Biden: Putin summit was positive, but there’s much more work ahead

President Joe Biden warned that there would be “devastating” consequences if Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny died in prison.
34:23 | 06/16/21

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Transcript for Biden: Putin summit was positive, but there’s much more work ahead
Good afternoon everyone I'm Dan misstated or you're watching our continuing coverage of the Biden couldn't summit president Biden wrapped up. He's press conference in Geneva Switzerland after meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin earlier today. President Gooden also spoke to reporters this afternoon after those two leaders spoke for almost three hours in Geneva. Topics range from cyber security to human rights president Biden also called. President prudent a killer in the past but today he was asked whether the Russian president can be trusted let's listen to his answer. Talk to him do you believe you can trust it look. This is not about trust this is about self interest. And verification self interest. Until it's about. So I. Virtually or more than almost anyone. That I would work out an agreement with an affected the American people's interest I don't saying why trust you know problem. I see what happens. You know is that old expression goes the truth of the please in the eighty. Ryan for more on this I'm joined by chief White House correspondent he's mantra that White House correspondent. Mary Alice parks. But a look at overall at how this summit seems to have gone Mary Alice we heard the president say they discuss a number of issues. From election Madelaine to democracy to human rights to a potential prisoner swap even arms control cyber security. But the president ended his initial remarks by saying. He win there and he did what he needed to do which is two to lay out what is acceptable to the United States. To lay out what is not acceptable United States in the priorities in the United States. And also to try to find some common ground of where he and Russian president Vladimir Putin can work together. He said that was a common phrase that the proof of the pudding is in the eating I've never heard that phrase but the point isn't made he went into deliver red lions. And now the hard work starts which is holding Russia accountable if those red lines are crossed. And that was the point he made over and over in his press conference that this was just the first step. He went in and did what he needed to do as an told. Food and what he would stand for and what he would not stand for. And now will seek. We heard president Biden say will see if the cyber attacks continue will's seat. If human rights abuses continue we'll see if the Russian government changes its behavior at all. But I think this meeting was a bow. President Biden going in and making his case giving his red lines and now waiting. And I wanna go to our chief White House course but Cynthia Vega who's there in Geneva's to save managed to sneak in a question. To the president there here want to answer your second question but he did eventually answer your first which was about what the consequences will be. If the Russian president doesn't responds in the way that Joseph Biden wants in terms of their conversation about cyber security and cyber attacks. I'm so sorry Diane your you're cutting in and out. Every you mentioned my question but I didn't hear the back end of your questions and if you wouldn't mind repeating every sorry the cons are out here a little tough because Secret Service have been driving price they've had it that difficult connection one reference. I understand this day it there are a lot of questions driven out what the consequences would be. Biden said he talked a lot about cyber security with Vladimir Putin but he didn't seem to want to go into specifics. About what the consequences would be if that if if they cyber attacks continue. And you did ask the question about the president about the potential. For a military response and then he said they didn't talk about that what did you make of that. Gathered. There are two headlines out of that I think Diana the fact that they didn't talk about a military response to let another ransom where tech is a big deal because. I'm there has been a lot of questions among analysts over whether sanctions to cyber attack responding with sanctions for cyber attacks is actually an up it certainly hasn't deterred. The Kremlin or or are these hackers that live in Russia up to this point it seems. I'm the president did however. Mention one thing he said he pointed out it could do this -- bit that the United States. Has significant cyber capabilities and we will respond implication in that is the next time there is a massive cyber attack. That the US potentially could respond in some in kind with a cyber attack. Of its sound but in terms -- you're so right but in terms of specifics in terms of what that that you know they say diplomatic communities on. Deliverables consequences what exactly though the red lines are the both sides talked about. I think there's a lot of questions on that front. And what is crashes this day is what our capabilities there are seeing some live footage there of the president getting ready to head back to Washington on Air Force One but one of the things he said was. We have significant cyber capabilities and we will respond in a cyber way but he didn't elaborate beyond that. Yeah I'm Natalie that CDs however security expert but I'm sure you've been able to talk to in terms of what our security. Get abilities are I don't know I'm the president I I I can only assume they are great the president mentioned. The on pipeline but it is a very important project for Russia. And and you know perhaps that could end up being a target but you know this