Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer: Papal Contender

The German-Brazilian, 63, is the archbishop of Sao Paolo.
1:06 | 03/11/13

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Transcript for Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer: Papal Contender
Cardinal -- -- share of Brazil in 63. Archbishop of Sao Paulo which has more Roman Catholic. Alex and the entire population of New York City nearly nine million of them. Brazil is powerhouse of Latin America it has more Catholics than any country on earth. Shearer was born there the son of German immigrants he also spent seven years working at the Vatican in the influential congregation of bishops. In progress in Brazil he's seen as conservative he's -- hard against the effort to relax Brazilian laws restricting abortion. But others might see him as moderate. -- supporters have been selling him as the perfect Brazilian bland. And new world pastor with old world family ties and Vatican experience. Picking him would -- to change the center of gravity of the church. But things aren't always as they -- juror has been widely thought to be the favorite of Vatican insiders especially the controversial dean of the college of -- Los Angeles -- Brazilian front the Italian political machine.

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{"id":18705427,"title":"Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer: Papal Contender","duration":"1:06","description":"The German-Brazilian, 63, is the archbishop of Sao Paolo.","url":"/International/video/cardinal-odilo-pedro-scherer-papal-contender-18705427","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}