Chris Stevens' Road to Ambassadorship

The slain U.S. ambassador addressed the Libyan people in an online video from May 2012.
3:00 | 09/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chris Stevens' Road to Ambassadorship
-- Monica my name is Chris Stevens and I'm the new US ambassador to the I had the honor to serve as the US envoy to the Libyan opposition during the revolution. I was thrilled to watch the Libyan people stand up and demand their right. I'm excited to return to Libya to continue the great work -- -- Building a solid partnership between the United States and Libya to help you the Libyan people achieve your goals. Right now I'm in Washington preparing for my site. As I walk around the monuments and memorials commemorating the courageous men and women who made America what it is. I'm reminded that we -- went through challenging periods. When America was divided by a bitter civil war 150. Years ago. President Abraham Lincoln had the vision and the courage to pull the nation together and help us move forward. Toward a shared goal of peace and prosperity. Growing up in California. I didn't know much about the Arab world. Then after graduating from the University of California at Berkeley and I traveled to north -- of peace corps volunteer. I worked as an English teacher in the town in the high Atlas Mountains in Morocco for two years and quickly grew to love this part of the world. Since joining the foreign service I've spent almost my entire career in the Middle East and North Africa. One of the things that impressed me when I was last in -- Was listening to stories from the people who are old enough to travel and study in the United States back when we -- closer relations. Those days are back. We had 1700. Libyan supply from Fulbright grants to study in the United States this year more than any country in the world. Now we know that -- is still recovering from an intense period of conflict and there are many courageous Libyans who bear the scars of that battle. We're happy that we've been able to treat some of your war wounded -- US hospitals. We look forward to building partnerships between American and -- in hospitals to help. Return -- health care system to the extraordinary standards of excellence at once -- -- Over my shoulder here you can see the US capitol build. In that building 535. Elected representatives from every corner of America come together to debate the issues of the day. They are men and women from every religious ethnic and family background. I look forward to watching that -- developed equally strong institutions of government. Education and health care are just two of the many areas right see opportunities for close partnership between United States and -- I look forward to exploring those possibilities with you as we work together to build a free democratic prosperous Libya. See you soon.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The slain U.S. ambassador addressed the Libyan people in an online video from May 2012.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"17217179","title":"Chris Stevens' Road to Ambassadorship","url":"/International/video/chris-stevens-road-to-ambassadorship-17217179"}