is not something that came up in this conversation and or at least at least in terms of in terms of what the president told us about he did on the other hand say that they identified to Russia sixteen sites in the United States. Sixteen projects if you will infrastructure important crucial infrastructure projects. He said that are absolutely off limits and they handed those. Sixteen projects to Russia from gas to water onto the electrical grid that they have basically made clear to Russia these are off limits and now he's working groups go back and try to hash Ellis out. Tonight our chief White House correspondent deceiving as to Syria thank you. I want to that are cheap global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz is also bear in Geneva Martha it was interesting to hear the president talking about particularly. In this angle of cyber security how he was trying to appeal to Vladimir Putin he tried to stress this was less. About threats and saying if you do this I'll do that and more about. Biden trying to appeal to Putin's desire to be not just a leader in Russia but a world leaders well. It exactly and I think I think that was the tone. Of the food and press conference I think he didn't get too prickly except perhaps with Rachel when she when she pressed him on her question. But he clearly at a softer approach she does want to be seen as a world leader but again and we keep saying this you have to remember who. Latimer who actually is but but Joseph Biden. Wade into that. And I was fascinated by the way they approached trying to get Paul Whelan who's one of the Americans it jailed in Russia right now. Out of there and he tried to appeal that Vladimir Putin saying look Paul Wheeling is a businessman. Do you think business people are gonna wanna go do business in Russia. If they think they're gonna get thrown in prison so I thought that approach. Where it was fascinating but also Joseph Biden just basically followed the diplomatic right. It was kind of back to the future of the way diplomacy. Used to be. And laid out his red lines that if we really won't know what's happening in make in the coming weeks. Four months until Vladimir. The president's getting ready to leave let's listen to him there on the tarmac. Not me but I think. Has put different face on were revenge and where were grown and live your good about it. Bill you know. Whether things that I think understandably. There is a good deal of skepticism about with the G-7 sign off. And give America back get sort of vision. I think instead of what may remember they're glad America's back and Latimer back connect. And then we might NATO I think we'll. Really good me there. Well I'd you I didn't get one single person. I'll warn. The world leaders and security. Thank you rate your beat you from. I thought. Was right a much better position. The represent the west after the previous relief with the knowing that the rest of the west part. They've I totally wrong. Better grab. As its president since you're now heading home I assassin we've got to domestic issues and the larger finance. If you could. I'm first to be this state of the infrastructure builders have now bipartisan group that you offer if you haven't even I have not been. I'm Alison haven't seen and know what he feels. No right to this. Maybe it means by which get this. I know that. Schumer and Nancy have moved forward on reconciliation provision. So I'm still hopeful we put together. Wilkinson Iran the second issue is set yesterday. Earlier this week Mitch McConnell said that if Republicans were to take back the senate trying to right field he did not see a way to you can get a Supreme Court justice. Confirms give response about. Next you know I know I know the answer is. Pitches. Fitch has been nothing but no. For a long time. Sure he means exactly what it says. But we'll see. Did find a way. Finally things about how we would jointly work tonight unlock and discuss what we. Right in that you ended the period and there that you came over. That that they're a big if pertinent with the question of whether or not. Being overly. In men than what we only did you read it eventually made it seem little thing could be dead. Her rapper EU rejecting all responsibility Robert Duncan I get right. You're trying to get meaning particularly embedded here. What concrete evidence do you have. From the rear around Cleveland hours than they did that came. And I don't I don't I don't mean literally don't know I don't know if I didn't hear all right we look for big your report you gotta be naked. He got up and I didn't realize that seems to me. The way you all you never ask positive questions why is back. Happy green we'll find out. We have an agreement to work on major arms control of the I started working arms control of your back ball away during the Cold War. If we can do 100 Cold War why could we do want and we'll see we will see whether or not happen. But what do you every do you always amazes me about the question and I apologize. For having an insurer. If you were my position you say well I don't think humanity and I happen going to be really. You know heard your back could guarantee nothing happened. Guarantee nothing. The result of that the so far. Photos of value. To be realistic. And put on. Optimistic an optimistic face and look you all said the same thing about being. You know gonna happen. When we had the first meeting of 77. Why do not from an unidentified Biden. Really not. That happened in even. A little bit from little formal. When I went to meet with NATO northern rock going to be happy we're all going to be against bite me he would not want that. There a single solitary syllable. What would happen if I said before we live in those negotiations. You know I think it's going to be really hard. We really really could prolong not so optimistic