Cardinal Christoph Schonborn: Papal Contender

The 68-year-old Austrian studied under Pope Benedict XVI.
1:45 | 03/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cardinal Christoph Schonborn: Papal Contender
Cardinal Christoph -- -- of Vienna is 68. Eight years old. Blue blood it's in a Red Hat he should count as well as the cardinals he has 71. -- -- and -- picked castle north west of Prague. Comes from a long line of bohemian princes all the way back to the holy Roman empire. -- shouldn't horn was a student of Joseph Ratzinger some have called him Benedict spiritual son. He edited the Catholic catechism the church's 900 page FAQ. Speaks seven languages including English always this soft spoken conservative. There's a big movement of oh coming together what we called global globalization. Eight -- BC's mainly a policy Steve. Movement it's. Going away from from -- from from deal positional two blocks to who common. It common responsibility he and and and and the conscience vote or to unique -- the world. -- Boren has been on the right side of the sex abuse scandal his predecessor as archbishop of Vienna resigned over accusations of child abuse. Jim Boren said the days of the cover up -- over saying Christian forgiveness should not be used just to favor of the users. He publicly said he believes the charges against his predecessors. Stance that got him in hot water in Rome. -- Gordon has earned a reputation as a cool head in the crisis well liked as well as well bred here. This eighteenth century stained glass window -- three generations of -- birds. Half a dozen of whom -- bishops archbishops. Cardinals. But so far. Never.

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{"id":18705832,"title":"Cardinal Christoph Schonborn: Papal Contender","duration":"1:45","description":"The 68-year-old Austrian studied under Pope Benedict XVI.","url":"/International/video/cardinal-christoph-schoenborn-papal-contender-18705832","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}