'Military Coup Underway' In Cairo: Muslim Brotherhood

A deadline to leave office expires as Egyptian military claims it has President Morsi under arrest.
4:20 | 07/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Military Coup Underway' In Cairo: Muslim Brotherhood
This is a special room. Report from the ABC news. Hello when I'm down Cutler -- New York with his ABC news digital special report Egyptian television is reporting that Egypt's president -- -- -- Is under arrest but a presidential spokesperson denies that and the Muslim Brotherhood a political party of the president. Is claiming that a military coup he is under way. At this hour more -- Refused the military's demands to either enact reforms that was demanded by millions of protesters that you are seen in tahrir square or. Step down and give the president more C a morning deadline that has now come and passed. Military officers have taken control of key facilities in Cairo including the newsroom of a state run television station. If reports of a -- are in fact true it marks the second time in just more than two years. But the military removed the country's leader. As millions are marching in the streets in the biggest rallies in the nation that they have seen it is led to clashes with police -- blamed for at least 39 deaths. ABC's Karen Travers live in Washington now with -- developments as all eyes are on Egypt Karen. Hi Dan as you said there are state reports that say that president Morrissey is under house arrest by the president's spokesman denies that and right now this is a very fluid situation very tense situation. And that military deadline has coming gone yet president -- -- remains very defiant. Years enter explain Egypt. And on the brink of chaos. Millions of protesters are calling on president Mohamed -- to step down. The Egyptian military gave Morrissey a deadline of -- PM today Kyra time to reach an agreement with the protesters. Around the alarm would impose their. Their own solutions and attention. That deadline has and -- said -- I'm not going anywhere overnight more than twenty people were killed and hundreds have been injured as -- some supporters clashed with his opponents. Millions of angry -- say more -- hasn't enacted the reforms they expected. And his Muslim Brotherhood political party once too much control young egyptians calling themselves. Yeah started the demonstrations. This young woman told ABC news in the new constitution there's no role -- he said. In the era of more -- -- have no place the anger is also driven by Egypt's decimated economy -- once vital tourism industry struggling without American visitors. The iconic pyramids practically empty. This goes up. -- Americans on board in the month how much money did you make this week. This week this. -- can balance just -- pounds plus in this two dollars. Milliken. Dan the Obama administration says that president -- -- must take steps to show he's responsive to the demonstrators but Dan. They didn't specify what exactly those steps should be. Kerry obviously it's a fluid situation over there -- what does the military indicated they will do if in fact more seat is remove. The first and foremost military insists that this was not going to be a coup that this is actually -- -- defending the will of the people and this is the best way to do that and it also it clearly trying to position control for what will inevitably be more clashes. No matter what president Morrissey does but the game plan going forward right now would still be. Evolving as the situation -- but it could look like something like a presidential council with representatives from both sides taking part. But of course president Morrissey says he's not going anywhere so it doesn't look like he's gonna go down without a fight and be very interesting to see. If he is willing to concede any power at all. -- -- ABC's Karen Travers for us in Washington Karen thank you for that and of course as -- look at a lot pictures of tahrir square vacancy. Millions of demonstrators have come out there demanding that president -- more -- stepped down after the military had imposed a 48 hour ultimatum. To either yield to the reforms that have been demanded by those protesters or in fact. Stepped down the situation now obviously growing more intense and of course -- have a complete report on abcnews.com. And monitor the situation you can see from tahrir square. On our live stream for now I'm Dan -- there in New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":19567814,"title":"'Military Coup Underway' In Cairo: Muslim Brotherhood","duration":"4:20","description":"A deadline to leave office expires as Egyptian military claims it has President Morsi under arrest.","url":"/International/video/cairo-egypt-protests-military-coup-underway-cairo-digital-19567814","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}