ABCNL Live Update: Nationwide unrest after grand jury ruling in Breonna Taylor’s case

Plus, President Trump refuses to commit to a peaceful transfer of power and the New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square is going virtual.
15:16 | 09/24/20

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Transcript for ABCNL Live Update: Nationwide unrest after grand jury ruling in Breonna Taylor’s case
Good morning I'm Diana stayed up thanks for standing with us in today's update protests across the country after a grand jury declined to charge three police officers. In the death of Brandon Taylor from our team is in Louisville with a new questions surrounding the case and how Taylor's family is responding. Also ahead president trump is refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power after the election. The sooner does the fall out this morning with the election just forty days away. And annual New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square is going to virtual what that iconic tall drop what looks like when it's time to ring in 20/20 one. We begin with the unrest across the country overnight following that decision and the Rihanna Taylor case a grand jury declined to charge three officers in very honest killing. After she was fatally shot by police in her own home. One officer was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment for firing into a neighbor's apartment. Protesters came out in several major cities most of them peaceful but things didn't get violent and parts of Louisville where at least two officers were shot. Our Alex Perez is there with the latest. Overnight demonstrators taking to the streets in removal clashing with police and setting multiple small fires and smashing a bus stop in the downtown area officers arresting almost a hundred people. At least two removal officers Sean Taiwan undergoing surgery after being struck in his abdomen the other shy and this time. Kentucky governor deploying the National Guard to the city after the mayor declared a state of emergency ordering a 72 hour overnight curfew on mask and everybody please. Go home. The protest coming after a grand jury declined to charge three police officers for killing Rihanna Taylor during a botched raid at her home in March. According to Kentucky law. Use of force by Mattingly in Cosgrove was justified. To protect themselves former officer Brett Hank a sin who was charged with three counts of first degree wanton endangerment. Now for firing the shots they killed Rihanna but instead for recklessly shooting into a neighboring apartment. Hank is in quickly booked and released on 151000 dollars bail this is super imposed from Rihanna sister sister I am so sorry. Protesters on the ground reacting to the grand jury's decision to not charge anyone for re on his death with anger and disappointment. The only words that taxes job. Listen why it's not enough. Many also raising serious questions about the investigation the attorney general saying his investigation found. That the rate was not executed as a new knock warrant as previously reported. From these statements that were made by officers there the night where the morning of march 13. Showed that they did it knock and announce. The important point here is that information was corroborated by another witness who was in close proximity. But there's contradicts officer met in Lee's own account of what happened that night. About the first the first problem Norton I'm accounts. I think after that we did this backed up by Kenneth walker Rihanna has boyfriend he was inside the apartment at the time of the raid in says. That's why he fired a shot in self defense. The attorney general also declined for now to release the grand jury report or even reveal any details about the grand jury itself raising questions about the racial make up of the group that decided to not charge any of the officers with pre on his death grip on his family settled a civil suit with the city just last week and though saying the charges. Fall far short of what constitutes justice. President trump and Joseph Biden reacting to the announcement with very different responses. Brooke. Observers. Really brilliant Kentucky attorney general Daniel. Cameron is doing a fantastic job and he's a star. My heart good after mother. I understand protesters burned they should be peaceful. Do not solid her memory her mother's mind engage in any. An ounce Phares joins me now from Louisville Alex I know it was a long night there what's it like there this morning. Hay Dan I would say things are far from being back. To normal here much of the downtown area some 25 blocks looks like is this is still blocked off by police across town we've seen. National Guard vehicles are moving in and around town authorities here seem to remain in this high alert posture. And there's still a curfew in place for overnight tonight Diane. An ounce we heard in your piece this decision by the grand jury has raised more questions about the investigation and that. No knock warrant what do we know about that and how significant. Smart are these new developments. But that and at what we do know it appears that there's some sort of discrepancy he attorney general says that a civil witnesses told them that they heard police identified themselves but we've heard from other witnesses at the met now. It was not the case we expect all of this. To be part of the ongoing federal investigation federal authorities are. Looking into how exactly that warrant was obtained and whether Rihanna Taylor says civil rights. We're violated. Diane. All right Alex present though the forest thanks Alex. And for more on this decision and joined by mark Claxton a former NYPD detective and the director of the black law enforcement alliance mark good morning thanks for being here. Motives. Saint injured Alex talking about little bills and ban unknown knock warrants after this incident happened in a detective yourself. What do you make of that. And involved in hundreds. No not warrants. So please Gloria. And I say it is clear and editor of course a nation the use. No not warrants being abused by Lawrence course it. This they weren't important we have come to realization. Warren. Applications. Should we deny with the exception of new narrow. List of qualifiers are solely based. Postal personal and preservation of human right. And not warrant shouldn't be used moon or a court order to prevent evidence destruction. It is being limited. It's a minimized the risk of a well established. Evidence based and so offices or civilians and so. The application and approval of the surge or. Patterns of abuse. Based on your lawn forests an experience can you explain why an officer be charged for fire into a neighbor's apartment with no line of sight. But no one charge for firing into Rihanna Taylor's home and ultimately killing her. It's Australia says it is it is what people that been complaining about black people have been complaining about about the value. It's this is this not only civilians and all this is a good she'll lose. Who operate under the color of mullah it's an indictment in this as long black please oh hoods is right Thabeet. The castle doctrine. And a cloud of black people currently. Protection from unreasonable search and seizure amendment that of butter green globe literally. Even. The pool homes. You protect us from her she should killings it's a failure of the system