Afghanistan Suicide Blast: Insurgents Claim Revenge

Militant group says deadly explosion is revenge for anti-Islam movie produced in the U.S.
3:00 | 09/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Afghanistan Suicide Blast: Insurgents Claim Revenge
This is all that's left of the vehicle after today's explosion the engine block of the need to balance -- -- piece of twisted metal. At this explosion happened here it happened fifty feet away -- it was so powerful it left a crater in the ground instead engine block flying here. See how powerful as well take a look at this building behind me -- blew out windows more than 200. Feet away. This all happened this morning when his -- and was filled with -- south African workers who were on the way to their jobs at the airport. It's not here to -- up gas at the gas station when they were rammed into. By the driver of the suicide vehicle now attacks like this aren't uncommon here in Afghanistan but there a couple of things that make this timely. And very dangerous the first is that the insurgents behind -- This was in revenge for -- controversial. Anti Islam video that's now -- protests in many parts of many Muslim countries around the world. Secondly the insurgents say that the person who was driving his car. Was female. It's a very very deadly escalation of violence -- a time or anti Americanism is on the rise simply because female suicide bombers are incredibly. Here in Afghanistan as well as female drivers -- insurgents are resorting to these types of tactics. It could mean very dangerous and game for US forces -- --

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{"id":17263732,"title":"Afghanistan Suicide Blast: Insurgents Claim Revenge","duration":"3:00","description":"Militant group says deadly explosion is revenge for anti-Islam movie produced in the U.S.","url":"/International/video/afghanistan-suicide-blast-insurgents-claim-revenge-17263732","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}