about I don't see anybody really change. And the San my tournament what do you. Do not go like the way by. Turns you don't have a book club there was also. Not I don't confirm the book but it was. The French president said he will never go for more money for NATO. Apparently not. I'm driving all. Because. I know you want me to always work day is rough and particularly public and negotiate. I don't have to trust them. We didn't have to trust somebody get start. What. Herself could come home and. Thank you play online. Again. Negotiation. You are. Why would I know. Okay we're ranked right. Right because. Russia's you know. Very very good. This car. They want. All right. Not give me why minority OK we lost legitimacy stand in the world stage. They. Relevant. I don't want. Couple who live. Every world leader no matter where there are other there's. Role I think that. No. Three to five years. Reuters. My hyperbole like. Put up. Rleal. What how the life. Nobody knew I never anticipated. How did. Breaking down. When I got caught by. Five. Every generation. The basis news fight for democracy. As an effective campaign plane held. President Biden heading back to Air Force One to head back to Washington after speaking to reporters on the tarmac there. After already giving a press conference. About his summit with Russian president Vladimir food and I wanna go back to Martha Raddatz is there in Geneva where that press conference and where that summit. To place and Marjorie were talking about. About his approach and how he seemed like a by his summary at least he was trying to appeal to Vladimir Putin's desire to be. A leader on the world stage not just a leader in Russia and this took an interesting turn in his conversation about cyber security because he was asked a lot about. What kind of consequences he rose to Vladimir Putin when talking about cyber security in the present seem to want to stress. Not so much an attitude of if you do this I'll do that but Morton he was trying to explain to battery of Clinton. You know what if this happened to you what if someone in the US attack your infrastructure. Is that strategy enough. Well I again we're get we're just gonna have to see Diane but it's an interesting approach and it and it does appeal to Vladimir Putin's need to be part of the world to be a bigger part of the world and it's sort of understand others. You know I'm thinking about I spent the week talking to. Two diplomats about how you go into something like this and if it it really is one of the things you have to do. If you meet with an adversary is listened to them. Know that you are being heard. And that they are being heard. And it sounds like in that meeting they tried to do that we don't know so much about Vladimir Putin but I'm sure what Joseph Biden tried to do is as well is to listen. To Vladimir Putin's grievances. At the same time Joseph Biden was going to point out. His grievances and what Vladimir Putin could do about it but but the approach of saying. Be part of this world be part of this bigger world. Is the path he chose but is it it's really quite right out of the diplomatic. Play book as Joseph Biden said I did but I had to do he was obviously a little defensive end in that little press gaggle before getting on Air Force One. But it was clearly irritated by the idea that he didn't think. Or or that he thought that all we have to do was take have quite a referred. Whose word for it I don't think Joseph Biden is doing out I think he's looking to see what kind of action because that's what you have to do. With weatherman from. And many other adversaries. I actually. Global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz Martha thank you. And I want to go to our senior national correspondent Terry grand belittle it more on this because Terry we heard the President's Day. It will see in the next six months to a year whether or not we actually have. A strategic dialogue that matters here so the president is essentially saying when it comes to judging success we're gonna. After way to say. That's right and I think what we've seen here it occurs to me is 36 years of the senate. In Joseph Biden and how he approaches. Accomplishing objectives in dealing with with opponents and and adversaries we also see what ice costs and at derided switches they don't know kind of when. Enough is enough to explain their positions there's been on the floor the whole time but you listen to the way he talks about how we approached Vladimir Putin. And he hears someone who spent a long time. Thinking with people of of different backgrounds different states different interest different beliefs. The art what is the deal here and how do we get there how do we get this person. To sign on and what if they don't what are the consequences if they go a different way he's got a very deliberate way of approaching. The day's discussions and I think that that in part is is reflection naturally of his life experience and so when he says we'll just have to wait and see. Also what he's saying is a game balls in your court now I've I've. You know I've I've pitched. Our interests and what I intend to do to pursue them let's see what you do. Our correspondent Rachel Scott was there in the room when Vladimir Putin was having his prop press conference one of the few American reporters. Who's been there in Geneva with the Russian press corps and want to play that clip. Of Rachel she's on the phone with us now racial I want to play the clip the view asking. The Russian president your question and the interesting answer he gave backed you let's listen to that. Mr. President thank you so much for her taking my question which is a serious president Biden has saddened that he would respond cyber attacks and Russia do not stop. It's I'm curious at that what did he tell you visited he has made