ABC News Live Update: Trump suggests blocking USPS funding to stop mail-in votes

Plus, some of the most popular restaurant chains could face bankruptcy and inside the U.K.’s first socially distanced venue.
20:35 | 08/14/20

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Trump suggests blocking USPS funding to stop mail-in votes
Good morning I'm Diane Macedo thanks for screening with us. In today's up David Wright controversy this morning after president trump said he's fighting new stimulus money for the Postal Service. Part of the moneys intended to help with mail in voting now Joseph Biden is calling out the president saying he's trying to undermine the election with just 81 days to go. Also ahead the new report about restaurants facing bankruptcy. By the problem is now going beyond small businesses and hitting some of America's biggest restaurants. And a new look for concerts the first official socially distance venue has opened in the UK and images of its first concert are going viral you can see people spaced apart sitting on individual platforms. Though is this the future of live music. But we begin with some disturbing numbers on the corona virus the CDC now says by Labor Day 200000. People in the US could be dead from the virus. Overnight California became the first state with more than 600000. Cases. This as the presidential candidates battle over how to handle code that Joseph Biden says every governor should immediately institute a three month mass mandate. A president trump says that's an overreach. Coleman on campus as students start arriving in college. The finding very different scenes than usual from new set ups to virtual classes. And in one case even controversial waivers Trevor alt is at Rutgers University with more. Large move in day is looking very different this year. Penn State is still prepping for its false start ordering staggering amounts of PPE one and a half million surgical masks 33000. Bottles of hand sanitize her but the university is under fire for asking it's nearly a 100000 students decide what critics are calling all liability agreement reading in part quote I assume any and all risk of exposure to Kobe nineteen that may result from attending Penn State and I acknowledge that exposure or infection may result in personal injury illness permanent disability or death. Penn State says that document was only meant to acknowledge the school's guidelines it has since changed the language telling ABC news it is not a legal agreement and was never intended as such. At other schools with a move in has already started or. I'll for students like silly young it's not quite what they imagined. Harris but there repealing lots of people every rare in your repeated time where you got to meet a lot of different people. End in his leg when a different as a freshman at North Carolina ENT state shall have four virtual classes and only one in person than I was wearing my mask and my every time I remain and I come back in your expression Holmgren let his. California's west month college where the cafeterias already fitted with plexiglass the 12100 students hoping to move into dorms will be randomly tested for Kobe throughout the year with a limit of two people Peru important he doesn't drive me crazy does Hasselbeck pending home. A hotel room is serving as the dorm for mirror in Forbes's sophomore at New York skewed more college she's in the midst of a fourteen day quarantine after traveling from California but she'll live at the hotel the entire semester. I think overall it's gonna be much safer and more convenient than lending in the dorms. Especially in terms of current because I will have my own bathroom that I don't have to share of the roughly five other people on my floor. A Notre Dame university resume classes on Monday and according to the student newspaper already at least eleven students have tested positive. With most of those cases tied to a single gathering in a crowded area where no one was wearing masks. Diane. Hey issuers so much in dorm life Trevor hard to imagine doing that and a pandemic banks cholesterol from Rutgers University. Now delve a little deeper into the growing controversy over the US Postal Service talking to Fox Business yesterday president trump. Had this to say about why the White House and Democrats are deadlocked on a stimulus package. They won three and a half million dollars. War who something's got to turn out to be fraudulent does so election money basically they won three and a half tritium billion dollars. Swore. Demand went about such a universal mail in ballots so their church they won 25. Billion dollars billion for the postal system they need that money in order out of ourselves as work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots out. It we don't make a deal that means you don't get that money that means they can't have. Universal mail in voting. They just get out that. You know this crazy thing. ABC's Devin Dwyer has been reporting on this and he joins me now I DeVon there's a lot of outraged about this. But I want to clarify its heat troops saying that he's trying to block the Postal Service from being able to deliver mail in voting or is he using this as leverage for a. Stimulus deal. So while there are a lot of claims flying here Diana here's the bottom line despite the president's warnings there's no evidence right now that the post office can't handle the volume. In mail ballots than this this fall the postal workers union told me. I just this week that they think that the mail election mail this this fall will be a cakewalk the president's own about postmaster general. Is breaking with the president he says they can handle this just final delivered on time. Whether or not they get that money the president's talking about so it's not clear Diane. How much of this is leverage for these negotiations but one thing we do know the president. I seems to believe deeply contrary to any evidence that mail in voting only helps Democrats even though that's just simply not true. And general would have brought concerns a president and that same interview references issues with mail in voting in North Carolina New Jersey. And Virginia what are we know about these cases and should we be worried. Well mail in voting can be messy we've seen it happen. There can be delivery delays erroneous absentee ballot applications landing that was what the president was referring to in Virginia. Hot a lot of ballots thrown out in the primary in New Jersey this year because signature matches. I didn't hold up these things happen every year and there's no evidence here Diane at the case is the president mentioned. Amounted to fraud election officials though I talked to say. They remind us there's potential for fraud