Second Black Box Found at Germanwings Crash Site

The French prosecutor in Marseille confirms the flight data recorder from Germanwings Flight 4U9525 was found in the French Alps on Thursday by a woman searching the debris field.
5:13 | 04/02/15

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Transcript for Second Black Box Found at Germanwings Crash Site
Breaking right now found deep in the French Alps that second black box after nine day search teams recovering the flight data recorder from the German wings crash site. The black box recording vital details about those final minutes just before 27 year old co pilot Andre is little bits crashed that plane into the Alps. Hello everyone I'm tired and is in Europe within the hour the prosecutor from Mars say France Brice Robin. Addressing the discovery of that second block boxing was found by a woman this afternoon at the crash site. It's discovery confirmed by BEA investigators. As for its condition that box was totally charcoal meaning exposed to fire but. They're hopeful that the components can be analyze that box. On its way now to Paris they have also discovered 42 cell phones which they hope to extract some information from. We'll also be analyzed joining us now via Skype ABC news aviation analyst Christine Negroni. Christine just how big a discovery is this second lockbox for officials. Well good morning and then then the flight data recorder is very very very important die I can't stress it enough. You know what we've heard so far obviously through leaks not from the officials but. We'll we've heard so far at the characterization what was going on the cockpit tells us one very narrow piece of the story we don't know what the plane was doing we know what might have been happening. Inside the carpet we know might have been happening right outside the cockpit door but what was happening on this airplane. What are some sort of problem with the airplane was there's sort of emergency deep pressurization that might have caused this pilot. To put the plane into a dissent we don't know and that's why does the flight data recorder has always been a crucial crucial piece of evidence. And it's great news for everyone involved now the investigators have been acting helped start looking at it as soon as possible. And Dino probably within 2448. Hours might be and perhaps some useful information from that. From that report made this bracket is severely damaged charcoal intact that was so badly burned but they're certainly built with static crash like this right. Absolutely you know the if they're talking about their housing you know the east. Flight data recorders are built to withstand just this you know there's an airplane crashed bad things happened to the box that's why it's the latest. I'm not in any way worried that there can be able to find information on them on the actual piece that contains the data. Given the information we have from the first block box found is there really any expectation. That something other than an intentional act. Took this plane down about a possibility. And terms of information we could find from the second lockbox. We'll listen you know there's two kinds of investigations there's an investigation in which people are trying to look for criminal culpability that's what's been going on. But the investigation into what happened on this plane is supposed to in an ideal world. Not take any position about what happened it's supposed to look at the facts and CA where the facts take them. We have seen a tremendous off the rails investigation. In which the prosecutor within 24 hours of the crash. Said what the pilot intended to do that in my opinion is completely wrong headed and not the way investigations are supposed to go. We're not supposed to decide what happened and then look for evidence to support it and that is exactly what's happened in this case the tremendous rush to judgment. Which is not to say it didn't happen that way it might very well have happened that way. But the point is this airplane is equipped with all sorts of clues and those clues will lead us what ultimately happened we didn't need to make this. Complete snap judgment right off the gun went CD art shouldn't happen that way I'm sure the the air crash investigators out there are an agreement with me that it shouldn't have happened this way. But now. Whatever happened happened that dog is left the show and we now have a lot of information coming in. In addition to the flight data recorder which will be crucial containing much much much information about what was happening to the plane what was happening to the flight controls. In addition to that these videos from people's personal devices can also be very important in terms of new. Data collection. Devices for air safety investigators all of these you know people's hand held device using carrots and all of that have become tremendously helpful an air crash investigations and I don't. Doubt for a minute that they will provide a lot of helpful information in this one as well. Yes the investigator saying if in fact the cell phone data can be retrieved from these phones it will certainly. He part of their investigation ABC's news aviation analyst Christine Negroni thank you so much for joining us with your perspective and expertise. And ABC's Alex Moore park following this story in Germany fourth you can have a full recap of today's news tonight on ABC's world news tonight with David Muir and act on your local. He he station you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and star in this story. For exclusive updates on ago. Time Hernandez and.

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{"duration":"5:13","description":"The French prosecutor in Marseille confirms the flight data recorder from Germanwings Flight 4U9525 was found in the French Alps on Thursday by a woman searching the debris field.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"30067990","title":"Second Black Box Found at Germanwings Crash Site","url":"/International/video/black-box-found-germanwings-crash-site-30067990"}