American scientist murdered in Greece

ABC News goes inside the bunker where American scientist Suzanne Eaton was found dead.
2:37 | 07/12/19

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Transcript for American scientist murdered in Greece
I'm that may carry on the Greek island creek. And outside the Lou. Grim discovery. The body of the American Mike group while it is. Then he did what. Looks like the outside of McCain would actually an old want more acute Booker it was constructed by German troops. When they occupied the timely 1941. Air strikes if the law Warren. Many different orders them intersecting. It's fitting ending. Mean Juan Downey excited had a look I want you would like down here. Come down now. Banco down here. Very carefully without falling in hurting myself. As you can see when you call me and immediately. Very narrow down here the air temperature changes. Right away noticed it's cooler. Thought it more humid. Except for voting eerie feeling down here. And that he'd do stretch on for a long way. The police saying her body was discovered down here by two local men. From the area who were down exploring the caves. They came a few days ago about a week after she disappeared. Friends and relatives that he didn't believe that she had gone out or drop. They believe that because all of her valuables. And her money were found in her hotel room on despair lately and while she was out or jog she was sometimes who's adopted somehow. And she was murdered and left in his the police tell us. They know he was murdered because the result of the forensic examination showed she was suffocated. So they're treating this is is it serious crime. They are searching for suspects so far they've told us they'd taken DNA sample from at least one suspect. Possibly more at this point but again they're not giving us few many details about there. Very sensitive investigation they of the NA samples from at least one of the suspects. They've also taken off a wooden door that covered the entrances to this. Bunker and they're examining an act as if that contained any evidence that could lead them to the suspects I can tell you that after coming through here coming through the undergrowth. Incidents and it's not an easy location to find game would be very unlikely that someone from outside the community we know where this is. It seems like almost perfect place to hide the evidence of crime earth you're watching. ABC news mind I'm Batman Gary on the Greek island Dupree.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"ABC News goes inside the bunker where American scientist Suzanne Eaton was found dead. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64303406","title":"American scientist murdered in Greece","url":"/International/video/american-scientist-murdered-greece-64303406"}