ABC News Live Update: UK becomes 1st nation to approve Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

Plus, how parents can help their kids enjoy the holiday season amid the pandemic, and “Juno” and “The Umbrella Academy" star Elliot Page comes out as transgender.
13:53 | 12/02/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Live Update: UK becomes 1st nation to approve Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine
Good morning I'm that Maceda thanks for streaming with us in today's updating UK is the first country to approve them Pfizer vaccines. It's expected to be distributed there over the next seven days you pay health secretary Matt Kent cuts about to get the vaccine live on TV. To encourage anyone concerned about its safety. And as we await go over the nineteen vaccine approval in the US the CDC panel is now recommending healthcare workers and nursing home residents to first in line. The 49 days to go until the inauguration president elect Joseph Biden will hold a roundtable with workers and small businesses. About the current economic crisis Biden has said his top priority is getting a generous stimulus package through congress even before he takes office. Meanwhile attorney general bill Barr now says the Justice Department has found no evidence of widespread voter fraud. This as a Republican in Georgia secretary of State's office makes complete to the president as election officials there are facing death threats. Stop inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence so much didn't get hurt someone's gonna get shocked some of them to get killed. Meanwhile newly unsealed court documents reveal investigators are looking into an alleged bribery scheme for presidential pardons. The documents accuse lobbyists and attempting to bribe senior White House officials in exchange for pardon. According to the Justice Department no government officials were or are currently the target. Of the program. Sources tell ABC news president trump is considering preemptively pardoning members of his inner circle who have not yet been charged with crimes including potentially members of his own family. And himself. It's unclear if courts would interpret self pardoned by the president's team as constitutional. And there'll be no virtual Oscars and 20/20 one it's a wrap from the academy and ABC tells variety that the show will go on next year's. In person. The actors are slated for April 25 about a month later than usual because of a pandemic sources say pushing the ceremony back could allow more movies to go for Oscar. Goal no word yet on what safety protocols will be in place. And the holidays are looking a little different this year but Santa is still coming to town kids can share their wishes with Santa either virtually or through socially distance measures. Here's Becky whirling with more. Oh. The magic of Christmas brings joy to children everywhere. But this year the pandemic is making things look a little different including Santa himself. Nationwide his elves are coming up with inventive way is for us to still see Chris Pringle. Like his sleigh at the park meadows mall in Colorado and that he succeeded. At bass pro shops they have since it behind Plexiglas and dining and cesium. More than Lincoln park zoo in Chicago where Santa is masked up and taking pictures from a safe six foot distance. Now if you do want an imprisoned visit experts advise checking on Santa status say you usual mall or tree lot. Or you can try where is Santa dot com. And be sure to make reservations whenever possible but if it in person visit is not in the cards there is another rough. Hello hello married for this artists and zoom Santana and I mean nobody understands work from home like this guy. There's create holiday magic dot com offering an interactive experience including a personalized live zoom called the man in the red suit. This story time with sand and even photos with Santa for kids or patents. Yeah yeah. Macy's has a free interactive experience that culminates in a stealthy with Stanton. Her sister's Carly and meg in seen standing in any form isn't thrilled. Me that Lynn land. Am doing and they end game. The Mall of America offering a virtual experience with Santa and his Alps on the candy cane institute at the North Pole. Iron Man whom I couldn name yeah. Their virtual experience wore thin the magic of Christmas persevering through this pandemic. And if kids are worried about Santa's ability to travel on Christmas Eve delivering gifts remember the coat vaccine is just around the corner. And my sources tell me Santa is way up high analysts to get it early. He is an essential worker and he does residing in at communal living space you he lives with elves. So I think Stanton is going. To get that vaccine asap Diane all right that are reporting Becky whirling thank you. And joining me now for more on how to help kids do this holiday season is Valentin development specialist doctor Robin Silberman. Doctor Silberman thanks for being here you know the holidays are supposed to be a time of joy especially for kids but. We know this year is going to be different so what are your top tips for parents with young kids who may be struggling to keep that holiday cheer lives. Well did colony can still be. So enjoy. So don't let. Make sure you and your children and what actually didn't look like even keel. Q how in the sub machine in. Question is Mary went and what do we think you grandma this year Iran not seen arts are what might be really wonderful. Ski. Rainstorm and great ideas and even if he seems silly at first it may even Barry being tax day. And don't yeah. That some joy from getting so what you mean give different this year leading up high on the neighbor's doorstep where and sentenced BlueLinx somebody on Halloween you meet us. On somebody's doorstep. The sum on things you and you this year that would definitely eat all of when he. Love those ideas and let's talk about Santana because that is a big question this year as speculated alluded to. Kids wanna know how Santa's gonna do admit he was recently spotted getting a co lead test. And a drive through centers so good to see he's taking precautions but. How will Santa make it to everyone's home safely this year. I think that's a great question to a cooler again with children they're so creative. Kinds of ideas she gives she can't said that he knows how easy. Half times descendants is at any a return address the north. A UI is a Santa to meet meet begins in a certain place like in a screen didn't porch or someplace where you have a shot but another family if you