Amazon rainforest continues to scorch at record rates

The Amazon has been burning for a few weeks now as fires in the region are up more than 80% this year.
5:03 | 08/22/19

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Transcript for Amazon rainforest continues to scorch at record rates
Speaking of climate change what would you do if you couldn't breathe like so bad your lungs were literally on fired sounds like an emergency situation right. Because all of us humans need oxygen so the fact. That the Amazon rainforest in Brazil or the lungs of this earth as it's called. Is burning up at record rates is pretty alarming it provides 20% of the oxygen on this planet. And there have been over 74000. Fires in Amazon this year what does that even mean so. I want to bring in James lime in our London bureau and to discuss this. James this is crazy it's been going on for a while but do we know how it all started. Hi Kimberly no I mean it's not confirmed we should say even it. Flies in the hours and a kind of a normal part of life that anyone you know has any about foaming. Knows dot farmers often use. Fly as two particularly at large tracts of land in order they can plant crops that they can raise cattle cattle being beaten because of the number one reason why they. Do you got in the ams and the reason why is putting one's attention they CA is back enormous number you said that nearly 74000. Five's gunman before he. On top about it's an AT 3% increase from last year so they say is wind aces hit headlines this year it's five like these. On not abnormal in the hours and it's the scale of this fire that god has really cool people's attention. And the question that fool is why why do CAY how's that been such a massive increase. In niece five's and the author of cops according to environmentalists anyway is the president Jan Paulsen RID new brightening president of Brazil. Would describe himself I think expect to say as Fannie anti environmentalist are more on. This side of develop that is Don conservationists. And he thinks that it the united guy's been that environmentalists and conservationists not too much for free rein in. The Amazon that previous administrations have given them too much palace that he's tried. Two. To roll back some of the restrictions on farmers in previous years and we neither that. All things cool fly it days left farmers setup these fine as an and and try to. To content created large tracts of land. Now on the other side you've got NGOs who say well you know this is the whole points. All of these sorts of conservation treaties and Paxson lease policies that been put it is in place in the last. I did many decades to protect the Amazon rainforest they're very important and you can't dismantle them. Both Samara has shot back saying well he thinks these NGOs just stopping the fire as he fungal any proof for any of this of course be saying. While they need money say they saw these buys just to get back at me and he's quite as saying. They called me captain chain sol and now I am Nero sixteen the Amazon aflame he is just blaming this on the kind of regular course of events reg farmers kind of setting thought that crops as that he fought to the upon these parts of the rain forest as normal in this. Nothing to see it. Either way it's obviously very very serious this CA huge plumes of smoke one point two million square miles so far been comment. In this enormous smoke so will wait and see just how quickly eighties five's can be brought under control. N James a Farley view it's affecting people in the major cities like Sao Paolo and and Rio as welcoming Kinney smell it from there. What do we know on Monday they were that extraordinary. Pictures all of the smoke coming down Avis Sao Paulo in the middle of the day you had no interest trying to get home and live like it was the middle all of the knowing that. And not 17100 miles away from Wendy's five nobody could just gives you is an idea of this state that it I think what this all does though is certainly kind of cults the light on a much begin if she won which celebrities have taken up. The coals of animals few days the people like Kendall Jenner Leonardo DiCaprio Arianna grounded all been tweeting about base. I need to balance preserving called planet. And it's it's cool the world's attention in a way that a date thinking how zine who in recent. In recent years and months because. And we all none of these. Extraordinary. And these X is extraordinary numbers about just how much of the rain forests is being cut away a soccer pitch a half. Being cut away from the rain forest. Every minute of every day and it's got a little people thinking about just what it is about their lives that they can change in order to have an impact on the rain forest in. In South America local friends on FaceBook for example today talking about and me teaching and why how and when should now be begin because. Most gimmicks that landed as he's in South America in the rain forest anyway agencies for raising cattle you think about what goes into phone. And you've got some precious metals that I don't mind and the big mining industry is a big part of the questions in southern America site you know that there are also some ways I think this is cool people's imaginations and moved to see where guys. I write James long men serious situation James lineman right here in our London bureau thank you so much.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"The Amazon has been burning for a few weeks now as fires in the region are up more than 80% this year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65125613","title":"Amazon rainforest continues to scorch at record rates","url":"/International/video/amazon-rainforest-continues-scorch-record-rates-65125613"}