Armed Rebels Control Malaysia Airlines MH17 Wreckage Site

Reports from the scene indicate that investigators continue to have trouble gaining access the debris field.
2:43 | 07/19/14

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Transcript for Armed Rebels Control Malaysia Airlines MH17 Wreckage Site
This is a special report from ABC. Good afternoon I'm Dan Harris ABC news take orders in New York would -- report on two major stories we're following. The downing of Malaysia flight seventeen over Ukraine and the Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip where to start with the latest. On -- seventeen today there -- chaos at the scene armed rebels controlling the area with a passenger jet went down Thursday night the debris falling across some six square miles. Some bodies are only now being moved international investigators still having trouble getting full access to the site there are reports of looting. And -- parts of the plane being removed by locals the reports that some of the rebels on the scene -- drunk. And today Ukrainian government said they have proof that the Russians provided the missile system that brought down this passenger jet. Friday President Obama said American intelligence supports that claim still the Kremlin denying any role in this disaster. Most of this 298. People who were on the flight were citizens of the Netherlands and now Dutch forensic teams. Are starting to collect DNA evidence from their families to help positively. Identified the victims and meanwhile the other big story we're following as I mentioned in the Middle East Israeli forces battling with Palestinian militant forces. On the ground in Gaza for its second day now. Focusing on the tunnels that pass under the Israeli border from the Gaza Strip. And ABC's international correspondent Cambridge McDonald. Joins us now from Tel Aviv Hamlisch -- view what's the latest on the on the this new round of fighting today. -- it seems as though the ground operations are expanding Israel said that that would happen. Tonight I can tell you that there is fairly heavy shelling going on in central Gaza this afternoon an Israeli general said that. He believes Hamas was using the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City as its operational headquarters. -- also recorded -- the death. Two soldiers were killed in operations of the night in full trade is made it into Israel. The death toll in Gaza though far outweighs that it now stands at the 240. At least seventy abilities -- children. As you have said this is a conflict. That -- showing no signs of abating -- -- -- we know you'll stay on the story thank you for reporting in. From Tel Aviv this afternoon ABC news is monitoring these developments around the clock you can be assured of that to update to get updates on these top -- you can start them. On the ABC news. Phone apps and -- will have a complete wrap up the day's news on world news later today and tomorrow morning and Good Morning America for now Dan Harris in New York. Have a great --

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{"id":24634164,"title":"Armed Rebels Control Malaysia Airlines MH17 Wreckage Site","duration":"2:43","description":"Reports from the scene indicate that investigators continue to have trouble gaining access the debris field.","url":"/International/video/armed-rebels-control-malaysia-airlines-mh17-wreckage-site-24634164","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}