot only one officer was wearing a body camera do any execution of the warrant that night. But it wasn't turned on because Mattingly said it would the police procedure and these types of situations. Do you believe if you had body cameras this would know that. Now Vincent was still happen. But it would have been shown on camera what happened. This when he munitions this would be a case you never hear about it and Michael Strahan would never know about this case to bring cameras on and how would you have done it differently if you could. We would've either serve a no knock warrant or we wouldn't on the normal thing we do which is five to ten seconds. To not give people time to formulate a plan again town people time to get their senses so they they haven't an idea what they're doing. Because of that it happened I'm Tony Michaels that it happened around trivial. He believes should be a lot of just if you had just. Stormed in defense. And that given time. I did and and in the months following protests erupted across the country celebrities like Oprah and beyonce. Calling for the officers involved to be arrested in be criminally charged would re on a death in what was your feelings watching all that unfold after this mostly frustration. And the frustration came from our command and from. The mayor's office because there was so much disinformation out because this is not relatable to George fully. This is nothing like it is not an amount arbour is nothing like it. These are two totally different type incidents it's. It's not a race thing like people want to try to make it to be this is a point where we're doing our job. We gave too much time when we Gil when I get shot we return fire. This is not a scorned and somebody down this is not new went on an act this is nothing like that and I know I'm not. Gonna sit here and act like between the big victim card. But I mean I was a victim in this is well. My Finley has been a victim in this. They have had to go on hiding they have had death threats when some might suspect from the remains in accuses somebody they don't know of being a racist. And and being a dirty cop to be in a murder. When that's not the case. That that those affected were called racist. Are you racist now. Not off. Do you think you're the racist divide between the community in Ellen PD I think there are. There are people who stir things up. And and make it more that because when you're dealing with criminal element. You know you talk about racial profiling. Good police anyway please I worked with don't racial profile you criminal profile let's address the fact that just because you're black you're threat the stuff case. I'm not sure he would added that's how black. Men feel that's how black women but does that make it real. If it's because you feel them it's real. No not necessarily what is the dip between criminal profound racial profile. Criminal probe finds when you get to know an area I work if when you were canary long enough you can tell by people's demeanor us. If you pulled aside somebody and they don't make eye contact they swerve off there's just different elements of people's psychological. Game. That they that they put out that you can tell when you've done something long enough it's so basically it's a feeling. Not just a feeling I mean it's a feeling that goes along with with what you've experienced with what. Is in the area was should or shouldn't be you look at a George Flynn what happened to him. Is tragic it was horrible everybody looked and said. Wrong bad disgusting. And what happens. They you know get locked up. Which in my opinion and I don't Allianz announced the case I'm very careful not a judge of the people from Monday morning quarterbacking. But in my opinion that was the recall whether he died of an overdose or whatever but. What happened after that. In my opinion George Floyd was not a model citizen. It's very hard obviously you hear George Ford died of well open over the course he died because the moment you on an extra minute and everything it regardless and in a model citizen and I didn't deserve that no one deserved nobody said he didn't silliness that is demonized as I said it's horrible. No one has been charged in connection with Taylor's death. An autopsy confirmed she died of multiple gunshot wounds one officer in the case Brad Hague Gibson has been charged with three counts of wanton endangerment. For endangering neighbors when he opened fire. He's pled not guilty. In at Brea on his mother to make upon our kids watch in this. Is there anything that you would like to say there. This Palmer and nobody should ever have to go through what you feel like nobody can. Sympathize or feel which are feeling less they've lost a child there's no way. I could ever. Tell you enough. How much. I wish this hadn't taken place. No amount of money in the world's gonna change that. Please reforms are gonna bring her back. But I just hope that you can fun in your heart at some point two. Find some peace con some some love in the future and and I pray that everybody learn something from this and that this tragic and arresting him to any other family. While Mannelly weather and indicted for the death of Rihanna Taylor there it opinion FBI investigation to determine if for civil rights were violated. Now I did ask manly about the league email he sent to his fellow officers where he used the term to describe protesters. Warning them that. Quote peaceful protesters aren't worth your career or freedom peace in the reef was referring to the protesters that were coughing property damage and talking. Officers Dianne name wrinkled prayed in a V I know we'll see more of that on Nightline thanks for that. And for more on this I'm joined by Sonia Pruitt former chairperson of the National Black Police Association and retired Montgomery Maryland police captain. And Robert Boies former NYPD chief of detectives good morning to both thanks for being here. I'm thank you. Robert dreary directly from one of the officers who was there that night that Rihanna Taylor was killed what do you think went wrong based on his account. What it is quite a few things that tactical planning a B this search warrant. The issue wit. Problem I agreed can stand up to cobble things he said it bigger important this was part of any long term criminal investigation. But when you look at big initial body cameras on. But not only can you get a video you ordeal. And I wouldn't supported the fact it got me on she knocked on the door so that's important and as well but no evidence came through art that they believe this is to us. They're. Being deliberately or near port Albert narcotics conspiracy that there were coached and out couple things more surveillance house would have helped. Again use the term Monday Morning Quarterback Graham two and now. What. These go what's happened