ABC News Live Update: Ruth Bader Ginsburg to be 1st woman to lie in state in Capitol

Plus, the CDC reverses their guidance on the spread of COVID-19, and Tropical Storm Beta makes landfall in Texas.
24:39 | 09/22/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Ruth Bader Ginsburg to be 1st woman to lie in state in Capitol
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for came in with us in today's update the CDC is changing its guidance again this time. On how coated nineteen spreads in doors. And whether it can transmit farther than sixty. But the agency saying now as the US nears 200000. Jets. Also ahead the Louisville police department is awaiting an announcement about the investigation into the death of Rihanna Taylor. Taylor was shot and killed by police to her home in March its will be officers involved face charges of our team is and move them. And we're on board one of the world's biggest cruise ship as it set sail again after pausing operations because of the pandemic. We have a first look at the precautions in place to try to keep passengers safe and the changes they're making the effect. We begin with the late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg memorials are growing outside the Supreme Court. Tomorrow her casket will arrive at the supreme court for a private ceremony. Until then Lyon were pose outside the court where the public can pay their respects. Then on Friday justice Ginsburg will become the first woman to lie in state at the capitol. I was just 42 days to go until Election Day the fight over filling her seat is intensifying. President Chubb says he plans to name his pick later this week our senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce has the latest. Resident comes over night at a rally in Ohio relishing the opportunity to fill another seat on the Supreme Court. Ortiz who would like to see hey. Woman. Justice of the supreme girl. Who would like to see. They've Mae Allen yes this of those brave. He's already promised it will be a woman and he is expected to announce his decision at the end of this week. This morning the president narrowing his choice between these five. Sources tell ABC any Tony's air is a leading contender and that she met with the president in person yesterday describing it as a quote very good conversation. A former clerk for justice Antonin Scalia is she's a devout Catholic backed by religious conservatives and anti abortion activists. Also high on the list Barbara let go of former Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court born in Miami her parents fled Castro's Cuba. They left Cuba without anything presentation. Will be a strong work ethic and your desire to seek sealed. And teens are mountains and that they instant mobile. Picking her could help the president politically in a must win state of Florida. This morning it looks likely Republicans will have the votes to confirm trumps nominee now that two key Republicans senators Cory Gardner in Chuck Grassley have announced they will support a vote. Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham vowing to forge ahead even with Election Day looming. We've got the votes to confirm the judge. The justice on the floor of the senate before the election and that's what's coming. It's a complete turnaround from what he said and when he sixteen when Graham promised Republicans would not take up a Supreme Court vacancy in an election year no matter watt. If there's a Republican president in 2016 in a vacancy occurs and the last year of the first term you can say Lindsey Graham says let's let the next president who it wherever it might be. Make that nomination and you could use my words against mean you'd be absolutely right. Republicans refused in funny sixteen to even consider president Obama's pick to fill justice scalia's seat. Nine months before Election Day. But Republican leader Mitch McConnell insists this time is different because unlike inch when he sixteen now the senate and the White House are both controlled by the same party. Democrats are accusing Republicans of playing pure politics. Why not just come to the floor and say I'm going to do what's ever best for my political party. Consistency be damned reason be damn democracy be damned just admit it. It was reportedly justice Ginsburg's dying wish that she not be replaced until after the election. But president trump says he doesn't buy that implying that it was made up by Democrats. I don't know that you said that there was desperate that by Adam means and Schumer and Pelosi. But Ginsburg's granddaughter telling the BBC she recorded that last wish her self. I asked Terry if that. There was at any being she wanted to say eight to work. The pop lake to anyone that was an already out there and death she said there was she said to. My most shirt and wish is that I will not be replaced. Until a new president is. Installed. Now all Democrats have very little power here they are going to make this fight all about the issues that are at stake they say. The Affordable Care Act and protections are people with preexisting conditions. Are on the line with the court sent to your challenge that could invalidate the largest one week after the election also looming several abortion case is likely bound for the court. And the possibility. Of a contested presidential election. Diane right a lot of the balance there Mary Bruce in Washington Forrest thanks Mary. And today is national voter registration day and didn't endemic voting this year may work a bit differently than usual are dev environment a team of legal volunteers helping boaters navigate new election rules. And procedures. So Chris at this would be the nerve center of the election protection hotline in an ordinary election. Kid and an ordinary election but these are not ordinary times. The voter call center at the lawyers committee for civil rights under law is normally buzzing as we saw back in twenty do you let this is where. Thousands of volunteers this season election season are fielding phone call seven days