China coming back to life

Students have returned home to China after U.S. schools closed.
5:09 | 04/18/20

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Transcript for China coming back to life
As federal and state officials make plans for reopening the country already China where the outbreak started life as. Ever so slightly demeaning to get back to normal tonight. Two students who attended high school here in the United States are giving us an inside look at their hometowns in China now in recovery. And that one big change authorities there say it may be key to keeping people safe here's ABC's Devin Dwyer. It's a return to rush hour in Shanghai China city parks seen families again among the cherry blossoms the river walk teeming with life. Nearly everyone wearing masks. I can base legal every anywhere I wing anti. Late last this year Bob and gone harassment and. Lilly Chan is a senior at Shattuck saint Mary in American boarding school in southern Minnesota. In March when the school shut down over corporate nineteen Chan and dozens of her high school classmates scrambled to catch flights home. I listen let me. Laurie Obama event aegis my dad is back from war on it. Says US current home and then nobody knows what's gonna happen so you are aren't. Stephen Saunders senior guard on the school's basketball team evacuated home to hang Joseph China. A nerve wracking trip from a virus hot zone on one continent to another. Did you ever think you usually in junior high school degree back. Com. I left shattered. Com and was easily I never heard blue. By Friday it actually a lot of along with my friends and arm. He sure is well armed it was pretty those critics are this students more than. 35 hour journey home ending in long lines and medical screenings and yellow sticker on Julie Chen's passport mandating fourteen days of quarantine. Which he spent at home with their parents and three cats. Comments another good. Finish. It's just no way I can span editors I. Angel. I have. Years ago. Like so many high school seniors in the US chant and song abruptly disconnected from that American dream. Senior seasons on the drill squad in basketball team cut short forced to finish classes remotely on a thirteen hour time difference. Just this year we're. Sort. We're a small town and our site Minneapolis is not sexy destination. Saw the map. Andrew girl Lynn ski overseas Shattuck some new remote classes for international students. Chan and song are two of the stars both excepted to US universities this fall. Most universities just like us are very optimistic. And planning for a normal school here to. Are we we simply must but with everybody's talked about two eclipsed we're gonna see a lot. A lot more chasing all mine and there's going to be a sheep. Tufts University were Chan hopes to study biology in studio art warns its fall freshman there start date may be subject to sudden or unexpected delays. Song hopes to make it to New York City to study nutrition at NYU. School planning an on time start of the school year. But saying it's prepared to make the necessary adjustments for safety. Back in China the students documenting those signs of recovery street cleaners in delivery drivers back on the job. Subways and trains drawing throngs of passengers. Even Stephens on Starbucks and hang show open for business with customers lingering over a lot takes punitive. Still having rigs all getting an Arab. There's no panic about it. Just word of mass. An armed just go to back to normal life instead stay in quarantine now. The biggest change in many Chinese cities a maze of checkpoints and temperature checks. Song shows us how authorities used in for red thermometers to screen residents in his neighborhood. And give people suspected of being sick to stay home when we are entering. Dollar shopping malls all her arms aren't even big enough Matthew are armed temperature and data. Massey usually duo hungry co. In order to enter the green code and his cellphone proof he hasn't tested positive for corona virus. Every resident required to carry it affected health status passport is they go about daily life. What did you think when you heard Americans talking about this is the Chinese virus or do Wuhan. Iris. I'm did that bother you. Personally didn't they end basis they aired freedom thank you. End. I'm gonna talk about. Just he brass local. The virus still a serious threat she says the digging contained. We're seeing a drag race eight inch area not. So I've got there's yet breaks. Down. The message of hope to all her American friends sent from where this pandemic began. For ABC news live on Devin Dwyer in Washington. Grateful for that message of hope and our thanks to DeVon for that.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"Students have returned home to China after U.S. schools closed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"70219538","title":"China coming back to life","url":"/International/video/china-coming-back-life-70219538"}