Biden meets with key allies in person for 1st time at G7 Summit

Leaders of the world’s most powerful democracies kicked off meetings today in England.
4:35 | 06/11/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biden meets with key allies in person for 1st time at G7 Summit
And as you mention the G sediment it G-7 seven I should say is now under way in card to spay a seaside town in court ruling went. President Biden joined UK prime minister Boris Johnson and the leaders of France Germany Italy Canada and Japan. For that tradition also called family photo before getting down to business. National correspondent Rachel Scott joins us live from arm while with the latest on the summit. Rachel what is some of the big issues on the table this time around and what kind of challenges do you think Biden could face here. Well this first time Diane that all of these world leaders are core Arab gathering amid a global pandemic they have not seen each other president has not stepped foot on. Foreign soil in more than 415. Days so certainly a lot to discuss here everything ranging from climate change. To the pandemic to getting more vaccines to other countries that need them. And discussing some of the cyber attacks that the United States believes that Russia is behind so that is going to be a clear point of focus. The back the G-7 summit that is happening right now but also some of the challenges that we're gonna see the president faces really convincing these allies. That Mir is back this message that the president is bringing to our allies but didn't do Whipple cash. Over the last several years former president Donald Trump he pulled the United States from the pairs climate accord heater and two leave need no calling it obsolete. And so now president Biden is going to have to convince these allies that this time is going to be different he's also bring a message a democracy works. But I can tell you that those images of the insurrection at the capitol on January 6 and made its way across the world. So you have to convincing leers also that it's working back home as well Diane. And regional leaders have agreed to this 15% global tax on corporations howl that work. And what are they trying to accomplish with that. This is having that the president and the White House have been pushing for severe pretty pleased by this. I've being and added that that this is actually pushing through here is his and that they've been pushing for they're trying to pay for their larger domestic agenda back home this is going to make it so that companies pay the same tax rate regardless of where their headquarters are the super bad. Companies from paying a little bit lasts if they decide to have their headquarters in a different part. Of the world the new that is important the United States as but it's a little ways to go hear what your hoping is that it by getting disagreement here at the G-7 that this is now going to be a springboard. Leading into the G-20 and other countries we'll have to come on board but. Every government including right back home in congress they're have to approve this first before it actually goes into a fact tonight and by and set to meet the queen later this weekend Rachel what kind of role. We'll see an arrest of the royal family play and terms of being on the sidelines of the summit. Yeah how long Biden will become the third president to meet with between all we that's in 1951 actually. The queen was actually princess she traveled to the White House and that Truman at bedtime and said that underworld looks to the United States for hope and for democracy. And regardless of politics and talked about the width blasts of any of our allies have the experience over the last several years over the last several decades rather. The bins sort of a stable figures she has and that. With all of our leaders. Of our country and so once again we're gonna see this happen today they're going to be holding a reception the queen inviting some of these world leaders. Over Adobe meeting face to face. Meeting third teen US presidents face to face pretty incredible. And Rachel all of these events lead up to Biden summit with Vladimir Putin next we cat is think. These meetings that he's having now could influence how he handles that meeting next week. Yeah how well the White House has said that they believe that the president Biden's going to be heading into this and meeting with President Putin with the wind out his back in and that's another core focus. The G-7 summit is making sure that all of the allies are communicating with a one of the ways. Against the rash this is going to be a very blunt needing it's a deadly high stakes needing I think expectations though. Are rather low and they want to go into this with discussion. And if it's. And president Biden had made it clear that he wants a stable but predictable relationship. With rash and with president who in but it's unclear just what that looks like when as we know Russia has been very unpredictable. Especially this year. All right angels got thank you so much Rachel and you can watch our full coverage. The Biden Putin summit next Wednesday June 16 right here on ABC news lives.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"Leaders of the world’s most powerful democracies kicked off meetings today in England.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"78223179","title":"Biden meets with key allies in person for 1st time at G7 Summit","url":"/International/video/biden-meets-key-allies-person-1st-time-g7-78223179"}