in three looked at. License shackled mr. walker. Through drug and firearms so much sir what are what are revealed. That these things could have been better. But you have to understand the volume of these things whose call about people lives are forced on this date that they take up. So you know reading it wrong what mongers and this is it's so. And that part of it on the email lot of statements he talks about for quite a bit. This was not to record users who don't see in this. There was no real there was no car stopped that would not be of that nature this was something that was dog under the auspices of Oreo prosecutor as well so peace and really it's who spoke to repeat. About things happen and more that he and one was don't ever to a short form later. Good morning hours of my biggest issue with the buyer Pittsburgh. And I I want to ask you more about that search warrant in this case but Sonya first sergeant Mattingly says that. This case is different from drug Floyd different from them on our Brady says this is not at all about race and he points the fact that in this case. The cops were shot at first so do you put this case in a different category. I do not. It lesson is absolutely about race when the majority and no knock warrants in this country are his own drug investigations in black communities please know that this is something that has been accepted for years. And those black people are really expect it to. As to that type of aggressive policing behavior and you know really there's nothing in place not even canceled train that allows people to protect their homes. Why their bodies in this particular case means some people say all of the convergence a Malia question events should. Local was in half in his home with his girlfriend but he had no right to protect himself from this entry. And and robber on that note in this case has sparked a lot of conversation about no knock warrant especially because. Bring on a boy from Kenneth walker says he fired that shot because he didn't know it was the cops at the door. Now you have Mattingly saying we should have identified ourselves more clearly. But instead that they should've gone in faster with less warning that Rihanna Taylor would still be alive if they hadn't knocked is that your take away. This could she conjecture on the part of the Sargent possible court knows what will have a choice so I don't know if that's true and I do know that this was not this was the studio because it is just this house and not a by location. And I think we're really ago when you look at these things incidents that you could tragic and every sense everything went wrong here respect the mr. walker gives of our yup very yard. Credible hearted. When he said that he didn't know what was gonna believe this is a burden that the think that way he's defending is always someone would hear so a lot of miscommunication here. They couldn't do not so much. And son in the interview Mattingly also talks about criminal profiling vs racial profiling. It's his description reliable tear that you can. Baby yet we're rich reading ins is in danger as ward is right there. But the difference is when you search your racial bias a group of people. People into your decision making when you see black people is. And perhaps committing the most conch as being our return as a drug problems in your jurisdiction she do you pulled naturally lean more heavily armed black people weather is warranted and Nash and that's what that she means he is really complain about. I demonizing. George Floyd acting is murdered in this video. With Sargent meddling is racist should use single word solid in his email was racist that is racial profiling and it is very real. Essence it to both of you know we're now less than two weeks away from a presidential election social justice and police reform. Have been top of mind for awhile now. What can leaders do to really change and improve police relations. With the communities they serve because ultimately you want everybody to be able to go home to their families at the end of the night so Robert I'll start with you what do you think is to happen big issues to make real change here. Don't think you need more transparency come fuel oil pool for whatever reason this what wasn't really an ounce. And region immediacy at least the results is hard to guns were shot and shot someone. To legally back out to community lose couldn't stop misinformation. So Ria platforms that wasn't important city. That's not sources told us that lets you know should happen or who didn't happen. So and also build and build trusted community we're doing this forever walk and it's something that you should never walk away. You continue to do explain our actions explain that violence. We're or policing. Precision bullies and I'll bet this is important to do. To understand or let people know exactly what we do tricks and that's what's important. And that's who we should retort he actually industry's exploited procedures and have the beautiful brook country. Sonia. So I think that elected political leaders initiated a lawsuit asks they gives the community the equity that they want in law enforcement. Police leaders who can find some honesty ethics encouraged to halt police officers accountable and our national elected leader. Can stop fanning the flames of racial animus and violence and the people can vote. Then they will look Election Day less than two weeks away now and this is sure to be. One of the big topics as we near thank you both of you for your time this morning we appreciate it thank you for duke. And a few more things to know before you go a historic moment in space that lasted. Only five seconds four years after the NASA spacecraft Osiris Rex launched with a touch and go mission it has finally landed. On the venue asteroid collecting a sample of the asteroid this president candy bar. It almost immediately taking off again that quick. Galactic type five of sorts it's the first time that samples from an asteroid have ever been collected Osiris Rex will be back hurts in 20/20 three. The LA Dodgers beat the Tampa Bay Rays eight tip three last night in game one of the World Series left handed ace Clayton Kershaw struck out eight. Batters only allowing two hits and one walk. The Dodgers now lead one to zero in the best of seven series games you this tonight. We have to say this picture of a baby caught on camera at a Wal-Mart muttered check it out of five landfills here is not lively snapped this photo. They hugged gave employees there a good laugh thank you dividends and then leave for putting a smile on cholera cases without one. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us. I remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis we'll see right back here at 11 AM eastern.

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