Airlines ground Boeing jet model that crashed

More airlines and countries are grounding the Boeing 737 Max 8 after a deadly crash in Ethiopia.
3:23 | 03/12/19

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Transcript for Airlines ground Boeing jet model that crashed
Aren't we want sick a close look now back of this storm the story relent with the Baath the plane crash in Ethiopia. Joining us are from Washington our aviation correspondent David Curley holiday that. Byron aria good sell a number of countries have now pulled these. Aisle planes out of rotation is are building pressure on the United States yet to do the same. Well I think the fact that to the pressure will come from the public and possibly leaders in the country. In essence the FAA issued a notification. Late yesterday saying. They are monitoring the situation but there's no evidence currently don't ordered the grounding of the fleet in the United States 72. Of these Macs is that gives the airlines that operate them three. Covered to continue operating the planes here but at the flying public says hey. I'm not I don't know fighter plane put me on another 737 another aircraft. There could be one of these airlines could decide to go ahead and grounded on their own temporarily. As we wait for the black boxes to be read out on these on this crash. And if one goes there's a good chance of the others would follow that would be a voluntary basis but they're under no order to do so it is public perception at this point. You look at who is actually grounded and it started with China with 96 the vast majority. Those that are out there around the world. China's in the middle of a trade war with the United States and not suggesting this was politics but. Some people say you shouldn't rule it out either. Indonesia and Ethiopia have grounded there is they've each had an accident. Malaysia's had an ax there are missing aircraft with the Boeing triple seven. But there is growing concern the British have done. So as well now that Singaporeans and the Australian so you can't fly them into her space so there is growing concern about this aircraft. Because there are similarities between the two crashes we don't know if they facts or were caused by the same thing. But both pilots had trouble early in their flight controlling the aircraft. With pitch was called the nose going up and down like this. So those are similarities we don't know if they're caused by the same thing. All this unknown. The fact that it's still a mystery is what is causing concern among the flying public. And that's what the airlines may have to address. As this continues to roll down the story David as as you saw president trump commented about this suggesting that as. With the technology changes and aviation I guess in particular where this aircraft. He suggested. That pilot error may somehow. Be responsible for this crash what what's the aviation community how are they reacting to those comments. Well. Let let's look at the facts. Aviation has become one of the safest modes of travel and one of the reasons. Is automation that's been added to the cockpits one of the reasons we're adding automation to cars when we're talking about automation. The vehicles that is to take humans out of that because the human factors often the problem with a lot of accidents and crashes. Now you can talk about complexity. Which is what the president may have been trying to talk about is it too complex to operate the automation. And there are studies about this end and this is there an area of concern. But there is no doubt that automation and aircraft and save lives and making this. A very safe way to travel. David Curley thank you so much and you'll keep us updated on the story even if our.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"More airlines and countries are grounding the Boeing 737 Max 8 after a deadly crash in Ethiopia. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61634125","title":"Airlines ground Boeing jet model that crashed ","url":"/International/video/airlines-ground-boeing-jet-model-crashed-61634125"}