British Police Investigate 'Modern-Day Slavery' of 3 Women

Police claim the women were held captive by a couple for more than 30 years.
1:29 | 11/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for British Police Investigate 'Modern-Day Slavery' of 3 Women
British police are just beginning to unravel what is being described as -- -- case of modern slavery ever uncovered in person. The three women set to be -- -- were held captive by a couple in their sixties in -- and in South London for thirteen years undetected. Until now. -- women as 69 year old Malaysian a 57 year old from Ireland and a -- year old British woman were deprived of any normal contact with the outside world. For three decades. The youngest is believed to have been born in captivity. There ordeal finally caved in and -- month. When the Irish woman contacted to charity which advises and supports victims. -- forced marriages or -- based violence -- -- watching a TV program about domestic slavery. When we took the cooler the help -- sentiment. I think freedom look completely it was an eponymous Timothy things any Boston have a -- of peaceful. Police say there are no signs of sexual abuse or human trafficking they do you believe they were physically abused. The -- obviously wrong. -- -- -- -- -- -- With professionals in order to establish the facts and circumstances. And that's -- -- ongoing case work -- -- Investigators say police searched the couple's home for twelve hours carrying away thousands of pieces of evidence. The parent who had not been named yet are out on bail until January pending further inquiries. Lot of -- and ABC news London.

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{"id":20982513,"title":"British Police Investigate 'Modern-Day Slavery' of 3 Women","duration":"1:29","description":"Police claim the women were held captive by a couple for more than 30 years.","url":"/International/video/british-police-investigate-modern-day-slavery-women-20982513","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}