a week take a look into 98. Grab anybody crying about it. In twenty Swanee with a tidal wave of voting changes caused by covic the virtual hot line is busier than ever before Bristol Clark who oversees the program is one of the nation's top nonpartisan election borders now. We tend to get a lot of calls from black voters from Latinos and native American voters. We've gotten calls and that. Tens of thousands. And we definitely seen a shift we definitely are getting. More calls from people who are trying to figure out how to vote absentee for the first time. Nadine mom premiere is working nightly shifts from her Brooklyn apartment and going to keep you. How little she can to what a remote hotline looks like I have my last time and I have my monitor here. Won't call a hotline and we're not only warning we are very focused on what he certainly why do you call RD Holland student. Find out if you read this are you calling. Because you patent it's what the whole aren't you calling them an alternate. What are some of the biggest concerns you're hearing right now from voters. People safe in limbo for all but let's say you voted for the let's say that you decided not about it money pit bull that. We tracked the Brothers believes that kind of but it's pretty funny but that's me or your local I'll play well actually the Google chief Bob. People at the polls because that's what elect. Six states have so called use it or lose it laws to cancel registrations of inactive voters. All states are required to clear out voters who have died moved or otherwise become ineligible at least seventeen million people removed from state registration lists between 2016 and twenty T alone. Advocates say making sure your registration is up to date an active as a key step to take right now. The times folks you'd think about it a little bit too late in the game and so what's good this year is that we have had a lot of calls. Early you need to answer registration deadlines. Voter advocates are confident historic surge in mail ballots this year can produce a fear election outcome. Many worry that some voters might miss out this year we're encouraging people to not so much stink about November 3 it's Election Day. It really think about October adds election season. And Devin joins me now for more on this dead and I know you've been on this for us because it is a complicated issue with a lot of different parts to it so aside from making sure that your registration is acted as you said in the piece what else. Our experts encouraging voters to do to prepare. Yes so much information to take in this year Diane and in addition. Two making sure your registered which everybody should do today on this national registration day these. Advocates we talked to sit to make up plan our old routines for voting that things have come to over rely on simply. Are going to apply this year so even if you've been following the headlines come up with a concrete plan today those deadlines can catch up bomb on you. You can go to vote dot org which is terrific nonpartisan website which can direct you to what's going on in your state if you're planning to vote by mail. No the deadline for repressing that absentee ballot if you're gonna vote early. No which locations near you will do that now and what the hours are in if you're gonna show up on Election Day. Know where your polling place is maybe it's one of those voting supercenters. Noted bring a mask all of that will require a little bit about your planning this year Diane and so all of us today. Should make a plan. During seven to our force in Washington thanks DeVon picked. And the CDC is again reversing course after issuing new guidance on cove in nineteen this time on how it spreads. Meanwhile cases are on the rise and at least 33 states as we approach 200000. Deaths here in the US Tonya Imus has the latest. This morning cogan confusion the CDC reversing new guidance on how the corona virus spreads indoors. On Friday the agency posting new guidelines suggesting Copeland nineteenth can transmit more than six feet. Like in choir practice restaurants and work out classes and that ventilation indoors is key. Aligning with information medical experts like doctor Anthony fellow chiefs have been talking about. If you have any degree. Aris civilization. Where the air is being circulated. Didn't make sense to assume they've got is a much greater risk. And if you are outside. But those guidelines removed from the CDC's web site Monday morning. How worst later this CDC seen the guidelines were early draft posted by mistake. Rumor review. Ordered up it can possibly be transmitted from. Through the airborne route but that this is not the main mode of transmission that the main motor transmission remains close exposure within that six foot. Circumference of a person's shoes contracted. On Monday with the US approaching that horrific milestone of 200000 deaths linked to the virus Jill flooded a attacking the president for how he's dealt with the pandemic Paulo's life. Donald Trump has been bailout. Freddie problem we face. We're just crisis a real crisis to crisis is required serious presidential leadership. He just wasn't up to you froze. He failed to act you can. And America's favorite worst price of any nation in the world. Overnight out of growth on a Virginia downplayed the danger but it affects. Virtually nobody answered it's an amazing thing that president troll trying to limit the scope with the flow risk even to Americans -- all leeches have been infected that affects elderly people elderly people with heart problems and other problems. If they have other problems that's what it really affect. The president's comments come as the bull I risk refuses to let up. Hospitalizations. Help in seventeen states and debts increasing in more than a dozen states plus DC and Puerto Rico. Among those dying from the virus 44 year old Amanda boo few a mother of two from Alaska. Her partner Scott says people need to take to buy risk seriously. I can't imagine 200000. Families don't do what I'm