Armed robbers smash-and-grab an estimated $5 million worth of jewelry in Paris

The axe-wielding thieves dropped some of their loot at Hotel Ritz Paris, the scene of the crime.
9:09 | 01/11/18

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Transcript for Armed robbers smash-and-grab an estimated $5 million worth of jewelry in Paris
For those who view that the familiar with Paris but those few that have come to Tyrus and enjoy a little bit of the luxury side you might recognize well I am. I'm in class violent home plus one bomb you might recognize the obelisk to stop the top that. This is a square the censure vote the look should trade like within Harris and Everett won't corn you gold Chanel. You go to you'll. You gold Rolex. I'm behind me. You've go the Ritz Hotel just yet. Los knowing there was a significant point. Within the confines of the rates went up to fine million dollars of jewelry. Was attempted to be stolen. The place in the house and fall from the French police. All. The double flawed individuals that were in full three on the insolent and chew on the outside now it's important to note but this points. That the rope was didn't actually go into war and saw. Through the front dole as you might expect and they didn't exit through the front tool they actually made the attempted robbery. Over the back and now it takes about. Seven to ten minutes to wolf all the way around. To the back pensions for the back entrances Berry Oakley that's what was going on it's the streets of rice from the street every busy street. And you may recognize the street from Diana's loss up on this was let Diana walls with thirty fired. On the last night where she exited through the rear entrance and in the paparazzi followed up that's when the tunnels and she had an accident. So very unique buildings yup things we have sort of fall although out of the five million of jewels that were initially taken. The security masses who implemented incredibly quickly. Oft the police in the security officials inside the Ritz knew what was going on on the police which supports and I were on site within two to five minutes. So the three individuals over insight were apprehended and own them was found a significant amount of jewelry. They'll also to on the outside on the river entrance. Who made it gets away but in doing so they drop the bank and even more jewelry was filed so won't the police have initially given out the French police and authorities. But initially given out. Floyd million dollars as the figure out if you like for the amount of joy that was involved the husband a number that's been recouped between last night. I'm today about 24 hours late don't know how much that is but the house in some now. This area has already mentioned is the sense of luxury. And to Scituate you about. 700 meters in this direction over the back of these buildings. Is the lose when many view that we have been surprised many if you wanna come to see the loop which is the loss per minute. Just down this way you to Hillary and then you have the river -- runs all the way through the pilots capital. Now little bit of history. In terms of declines and big robberies. And so it Paris all nuns in October 2016 million of them. Can cut action. She was an appointment as a private residences a hotel. But two men in the middle of the night Perkins or apartment and at gunpoint clutter up don't take. Putter and side walls it. Or the ball through and then proceeded to get away with over nine million dollars worth of jewels one of those was a 3.4 million going right. Possible with the loss 2070 in this very physical vault underneath what on the news and in the last bundle. And underneath them to Americans that would take him for 400000. Viewers what and then possible with the Los night. You have or mice five million in side the Ritz. I'm just gonna pull my cameraman Heath is gonna give you an idea of just how busy it is. I'm the type of luxury shops with talking significant. Luxury here at the do you walls the Rolex is. We're talking about cults he these nationals. Or to look or the names and brands that you would you would come to associated with serious crying network. Individuals. Now looking more broadly on the security aspects of Paris. But just. Bumped into the Austin Dawson is from Fort Worth, Texas. Who's there with his palm. I mean a bit of a vacation. Then I ordered by thanks for acceptances now I cannot just acuity at all and asked us an argument about lice. And you haven't you're doing the right the right thing when someone goes on vacation please put itself news edited yet good stuff. But I mean nothing in this is normal now that you know who. News. Ultimately it's just the bow. Highlights jewelry but ward the sort of security implications. It was those diplomas and goal line when you were coming to Paris and Lori wells sort of it was built. As. If it. There there was little. I want some won't what is what is you'll perception of in the there. With. It. Terry is this. And in the field right. Does that become a little bit closes on the hotel to about noise and budgeted by guzzling that Obama might. Tell. Us. And it. That. There. Varies. We will weather just foreign to me is direction Kim Kardashian was rule of about knowing. What the jewelry and ultimately succeed I remember the story about that yet oh. You put into and the bulletin is reported that it is with the jewelry note and so did a pretty self what is the ground with a frequent 500 dollar riddled oh someone broke in. Mary this but the here is the or maybe a talk next watch. That. But not so you've received in his foot you can have well. Since last. And I be found. Oh lovely. And hired its. How old ladies. In. It. Right hasn't been anything that's whole book others were Jews has brought attention is cools you sort of double cycle than twice. And this. The walk. Actually feel safer here than in war and or so or. This fields lie in state police it and then boys. I don't know I think that it does deals war. Ellen and under control. Very. Ever where we law. Very out. Two miles from coming back. You know we like. Wise. Fifty years. Another fifty years she's she's a regulated yeah laughter drifted drifted nearly saw it is absolutely. It's seriously. Couldn't hear could. Resolutions and and Lucy but Q thank you very much indeed for you've been to a good luck with the young look at the most visible and getting back we need more tomorrow. Obviously play a thank you to the senate doesn't thank you very much indeed it is. So you. I think it's really good to get they saw the perspectives. Plus fund dawson's been helpful with Texas and actually correlate to the fight that he felt safer in Paris. But he did in the old nuptial through speak to someone else from another part of of the State's you know what that might be a difference wondered if this optional not. But at the moment as you can see it sold very very quiet. That all are few other news organizations that have been and gone since you've been since you've been brought costing. And life carries all. Thanks for joining us much UK reporting plus London and Paris. For ABC news did so.

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{"id":52282260,"title":"Armed robbers smash-and-grab an estimated $5 million worth of jewelry in Paris","duration":"9:09","description":"The axe-wielding thieves dropped some of their loot at Hotel Ritz Paris, the scene of the crime.","url":"/International/video/armed-robbers-smash-grab-estimated-million-worth-jewelry-52282260","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}