and every form of voting every year there are isolated cases. But there are verification procedures in place in every single state. ID requirements you have to send in a photo copy you have to check the signature win the ballots are received back. And of course in and there are our witness signatures and number of states so it's much more difficult. To vote fraudulently in some might make it seem. And I know that you spoke to be president of the American postal workers union I want to play a clip of what he told you. We handle on the average almost 500 million. Pieces. It's routine to do national mail this is not a question of capacity. It's not a question of of any fraud it's a question of how fast the mail moves through the system. So DeVon he felt confident on capacity and security but not so much on timing how important is that. He and timing is critical died in most states believe it or not ballots that are received after Election Day. Are not counted even if their post man postmarked. Before the election so as. Advocates say they're biggest worry though right now is actually be staffing and operational changes that are good are underway at the post ads as an overhaul. Taking place right now at the post office being put in place by president Trump's own postmaster general. And one of the nation's top election lawyers told me I just yesterday she's very concerned about that tickle us. We are hearing complaints from virtually every part of the country. That people are not getting their ordinary mail delivered in time many of these are black voters Latino voters and other voters of color who had been disparate. Fortunately hard hit. By the pandemic and want the option to vote by mail into thousands wanting. This. Overhaul. People are complaining that it's causing these delays so why do this now knowing the election is right around the corner he Jack and that's a question to and that members of both parties on Capitol Hill here in Washington are asking some are calling for an investigation. Why overhaul the post office right now just weeks before the election. The post office tells us these delays are temporary they're part of these changes don't go away they say there's no deliberate. Top political intent to slow down ballots but here's the bottom line if you want to vote by mail this fall you can request your ballot. Right now and advocates say you should do that right now when it comes in the mail in September October. Go right away don't wait until the last minute Diane. Right good advice DeVon we appreciate you breaking it down force thanks. Israel and the United Arab Emirates have agreed to a historic deal to normalize diplomatic relations. President trump touted the landmark agreement yesterday saying in a joint statement with the leaders of Israel and the UAE that. This is a breakthrough that would quote advance the peace in the Middle East region. In panelists in London with the yeah good morning Dan. So what exactly is in the deal and how important is it to peace in the Middle East. I mean I think it is important the president described as historic and obviously we're just gonna have to wait to find out whether or not just Jay z.'s imports in the least because this is only the third. Arab country to agree to normalize ties. We've Israel this is cool stuff to Egypt. And then Jordan so in that context it potentially stars to reshape. Relations in the Middle East which him. Long been defined by enmity between the Arabs and the Israelis. Now pulse of this of course is tied. To relations with Iran why because tensions between a lot of the countries in the gulf light the United Arab Emirates the UAE. And Iran are high which is why people are thinking maybe Bahrain may be a man may be other countries in the gulf. May also sign comes to some kind of deal. Where they is Ralph now this is good for the Israeli prime minister he's got a shaky coalition government he's also good for the president president trump. Be physical C allows him to declare some kind of foreign policy victory ahead of November's election. Forty isn't that the moments is that historic Middle East peace plan that he's been promising companies is important nevertheless. In president trump calls this a historic peace agreement but the leader of the UAE calls it road map is that an important distinction. Yeah and I and therein lie some of the tension how would you sell its domestic claiming clearly there will be a lot of anger it already is a lot of manga. Not just in the Arab world but elsewhere about the idea of some kind of dates home between countries in the Middle East and I've overwhelmingly Muslim countries. And Israel. Because of the history in the region we've already seen present to one of Turkey talk you met with soaring I'm fastest cutting off relations. With the United Arab Emirates Iran has reacted angrily. Describing it isn't it deal take. A deal between the two we seem to amass an Islamic Jihad to. Gruesome prescribed as terrorist organizations by the US government. Also reacts angrily and we'll probably see the same from has below are in Lebanon. So in some senses it kind of stoke some of the tension that. You have. Different countries have to play today different domestic audiences settings very interesting that the hammer artsy ruler has been. Playing this in a very different light from president trump and prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. But I think if they get together at the whites has pretentious sometime before November and Sundays he still hope we will see them on television and the proof of the putting will be anything in this world. Right well we'll see in I also want to move overdeveloped roost thousands have been arrested there in an election protests. What's happening. I mean astonishing scenes of people who don't know bella Roos is Europe's last dictatorship think the Cold War. Certainly think the Soviet Union this is a as a country that does have elections just had an election. But the same man Alexander. Lukashenko. Has won six times just won his sixth consecutive election he's been in power for more than 25 years it's a brutal. All authoritarian dictatorship. I think it's ruled with a role DeVine the what's happened is a number of opposition candidates who rested before the election and the wife of one of them stood as a candidate she was at any given time to send to the final count of the votes. The sitting president's amazingly gulf AC presents of the votes. And that seemed to set forced a whole series of events with protest was seen general strikes we seem people beaten and detained accusations of soldier. Now the leader of opposition who had to go into hiding. In neighboring Lithuania is now calling for mass protest over the weekend. And