going through right now. This is mind boggling. Did you have to have been this way. This CDC say once a vaccine is approved they'll roll it out through distribution centers not from your clinics or from your doctor they also say children will not be the first in line because the vaccine right now. Is not being tested on kids. Diane Karen good to know Tommy honest forest thank you Tom. And Louisville's police department has declared a state of emergency ahead of an expected decision on the Rihanna Taylor case. Taylor was shot and killed by police in her home in March sparking nationwide protests. Any day now the state attorney general is expected to announce whether four officers will be charged. As we learn more officers are now under investigation. ABC's Alex Phares is in Louisville with more. New this morning a total of six loophole much a police officers are now under disciplinary investigation in the shooting death of Rihanna Taylor the six include three officers were part of an ongoing criminal investigation as well as three other officers who were also involved in the rated. When the fatal search warrant was initiated the review could result in disciplinary action or even termination. Well look transparency. We want the truth we're out of trailers day. Should not be swept under the road isn't any way. This news comes as a city way to separate announcer from Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron sometime this week on possible criminal charges against the officers. Whose city is now bracing for possible under wraps. On Monday the police chief declaring a state of emergency canceling days off. And vacation requests to make more officers available it was back in March when the 26 year old EMT was shot and killed by police. Executing a no knock search warrant in the middle of the night at her apartment. Officers were looking for drugs that were not there. We aren't as boyfriend who told investigators he did not hear the cops announce themselves. Fired shots from his legally owned gun. An officer was injured. Announced Frist joins me now from Louisville Alice what's it like they're right now with this announcement pending. Payday and there's definitely a sense of anxiety in the air officials here overnight announced they were going to limits traffic intake into the downtown area where did take a look behind me here. You can see there are barricades here that are sort of blocking. Several of the main thoroughfares into the downtown square area and take a look a number of business isn't like this already had barricaded. Preparing for any possible decision in this case at this point as you heard me say just a few seconds ago it's unclear when exactly we'll find out but. Judging by all of this in judging by how authorities are warning the public to prepare it seems that it is eminence Diane. And now it's this decision that's expected it's a grand jury's decision how does that process work. Yet then you know the local prosecutor here recuse himself and that's when the attorney general took over this case and as happened did many controversial cases a grand jury will decide whether. To charge these officers are not whether an indictment will be filed. And a grand jury requires a majority be not a unanimous decision and also a grand jury it really it's kind of hard to pinpoint when exactly we'll hear that decision because. They can take as much time as they need to review evidence elicited testimony and then. Reach a decision and so that's where it out right now authorities seem to think that grand jury could be reaching a decision very soon. And Allen's Greta Taylor Stanley also reached a settlement with the city and that wrongful death lawsuit and that settlement include a commitment to police reforms what's the latest on that. Yeah it was a record breaking of the settlements a Diane twelve million dollars and it included several police reforms. Including drug tests the random drug tests her police officers and also an incentive to get police officers to live in the global area but. We're gonna Taylor's family her mother has made it very clear that that money that settlement is not what they are after they say when they want to in this case is it just this. Perhaps and that just this release a decision on it could happen very soon. Diane drew. Right we'll wait and see Alex president of oak forest thanks Alex. And one of the world's largest cruise ships is setting sail again after pausing operations due to the pandemic. ABC news got an exclusive look at all the new pandemic precautions in place. And what passengers have to say Maggie really has the details for us from Naples Italy. This morning an exclusive look inside what could be the future of cruising world. While shifts in the US wait for the new sales order to end all eyes are on the and the scene grandiose one of the world's largest cruise ships now back on the high seas off the coast of Italy. With that was against the passengers on board and strict new safety protocols in place. Some of my friend saw him on to worrying them. You wearing masks all the tie and doesn't have weird but we got cruising and it's. It's where a good year. The new rules start before you're even allowed to board. Everyone is tested myself included at least once by the cruise line the crew was tested at least three times before flying to the departure of port and arrival and again after a fourteen day. To make all of this work the company had to buy new Covert testing machines and they say they intact. Up at 300 people and our happened after about an hour we can't eat a little clear so we got in about look in the state. Should face masks and social distancing is mandatory that all public areas these bracelets that you normally Wear on a cruise ship are now being used for contact tracing. Medical facilities on board have been upgraded with extra bed to leaders doctors and isolation units. Today's voyage feels like another world compared to just months ago. The cruise industry brought to a halt the corona virus outbreaks