Bolshoi Ballet Acid Attack: An Inside Job?

Russian official says suspect who attacked director Sergei Filin may be a member of the troupe.
2:08 | 02/08/13

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Transcript for Bolshoi Ballet Acid Attack: An Inside Job?
Of the -- this week. They put on G -- -- It's a story of jealousy. Treachery. Revenge. And that's nothing compared to the -- next. To collide Cisco needs it is a -- -- -- -- and currently one of the -- speedy stocks. He's clashed before with these boxes. Now he says the poll -- management -- don't -- -- -- Updates and see what the Palestine Netanyahu we it's like being back in the days of Joseph -- you but you think that organizing meetings against what they're trying to force a soft assignment you can definitely that would they tried that last week and governors and told the -- teachers and the -- when he refused to -- with -- department which. Three weeks ago the troops artistic director -- -- it was attacked with -- -- -- -- Head of the Bolshoi has accused -- to scouted sick of creating an atmosphere of mudslinging and mayhem which many aspects of the incident. Cisco -- -- denies it and -- questions what happened. You're -- valuable book swept god forbid if the treaty was arrested he wouldn't be able to show your face for months. I don't know what the substance was without its idea that it wasn't what they -- and if you look until the specially commissioned TV shows that have been hinting that might invoke the it looks like the complaint against me. This isn't a density feel it but it's against me -- -- the company but they -- gets away with things. I'm speechless what can I tell and I really don't care what just going to -- about it I just hope that sanity. Would be healed as squeak past Kosovo and his -- -- -- -- space is on that she would join us. And the divorce -- will continue to work. The Bolshoi would clearly -- the focus now to switch back to its -- But the very public row which is broken out between one of its biggest -- and the management. Suggest that for now dramas -- stage will stay in the spotlight. Steve -- -- BBC news Moscow.

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{"id":18441622,"title":"Bolshoi Ballet Acid Attack: An Inside Job?","duration":"2:08","description":"Russian official says suspect who attacked director Sergei Filin may be a member of the troupe.","url":"/International/video/bolshoi-ballet-acid-attack-inside-job-18441622","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}