Former Bolshoi Dancer Found Guilty in Acid Attack

Pavel Dmitrichenko is sentenced to six years in prison for ordering attack on theater's artistic director.
5:09 | 12/03/13

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Transcript for Former Bolshoi Dancer Found Guilty in Acid Attack
I'm Dan -- -- -- -- ABC news digital special report justice for the ballet director. Burned by acid the man in charge of the world famous Bolshoi Ballet. Suffered severe burns whose face and eyes at the hands. Of one of his own dancers today Russian judge sentenced the -- to six years in jail and his accomplices who actually threw the -- to ten years in jail. The BBC's -- Buchanan reports. -- is world famous Bolshoi Ballet. The month long trial has exposed -- backstage atmosphere of bickering and rivalry. So poisonous that resulted in a nighttime attack against the company's artistic director. Sergei feeling was walking home last January when a -- man threw acid in his face. Mr. -- -- suffered severe facial injuries which left him partially blind. The man who ordered the attack was the star don't -- pop build the -- teaching kept. Apparently because of arguments of the application of the best -- rose. He and his two accomplices when -- -- too cool to hear the guilty verdict. Vista to be teaching has claimed he hadn't -- -- to be used. But the man he hides to rough -- -- artistic director was an ex convict unity said Lipsky who said that throwing acid was his own idea. The other defendant was his drive. It's been the biggest scandal ever to embroil the iconic ballet company and its internal politics of still -- A -- this week the music direct -- suddenly resigned without explanation and many Buchanan BBC news. So for more on that -- -- bring it ABC's here -- and Moscow. Here at this story has captivated so much attention the Bolshoi Ballet obviously world renowned -- always -- for the top spot. But to attack the director that really. Grabbed headlines. Yes that's way beyond anything that's ever happened is you know hundreds of years the Bolshoi Ballet. There -- stories of belly dancer's belt yet there's putting the eagles' other dancers dresses or broken glass and there's days -- slippers. But never anything like this so public so it has captured a lot of attention to city to city that -- -- so much. And everybody was looking at what happened -- court today what was the catalyst behind. This kind of an attack. Well. An upcoming dancer at the bulls showing and he says that she -- that he was passing over her because he was it. She would not pay -- favors an -- in some cases the money. That -- wanted for that so this is apparently some act of revenge. It's that highly competitive that that that that it -- to her determined to get on the roster to get on the -- bill. You don't just last month there was an American dancer -- Womack she was the first American to graduate from -- prestigious -- dance academy. And she said that at a certain point to bolster executive pulled aside and suggested it would cost her 101000 dollars it -- it. To advance her career she's -- -- of extortion so. This is the kind of thing that's sort of been going around the bulls were for a long -- accusations from some dancers. That they were urged to sleep with will -- patrons in exchange for for certain jobs. Others who said that they had to pay bribes or find patrons. -- -- in advance their careers so. This is so therefore what has been swirling around the bulls for a prolonged car but the -- and multiple surgeries from this attack but what about suffering long term lasting damage. He had to go to Germany for for for a for several surgeries hat by his count. Almost two dozen of them. They still continue he says that he is recovered some. Some cited Martin designs but the other one he says he still had a lot of trouble it. It seems accorded to him but he's going to have lasting damage for sure it is at this point he still he artistic director of the ballot. Yes it is is an active role and he's made it he made a big splashy return the other day when the the -- season opened earlier this fall. -- he says he's maintaining his role he has stepped back from more dated April he sold all the theater. What -- in Moscow itself what is been a local reaction to this to mean obviously. The attention that has been put on the Bolshoi a true and has is only been heightened since this case came -- Well this is a city that loves -- -- this is the city. Where you'll still find people in minus twenty -- temperatures light up for hours outside easier to go inside. Or good see you play. -- the city it really appreciates this kind of thing. I don't think we appreciate this kind of attention it really appreciate what's happening. Onstage not so much was happening offstage dedication beyond words ABC's -- -- -- Moscow Kara thank you for that. Of course you can get a complete recap right here on And on -- -- -- New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21081447,"title":"Former Bolshoi Dancer Found Guilty in Acid Attack","duration":"5:09","description":"Pavel Dmitrichenko is sentenced to six years in prison for ordering attack on theater's artistic director.","url":"/International/video/bolshoi-dancer-found-guilty-acid-attack-21081447","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}