and dozens of ships. On the diamond princess more than 700 people were infected and thousands were stranded onboard for weeks and get seem to be embracing this new normal. Getting concerned that the birthday even leaning on cold insecure shore excursions. So we needed to keep there our economy going we need to keep bad note my life going but we need to be safe. So it's a profit below that then it's that we win this but everybody. Maggie really joins us live now from Naples Maggie what Amir we'll. I know that's not bad day and can't get easy to see that's Mount Vesuvius right behind us. A moment about four to wake up to I'm not jealous at all it's totally five. Magnetic Zion hit that crew members and passengers are tested. A repeatedly it seems. How level of testing working out. Well then that's isn't interesting at the scene behind me of people lounging poolside prodded us pretty jarring if you're watching in America but. This is only possible because of that universal testing right now we're essentially on this massive kind of floating state social bubble is one of the largest in the world because. Every single person you see here myself included have tested negative for corona virus before getting on this ship can't feel it has at least once the crew was tested at least three times. And die yet it seems to really be working so we cannot about two days ago in general and we were able to board but at least two people that also got tested that day tested positive for corona virus and so both of them as well as for the people they were traveling with. We're denied boarding so they're you have an example of why testing works they would've found this cruise with us otherwise. And instead they weren't allowed to board. And I get no a lot of things despite changes are still open gyms a spot the casinos etc. So how are they making sure all those spaces are sort of clean and as safe as possible. Can't think to question and because testing is just one part. Of these safety measures they have they a large multi facet of safety plan also includes things like. Face mask their mandatory social distancing is mandatory in any public areas also. Enhanced cleaning that happened as well the air system is all fresh nothing is were circulated so. They're taking they've fairly strict an extreme measure to try to make sure people feel safe. But also have a good time so freezes and a tipping people always ask me Matt. Our buffets and offshore excursions so that the fate is actually one open down below us right now but no one can. Certainly assert themselves everyone has to be serve so if you want a glass of water. Someone gives you that glass of water salt and pepper shakers they give you those as wells are trying to to minimize social contact Imation that everything is his touch with contacts list. And for those offshore excursions and you leave the boat. Those are actually still allowed but if you leave about if you go into Naples right now the bubble comes with you so you stay in an exclusive social bubble the only people figure with on board and everywhere you come into contact with like a tour guide or driver. They've been tested also so is his new type of almost. Clean travel Diane where you're in a bubble here and if you leave your stealing the bubble. Those restrictions might have kept me from having ten servings of the last that they I went to monikers that Maggie maybe they could he indicated. Your waistline is now. In terms of that some of these restrictions. If this looks appealing personal at this looks appealing to Americans his right now US cruise ships are an operating cat Americans getting in on a cruise ship like the one that you're on in Naples. And could this set a precedent if it works for the US cruise industry to open up. Held out author the bad news unfortunately if you live in America. You cannot come on this cruise ship and like you mentioned cruising is right up blocked off the coast of the US but for gunning it to the good news because this is hopefully a test case Timothy grandiose as hoping to prove that. Look at what they've been doing and they've been sailing for where in their six week and it's been successful so far as they wanna show that if you put these strict safety protocols into place. You can crew safely so MSC cruises as well with others in the industry. Are right now talking with the CDC and they're trying to. Prove them showing them that if you follow strict safety protocols people can crew safely. So they are hoping to bring cruising to Americans Sampson and you can join me next time I'll meantime Florida. Okay there Lacey Maggie always so great looking at the bright side Maggie thank you friend and each guy he can enjoy EC NN. Until more sad news tropical storm beta made landfall overnight in Texas and heavy rain and damaging winds have caused some dangerous conditions there. Parts of the Houston metro area are flooding this morning and officials warn. They expect some more flooding to come. Also the famous fearless girl statue in downtown New York is paying tribute to the late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The center got an RVG inspired make over over the weekend now sporting a white lace collar. The fearless girl has been standing in the financial district lower Manhattan since international women's day in 2017. Governor Cuomo has also announced a new statute justice Ginsburg we'll be erected in her native Brooklyn. And luxury fashion brand Gucci is selling general overall for a total of fourteen hundred's with quake story. Grass stains. Big time fashion house is also selling a 12100 dollar pair of jeans that are treated for a stained like distressed effects. Or pleading does have a meal at my son there are plenty of stains to go around in our house. And that does it for this ABC news live update I'm Diana Seau thanks for joining us. I remember ABC news live this year for you all day with the latest news context and analysis to see you right back here at 11 eastern.

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