any threats. And it quickly followed by an eight term cookie oh the list of your political opponents are dead and if you could imprisoned or jailed is long. Electing a Bonnie organization called for full free and fair election an end to corruption. But Russia has outlawed that organization is calling it excellent dozen. And as you have not read and anyone who is short into front processed or so my question is did you president moved what are you so let's bring out. Trulia through bites you children's. Attention to ensure growth but they're due to a truthful. Well let me just to reiterate what had just sent on an so called quote unquote for an urgent foreign agents evil. There and people. That polluted. Today it was a today. People who portray themselves as the announces timing but opposition. I think I've responded to your CNN call it X. But I think this. The rules of the game so. I have to review its flank it refuses to your question OK and finally I can do it but it's. So what's Google search the United States. He has a Long Will the practice of WWW. He's had spells that doesn't even as the United States will support specific list of candidates and organizations and the Russian. At the same time. Russian Federation which was labeled as an anniversary pollutants they went on the record pound settlement publicly. But they will cite anything the development of Russia. It begs the question where you what kind of organizations. But United States and the west people who will be supporting. And pay them as much to a and leave for we are the anniversary it's quite hear that. Like the United States back of their dismay we label them as foreign agents but we haven't banned them. I mean they can operate a right. Indeed if you're labeled as a foreign agents didn't want to does not preclude you from from operating in the country. Well if it's an extremist organizations. Let's and a whole new stores whole different story. The organization is queen question publicly about this called for. Rants and public disorder. Didn't he has opened it. The instructed. Didn't want to instruct people how to move out to make Molotov cocktails swords to use them against the law enforcement it's called for the suspicions of no of underage at the senior person and in restitution that we didn't America has just recently went through. Well grievous. Chain of events after a certain African American individual was killed. Which vision and an entire movement of the blacklist matter movement appeared on novel just I'm on the go into detail so it. Spare Yahoo! but we've seen pogroms we have seen them. You know polluting. Justice and violations and riots in the latest week that. That he'll. Sympathize with them and guess what we do not want the same thing to happen on the Russian soil and will do anything possible to. Fernandez and it's not about me fearing anything. If you wanted to I think that Mecca. I can't continue please give them my. He didn't answer my questions terror acts if all of your political opponents are dead in prison poison. Doesn't that send a message that you do not want a fear political fight. Not just companies who experienced budget although you know. You all right about what's that the books but my opponents in jail during prison doing. Position people went in to. The US congress with political it demands that was 400 people are now facing criminal charges and it. Yeah sure they are facing. A lengthy prison terms. Of up to twenty maybe 25 years V article predicted homegrown terrorists. They are being accused of many other things she's willing to lose about seventy people were arrested Friday there on the spot that we is that. Community. Fitted them are still dressed like mom what grounds not quite clear. He's an English team I mean none of these official authorities from those students are informed us about it. So we didn't on the Gingrich is one of the participants a woman was shot dead on the spot opened it which she was not threatening. Wouldn't have you know with the arms and Wear anything. Why my bringing this up many people are facing the same things as we do. And such time stressing this week behind sympathize in and we waited United States. Rick pillows and nearly five minute answer from the Russian president who never really answered your question the first part of your question was about cyber attacks which she didn't address at all. And then you asked about electing a volley in his political opponents and what you got back was an answer about. Black lives matters in the January 6 insurrection what did you think. Yes you're exactly right diet and execute the noise in the background check to board the bus that we that the air act back. I court oh how he orally not pay any ability Bratton yet that didn't really attract. Mike what lurked behind all of that got it is tract at the second time. You need maternity people purity tried. Bring a black I'm matter clean Q I issue than any got its eight including the theory that interact president by the the bout that conference took on. You pregnant and break up and you're good at all. The the president. Outrageous. That they're very different between an action epic bulk. And a country that work he did to wreck and I beer and re election so the bottom line your article. Luckily he does not a question. But remain what exactly is president and afraid and it early coincidence that all his political leader that debt president. Reported amp. All right Rachel Scott HL and they are on the move so we'll let you go we appreciate. All the work you've done for us today thank you don't. And I want to bring in former DHS assistant secretary of counterterrorism Elizabeth Newman for a little bit more on this Elizabeth now that we've heard. From both the Russian president and from president Biden. Their discussions about the cyber security