then deputy speaker. It sounds like in this case a lot hinges as Alex said on that question of whether police announce themselves or not it sounds like they have witnessing they did but there's some discrepancy there are so. We know this case is playing out federally now and we'll be keeping an eye on that but I'm curious. Based on what we know now in how this is played out so far at the more local level. Do you think anything needs to change in the judicial process with how these kinds of cases are are conducted. Absolutely there needs to be an increase in transparency. Isn't true identities is in his conversation. Students in different parts of the country and different movements that are all look even this injury supposed to be more open and transparent. It's hard to really handle what would draw insists the men's and I didn't go all because retailers. No one is held accountable for the better it's hard to determine what we're wrong. So secret. We need to. Public open grange route crosses. So you can begin to see our case presented. The devil's in the details you get the alcoholism since you were based on your presentations in the grand jury is considered. Many years ago when judge sol a New York you can exit which you can answer. And shoes. And. In rent former NYPD detective and director of the black law enforcement alliance mark clocks and we appreciate your time this morning thank you. You. And with the election now just forty days away president trump is refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election. Instead he said in a press briefing we are going to have to see what happens ABC senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega has more on the. The stunning exchange from the White House podium came with less than six weeks to go until Election Day. And voting already underway in some states. Will you commit to making sure that there is a peaceful transfer furlough power after the election. We'll have to see what happens you knew that. A first the president of the United States refusing to say outright that he would commit to a peaceful transfer of power. And not once but twice. He comes to making sure hundreds of these little worried at all I have get rid of the ballots and you have a very transfer we'll have a very peaceful. There won't be addressed very frankly they'll be a continuation. President paddling his unfounded claim that voting by mail leads to widespread fraud and there is no evidence of that. This after earlier in the day he said he wants a speedy confirmation for his Supreme Court pick because he expects the High Court to resolve the election outcome. But I think this will. End up in the Supreme Court I think it's very important to have a nine just do as he slips in the polls over his handling of the corona virus. President trump copying his unfounded attacks on the election's integrity. The election his ring did. Democrats are trying to rig this election overnight Joseph Biden. John what country Maria. He says most of rational thing. Bottomless. Not surprisingly. And Republican senator Mitt Rodney tweeting. Any suggestion that a president might not respect this constitutional guarantee is both unthinkable and unacceptable. Just today before the president made this comment his own attorney general bill Barr said what the country has going Ford more than anything else is that peaceful transfer of power. And we should be doing everything to support that confidence. Diane ACLU also weighing in now saying the president's remarks should trouble every American calling a peaceful transfer of power. Essential to a functioning democracy Diane to say Avaya for us in Washington thanks Cecilia. And the president is also questioned the FDA's motives after reports the agency is preparing to announce stricter guidelines for the emergency authorization of a corona virus vaccine. Those could include monitoring volunteers longer which could make it harder to have a vaccine ready before the election. The president says the possible changes seem like a political move and would have to be approved by the White House. The FDA declined to comment on the president's remarks but earlier in the day FDA commissioner Stephen Hahn said the agency. He's being guided by science not politics. Had some encouraging news for teachers and parents and students the Washington Post reports researchers at the university of Minnesota. Found little evidence that the virus is spreading inside school buildings so far although more studies are still needed. Researchers at the university's center for infectious disease research. And policies say that unlike college students outbreaks among children have not been as prevalent as was feared. Now they say it's unclear how much of that is due to policies like mandatory mask wearing. President trump and the First Lady are set to pay their respects to the late justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg this morning as she lies in who oppose outside the Supreme Court. Thousands of mourners have already filed past her casket to honor the liberal icon. Who died last week after 27 years on the court the lines stretched for half a mile even as darkness fell. Earlier the eight remaining justices gathered inside the court for a private ceremony Chief Justice John Roberts described Ginsburg as a fighter a winner and a rock star. Tomorrow justice Ginsburg will become the first woman and first Jewish American to lie in state at the US capitol. Ahead of her burial in a private ceremony next week in Arlington national cemetery. And a few more things to know. Before you go seasonal jobs could provide a boost to more than 29 a million Americans currently out of work. Macy's will host a national holiday hiring event on September 29. To felt when he 5000 full and part time roles across the country and Wal-Mart and FedEx as well as UPS also plan to hire nearly 200000. Workers. As they prepare for an increase in online shopping ahead of the holidays. California is set to become the first state to ban the sale of gas powered vehicles. The governor's van calls for only new electric cars and trucks to be sold in the state by 2035. It's an aggressive move to fight climate change which has been blamed in part for fueling historic wildfires in the west many of which are still burning. And another tradition is going to look at a lot different this year because of the pandemic. New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square is going virtual come to the ball will still drop at the clock strikes twelve but this year Times Square will not be packed with any party yours. Barricades we'll keep the crowds away and festivities will be scaled down and everyone is encouraged to watch and ring in 20/20 one. And a programming note with just over a month until the election ABC news live is launching a new political show. What we will unpacked the issues impacting people across the country I'll be going through with ABC's Terry Moran. Your voice your vote the breakdown starts Monday September 28 at 3 PM eastern right here on ABC news live please join us for that. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diana stayed out remember ABC news live is here's where you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Up next Bob Woodruff with the latest on the race to find a vaccine. We'll see right back here at 11 AM eastern. Six.

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