2 Americans suspected as ISIS fighters

Syrian Democratic Forces captured two American men who were allegedly members of ISIS.
2:09 | 01/07/19

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Transcript for 2 Americans suspected as ISIS fighters
Overseas now to London where are in panel is tracking the story of two Americans arrested alleged Americans arrested in Syria trying to fight with crisis. It interest scene story Ian. Over the weekend. And that's all this news that the president is declaring ice is defeated. And here now be Syrian. The Syrian militia is reporting they have to Americans in custody what do we know about these two guys. He yeah that's right DeVon and invest so forget fizzle let's remind people who back in December the president tweeted this diocese of being defeated then went home. To release this video statements from the Rose Garden essentially saying the truth who going to be withdrawn. The victory. Had been declared against RI says wolf what we know from on the ground is that actually that fights is being going on. Before Joseph ring and after that some of those statements will mate. Over the weekend what we heard from the FCF is Assyrian democratic forces these all the local on the forces in the US have been fighting with. Is that they arrested five men that they say pool of foreigners to affirm they claim are American a similar did these are the men. Being held both claim to be US citizens the first is that two B Warren Christopher Clark from Texas the other man also claimed to be your assistant. Is side I'll bet I'll have meat now the pens and he's not confirming these claims simply stating it's aware of these reports. And that the matter is under investigation demand as you say were captured but causing no ongoing battle. The gain size it's in Syria. We've got some biographical piece tells we think of caucus elects abate American and a member revised his prime he's originally from Houston. Who was a form a substitute teacher in Sugar Land, Texas. It's claimed he later taught English in Saudi Arabia and Turkey then applied to continue teaching for IC's. ABC news obtaining a copy of what is claimed to be his resonate. And his letter of application to vices to work as a teacher suggest he could have joined the Islamic states back in 25 dating. I gosh you know letter of application to I -- from an American from Texas certainly shows that group. Is not gone completely just yet impanel thanks for your terrific reporting on Syria throughout much more on abcnews.com.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"Syrian Democratic Forces captured two American men who were allegedly members of ISIS. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"60213424","title":"2 Americans suspected as ISIS fighters","url":"/International/video/americans-suspected-isis-fighters-60213424"}