which is which has top of mind but also several other security issues. When you think is the US safer after this summit. Look this step towards potentially helping us become safer. I I tend says. Think fit Biden's assessment is accurate that we don't know yet I it I agreed that he would not a person to be trusted is speaking of couldn't. He has a pattern and practice. And saying what every once on the world stage at using this information and I'm not following through so I am I not overly optimistic that somehow Russia's I'll listen to teach behavior. But it really wasn't the point about today today was about sending a signal not only to written but to the world. That. That normal traditional way in which the USS attacks on the world stage stands up for democracy stands up for human rights is back. I think that task was completed. And then I think the other thing is to announce that we're in this new stage of PowerPoint to address cyber security for ten years we have. Who allowed. Attacks to occur and to go really without them with very little retribution. Mostly in the form of some permanent economic or diplomatic sanctions. I it sounds like he sent the signal we're changing our strategy here if you go after these red lines that critical infrastructure sectors. We will come back at you and wait and we have capability. That and you. Don't perhaps fully understand or know yet because we haven't demonstrated it. I think that that probably has an effect that we're not there is seen in public. But perhaps causes students to think twice before he allows. The cyber criminals to run it without him with impunity in his territory and certainly. Maybe thinks Trace about how he's going to act in it messing with our elections or. Out launching AEA add another cyber attack on our country. Look he he's not going to become a good global sow dissent. But the goal was to set boundaries and seeking it who back in those boundaries and say look if you do not stay within these boundaries. We'd the world our allies are going to stand up to you we're not gonna put up with your bullying tactics anymore. Former DHS assistant secretary of counterterrorism Elizabeth Newman Elizabeth. Thank you. And I want to go to our political director Rick client at fur fur bit of a bird's eye view of all this Rick what do you think now that we've heard from both of these leaders in terms of how this summit when it. And house is being received in Washington what's the reaction there. Well I it's gonna take time to determine and I think Biden has tried to emphasize that in the in the comments he's made since what was since since leaving the summit. I did this is going to take a long time to to figure out how indeed it went Putin was by all accounts on its best behavior. This was not a man who came looking for conflict although I think in some important ways he was selling some seeds of discord in. And tending to that in his response the Rachel's question among other things talking about black lies that are talking about January 6. He sees the divisions that are right here at home in the United States and wants to continue to exploit them. But by and large the commitments that he's made even if their V. I toured attitude toward a joint stability. Opted the restoration of diplomatic relationships and and having ambassadors and each other's countries studying cyber security he's saying the right things and I think from Biden's perspective he can walk away with quite a series of accomplishments and pulling this off the knowing. That you least there's an optimism in the relationship right now. But I think there's an a knowledge on both sides that this is gonna take a long time these are longstanding divisions. I that there are many things that are Russia's self interest that are not in America's self interest. Biden is clear -- on that and I think he's also clear I don't timeline this is gonna take awhile to shake out. Although I think as he wraps up this foreign trip and and it's always got a lot to be to be happy about that in terms of how it went. All right Rick Klein thank you. And thank you all home for watching our live coverage of today's summit between president Biden and Russian president Vladimir Putin you can see complete wrap up tonight. At 7 PM eastern on ABC news live prime with Lindsey Davis we're gonna leave you with some of the highlights from today's summit LC back here tomorrow. I'm Diane Maceda thanks for joining us have a great rest of the day. High stakes summit. Between president Biden and Russian president Vladimir Putin. This is the first in person meeting between president Biden and the Russian president here in Geneva to leaders stepped outside the Villa and shook hands for the world to saint. This after the Swiss president welcomed them to the city of peace. I wish you both presidents very fruitful dialogue in the interest of Europe to countries around the world. Russian president Vladimir Putin wrapping his press conference after ending his meeting with president by the side of the security reasons called flakes. My thing we can agree on these things and I have an impression that we can agrees he started out by saying. Americans view Russia as an enemy. He's clearly trying to change that and trying to sound reasonable and he did get a much softer tone but we after remember who we really. The list of your political opponents who are dead and prisons or jails is long so my question is Mr. President what are you so. Freed up President Putin and I had today. Share unique responsibility. To manage the relationship between two powerful proud countries my agenda is not against Russia. Or anyone else who it's for the American people this is not about trust. This is about self interest. And verification so it's. That's it was about.

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