Biden pushes allies to be tougher on China on 1st foreign trip

President Joe Biden reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to the NATO alliance at a summit in Brussels.
5:49 | 06/14/21

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Transcript for Biden pushes allies to be tougher on China on 1st foreign trip
And president Biden is in Brussels today for the NATO summit this morning he called the NATO alliance a quote sacred obligation. A sharp contrast to former president trump who called it obsolete the summit comes after the president met with Queen Elizabeth over the weekend an asking now prepares to meet with Russian president Vladimir Clinton on Wednesday. Before that big meeting with Putin president Biden is set to meet with more key allies at the NATO summit. To try to reassert the United States' commitment to be alliance. Congressional correspondent Rachel Scott has been following the president every step of the way on his first foreign trip and she joins me live now with war. Hi Rachel I know that summit with Vladimir Putin and it's a high stakes one but it's not the only high stakes meeting. I'm Biden's schedule he's also set to meet with president heir to want Turkey so what's at stake there. Yeah we're expecting not needing to happen. Any moment now this comes at a time when relations between Turkey and the United States. Our tenth president Biden recognize the armed rule in genocide Turkish president her one thing before he left for this summit that he found those comments to be gearing negative. And that the approach. Has seriously upset them so expect that to be key point that it's hit on during that meeting. And on the US side there's been some frustration. With Turkey purchasing Russian defense systems at a time when the United States is really trying to show this united front that the allies are coming together ahead of this critical and high stakes needing. As you mentioned with Russian president who in. President Biden want to go in with the wind at his back not at a time when he feels like his allies are growing closer to rash. I have but the students first time meeting obviously back in 2011 president Biden was in Turkey speaking at a global summit at the time air one was actually sick. Biden then vice president paid him house visit puzzles get short meeting the two into the talking for hours but we know that relations have sort of got even more tense over the last couple of months and airlines saying that he once asked why not question directly why have the US relations with Turkey. Grown only more tense Diane and racial what else is on Biden's agenda at this NATO summit what's he hoping to accomplish. This is all about re affirming the United States and leadership. On the world stage we saw that at the G-7 summit now against your acting NATO summit. The president making clear that the alliance he believes that the alliance is rock solid that he wants to reaffirm the partnership. With a nation that enix at a time when former president Donald Trump re against NATO be called it obsolete he question article five a which is in the NATO agreement saying that when one of us is attacked all of us in the attack it was actually illegal to once after the September 11 attack on the Twin Towers. As a president Biden is here trying to reassure our partners. All of our presidents but still there's going to be some sticking points including the president's decision. To withdraw troops from Afghanistan and we know that some world leaders were caught off guard by that raising some concern we just got a caller to senior administration official who kind of push back on that idea. That person that they were in the room for some of the meetings and that some of these allies. Agreed with president Biden's decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan but they want to make sure that there is a stable presence in the region Diane. Henry Joseph Biden is also pushing allies to be tougher on China how are they responding to that. And he. Yeah and this is something that's really interesting here one administration official kind of put it this way China is on the verge of having the biggest economy there the second largest defense budget. And they have the biggest navy right now so there's a lot of concern between these allies. About the growing influence of China on the world economy so we saw that be a key issue at the G-7 president Biden was also. Lobbying and pressuring allies to take a tougher stand. Against China and human rights issues and abuses including forced the labor. This is something that is growing and becoming a topic of discussion something that we have not seen in previous G-7 summits or even at NATO summits before. And so president Biden and Neil an NB allies are talking about how to counter China's growing influence but China. The embassy responding Jesse yesterday they're throwing cold water on all of this they're saying that time in which a few nations can decide about how one nation goes for in carries out. Their business is long gone guy and I and looking ahead to that again a big summit with Vladimir Putin would now. About hat that whole thing will go down and how by it is expected to confront Oden. Although Russia's role in recent cyber attacks election interference. Human rights abuses things like that. Yeah I Enceladus is going to be a very candid and direct meeting between the two leaders both of them coming. First face to face for the first time since president Biden. Took office the stakes are high Diane but the expectation from the White House are low they know the fact that president happens slapping sanctions on Russia. For a long time now and little has changed still president Biden believes that the best we'd have this conversation about US. And Russian relations is face to face. And so we know that this is going to be different than in previous times at four especially the stark contrast to former president Donald Trott. There will be no joint press conference at your member back in when he eighteen trump came out with a win holding this joint press conference he openly. Question US intelligence about Russian. Election meddling taking president Vladimir Putin's words adds it is we're not gonna see that this time around president Biden will hold his own press conference. We'll take questions directly from reporters there. And this is just coming to a ahead in just a couple of days all of this like I said the White House believes that these meetings with alliances and our partners are gonna put the wind behind Biden's back heading into that critical meeting Diane right ABC news congressional correspondent Rachel Scott thanks for HL. And you can watch our full coverage of the Biden Clinton's summit on Wednesday right here on ABC news slot.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"President Joe Biden reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to the NATO alliance at a summit in Brussels. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"78269464","title":"Biden pushes allies to be tougher on China on 1st foreign trip","url":"/International/video/biden-pushes-allies-tougher-china-1st-foreign-trip-78269464"}