had Patton exposure how kids are so good ideas. You actually be examined I answer I love next. Year. Out one would help she fantasy. And she magic. A lot of those kids and then this pandemic has taken at all on children's mental health with virtual learning social distance saying you name it so anemic holiday steal more normal for kids or is that not important. Actually so tradition you help ground children. Some of extradition UEG. Live going out see the light and shall. It is also trying to win magic and really had an and you come up with new life he sent me this time you go out her midnight ride around his seat light. Maybe you decorate your cars in the neighborhood and is it that way there are we easy you to celebrate media. Perhaps the idea come this year is very idea at six Trenton next year and the years now since Joseph little a little weak in year tradition to make it work this year and many. We might start some new traditions this year doctor Robert Silverman it's great to have you on thank you. Pleasure. I ask your nominated actor known for playing the role of Juneau in starring Ian Burrell academy has announced he is transgender and is now named Elliot page. Page posted on Twitter that the joy is real but also fragile right now calling attention to the violence. So many trans people face chin a Norman has that story. This week. This morning a Hollywood star sharing a powerful message. Elliott page announcing he's transgender writing I want to share with few that I'm trance my pro announce our heat today and my name is Elliott has and like. The coolest person I never man. And and you don't even have to trying. Page formerly known by the name Allen shot to stardom more than a decade ago king and his Oscar nominated role as this is are you pregnant teen in Juno and unless you know a couple of cautionary went off. Now the 33 year old actor says he is profoundly happy writing. I can't begin to express how remarkable it feels to finally look who I am enough to pursue my authentic self. I didn't know violence. In nineteen now. Age is now starring in the umbrella academy which has just renewed for a third season and hurt he. Netflix which airs the show. Responding to. Announcement on Twitter writing so proud of our superhero we love you Elliott organist see him play totally new characters now. And what's most exciting is under gonna be the ones that he truly deals spit him you know that the ones that he was born to play in not that Hollywood wanted him to. In recent years trans visibility has expanded in Hollywood. Actress Laverne Cox storing and oranges the new black Olympian Caitlin Jenner introducing herself on the cover of Vanity Fair and a hugely popular show pose which centers on transparent durst. Racking up Emmy nods but there's still a long way to go for those living their truth coming out his trans can be dangerous according to the Human Rights Campaign at least forty trans and none pioneering people have been murdered this year alone the majority being trans women of color page revealing he's scared of the hate citing the staggering discrimination and violence trans people face. Writing to all trans people who deal with harassment self loathing abuse and the threat of violence every day. Icu I'd love you and I will do everything I can to change his world for the better page publicly came out his gay and 2014 and has long been a supporter of LG BTQ plus rights. There are days of stereotypes. About masculinity. And femininity that define how are all supposed to act dress and speak and they serves no one. Anyone who defies these so called norms becomes worthy of comment and scrutiny. Page now celebrating his identity supported by his wife and report near who rode on ends are Graham I am so proud of Elliott page Elliott's existence as a gift in an of itself shine on squeaky. Love you so much and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres tweeting sending love to my friend you inspire me with your strength courage and honesty. When somebody like yelling at age that people have respected and admired tree years. Tells them that he's a trash under Carson and call them understand a little bit more about it what it means trans am. Them realize that they are going meeting trench under their real teacher. And that posts now lights nearly two and a half million times Elliott playing out that within the trans community 40%. Of trans adults report attempting suicide but he writes the more I hold myself close in fully embrace who I am the more I dream the more my heart grows and the more I drive Diane. Leading by example there's an eight Norman thank you and now for latest science and technology headlines yours Monaco's are up. Since today's advice short form video streaming service could be as officially shut down. The company had announced plans to close up shop just months after it launched with a one point 75. Billion dollar investment movies creators say the pandemic drastically cut demand for entertainment while out and about. Several Monday was our record setting day customers shelled out nearly eleven million dollars online making it the biggest online shopping day in US history during one hour twelve million dollars were spent every minute. Hot items include apple air pots and my goes that's. And finally new timeline for a landing humans on Mars it comes from Elon Musk he says he is quote highly confident that his company can put humans on the red planet by 20/20 six. And possibly as soon as 20/20 four. Busier tech bytes and I was bleeding artery go up but now I'm I have to check out travel deals on Mars back DO. The sky's the limit motor cars are out do you think. You and that doesn't that is ABC news live update thanks for joining us and I remember ABC news live is here for you all day. With the latest news context and it helps us I'll see you back here 3 PM Easter with Terry Moran for the breakdown. Trader at Enron filed for bankruptcy today. Enron also hit DineEquity Inc. with a ten billion dollar breach of contract Wallace. Guy he backed out of the merger deal last week after Enron.

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{"duration":"13:53","description":"Plus, how parents can help their kids enjoy the holiday season amid the pandemic, and “Juno” and “The Umbrella Academy\" star Elliot Page comes out as transgender.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"74507090","title":"ABC News Live Update: UK becomes 1st nation to approve Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine","url":"/International/video/abc-news-live-update-uk-1st-nation-approve-74507090"}