The Clink: Fine Dining Behind Prison Walls

Inmates cook for hungry patrons at restaurant at Welsh prison in Cardiff.
3:00 | 09/21/12

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Transcript for The Clink: Fine Dining Behind Prison Walls
There is a fantastic new restaurant. In the most unlikely of places it's called look points and Matt Freddie clink of glass says metaphor at the location we have more now from the BBC's how -- -- Meet the ship's -- along the stretch the clean golfers fresh crab ravioli and goat's cheese tops. Inmates like Kenyon -- but looking here will help prepare them the -- back into the community. An apartment -- so it would experience and into the game. The -- at the restaurant is a world away from -- the inmates eat themselves. -- paid twelve pounds a week but the killings did not -- that it be exploited. All the prisoners who worked in the clink -- have to agree. The ministry of justice insists -- not being given an easy time or an unfair advantage. When it comes to competing for work on the outside prison is just about and it's also about public protection. It's also about rehabilitation. If it's -- -- the fickle restaurant business quickly and we need to be -- and just a novelty. Fist diners seemed impressed with the quality of the -- I -- graphics. I -- I think it's. The -- there is nothing they doesn't relax muscles -- -- and AM. That is fantastic. We could consider this your concern today is has been the test and I prevention actions to. I -- baby cheeks and witness I was expecting to be like ten event in a red points or switches and -- rich -- is preying on. The ministry of justice already has plans to open two links -- -- across the UK. Meaning fine dining behind bars could be on the way to a prison need you.

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{"id":17292060,"title":"The Clink: Fine Dining Behind Prison Walls","duration":"3:00","description":"Inmates cook for hungry patrons at restaurant at Welsh prison in Cardiff.","url":"/International/video/clink-fine-dining-prison-walls-17292060","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}