British Kids Learn the 'Posh' Accent

Primary schools give elocution lessons so that children can be understood.
3:27 | 02/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for British Kids Learn the 'Posh' Accent
To many Americans that British accent suggests a proper and sophisticated way of speaking. But even Britain there's a right way and a wrong way to speak and our primary school in Essex is getting its students started early on the bright syllable. The BBC's -- satchel takes us there. -- and and figured in on these days. This has become something of the YouTube the -- and the accent challenge. And -- You say a list of what's in -- an accident and courts also people from Essex have done it. Terry T primary school class and the children a warming up for and -- -- -- stretching. -- -- Kenny keen on the corners of my mouth as -- back. Children are being told to speak in what they cool but polish police. -- The school insists this isn't about getting reads of that six actions. I -- different accents gain in I would say is that it's important that number one on the stage so you can. If -- message across from the runway and make them what kind of impact. Analysts say in this instance is helping -- -- -- fact. And spelling is -- -- children of sorts read using Informix breaking what's up into individual sounds. The trouble is if you pronounce it think. You'll probably spell -- -- think. Execution is changing -- last. -- -- -- -- -- And it's all act he Annie and panera saint town can -- -- he -- This huge change anything fun meet current. Pace. -- -- -- eat and not think -- I won't. Fat sack. And -- say something nice -- sparrow it. And hold its name change if you -- -- like you have stepping you can -- it. And I enjoy speaking has excised and trustees and public speaking I -- war. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just this fall slumped pulled. -- plan to cut you -- and what does she think she -- -- so me. Vote. The end of the school day Sobel the moms and execs make of believed he should -- lusty sex and until -- -- executives -- -- to -- -- It just tells us they just yes who's -- to them. That's not what's not what's up missile -- -- -- -- -- I added some -- -- and challenged some words approving the beat tricky. Mark on my boat. I'm Bob parents. Perhaps the only way these -- luckiest. -- -- -- BBC news at six.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Primary schools give elocution lessons so that children can be understood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"15786001","title":"British Kids Learn the 'Posh' Accent","url":"/International/video/british-kids-learn-posh-accent-15786001"}