you shouldn't forget what it takes in a country like not to go arts onto the streets and demand Joseph writes this isn't like we Sorin Ukraine is seen loading what we Sorin Hong Kong. This is a country that is ruled. Roof they since you go rats onto the streets and demand Joseph rice and call for change. Risks imprisonment will Reeve on words and that's what we're seeing this could great could be we're not back yet there could be the starts in the town full of Europe's last dictatorship. And the overthrow of one of the world's most notorious strongman. Right big news in panel in London we appreciated in thanks. In Southern California thousands of homes aren't dangerous wildfires there keep turning. The fires have already scorched more than 141000. Acres firefighters trying to get this under control. Well car is near lake Hughes with the latest. Overnight California ignited claims is more wildfire spreads. State. This morning flames are burning out of control smoke is billowing in smothering the air helicopters swooping in trying to cut off the flames path. The lake fire is burning just outside of Los Angeles. I got a car. It was so hot from a play's been around me I thought I was gonna blow tires so far the virus scorched more than 111000 acres. Thousands of homes and businesses are still threatened to others have already been destroyed the neighbor's house was already engulfed when I left and in his use a California please turn forcing evacuations for locals as these dangerous fires burned through thousands of acres. Heading into the weekend firefighters say they're facing some of the most dangerous fire conditions they say they've ever seen as record heat scorched as the southwest. And will Carr joins us now for more on this really talked a little bit about the weather conditions and other contributing to this how is that expected to move on going forward. Well Diane as you know these fires are just moving so fast these days and they're burning so hot burning trucks just like this check out what's left. Of the engine block this solid piece of aluminum. We're add the lakes fire which is burning handful of homes in this area including the one behind me. If you take a step up here you can see all that's left in that devastation. As that charred refrigerator up there. In the middle this is one of a number of fires that's broken out here in Southern California over the past 48 hours. And they're all being pushed by mother nature's triple threat that was whipping winds the low humidity and the scorching temperatures. Today's gonna be hot again and we're expecting temperatures well above a hundred degrees throughout the week den which is bad news for fire crews. All across the state Diane. It sure is and will this is still early in wildfire season series isn't isolated in sinner desist service kind of a warning. Of what's to come. Definitely. The latter a warning were only in August think about this here in California in recent years we've had both the deadliest and the most destructive fires those fires did not come until November and December so we still have a long way to go to die. I will car for us from California we appreciate it we'll thanks. And some of the most popular restaurant chains in the country could be on the verge of going broke according to a new report six big names including Denny's and Applebee's are facing bankruptcy because of the pandemic. Rebecca Jarvis is here explain why and what happens next Rebecca good morning. Diana is an uphill battle and daily struggle for restaurants right now. In the wake of this pandemic not only are there costs going up their food costs are rising just like you see them going up. At the grocery store. Restaurants are having to pay those additional cost for the air food. In addition with social distancing measures they're not getting the foot traffic their accustomed to and the US consumer. Facing huge unemployment more than 10% of Americans out of work. Millions not dealing with the same financial situation that they were pre pandemic restaurants are facing all of those challenges. And more than 161000. Of them have now permanently closed since March. And a number more are potentially at risk of that you have a new report from as some key global market intelligence suggesting that a handful of restaurants if their finances were to deteriorate including the Cheesecake Factory Outback Steakhouse. And Danny's. Could potentially. Face failure and we've already seen choices being made by these major restaurant chains from TGI Friday's I hop. Closing at least a handful of locations in the wake of this pandemic in an effort. To cut some of those costs because Cox there was rent prices. There was food prices are the one thing. That is completely out of their control right now and they are trying as hard as they can to get things back on track. We know what's happening to all of the small companies out there the mom and pop restaurants let's also hitting the big chains Diane. All right Rebecca Jarvis thanks and a few things to know before you go we're getting our first look at what the future of live music might look like. The first officially socially distance venue in the UK has opened. And images of its first concert. Are going viral when he 500 fans receded on 500 separate elevated platforms each space six feet apart. I'm holding no more than five people. Concert goers were also asked to Wear masks and not mingle between sections. Meanwhile Hollywood is slowly starting to make a comeback drastic world dominion is one of the first major studio films to restart production since the pandemic started. Bryce Dallas Howard one of the stars from the movie shared some behind the scenes look. From London women Wear this that is. There are regular temperature checks vacuum sealed meals and what's known as a Green Zone. Which is an area reserved for the director cat's in the central through anyone in the Green Zone is tested three times a week. And the sets are sprayed with an anti viral message before every use the movie set to be released next June. And Dennis Quaid is welcoming a new member of the thinly a cat named. Dennis Quaid. The actor and musician found out the cat was up for adoption at a shelter in Virginia and says he just couldn't resist. In an interview Quaid says that he quote it out to save all the Dennis claims of the world of big congratulation to Dennis Quaid and Dennis play. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and Alison. Up next did you Chang tops the former congresswoman Kay hill who swept into office in the blue wave of when he eighteen but it quickly resign. We will see you right back you're an 11 AM eastern with your headline. Separate.

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