Clinton on Mideast Ceasefire: 'America's Commitment to Israel's Security Is Rock Solid'

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discusses ceasefire with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
5:58 | 11/20/12

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Transcript for Clinton on Mideast Ceasefire: 'America's Commitment to Israel's Security Is Rock Solid'
This is a special report. From ABC news now. -- what I'm Dan Cutler -- New York what we're looking at a live shot of Jerusalem where we are waiting secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Set to address the growing concerns about the conflict in the Gaza Strip. The secretary of state has landed in Israel there are. Increased efforts there to broker a cease fire between Israeli military and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip the secretary cutting short. Her East Asia trip with the president all because of the increasing violence in this now seven they conflict. Hamas and Islamic Jihad they have -- a cease fire we'll go into effect tonight but Israel is -- -- that talks. Have gotten that far let's listen in now as the secretary of state and the prime minister. Address those gathered. I want welcomed us Secretary. Clinton wants to go to Jerusalem. I want to thank President Obama you MG. American government and people. With a strong support -- through his -- community. Also a special support. Lives. And we. -- Reasons and -- Two. Years. And doing excellent met -- He. -- Terrorist enemies. And parts of maximum. And obviously no country. -- If there's possibly -- in the long term solutions well. -- -- -- -- -- -- Two different. This is something. Actors. And you. -- -- -- wants answers. From. Thank you very much prime minister farmers me. Productive discussion see such a critical moment -- -- region. Content in Israel very clear message. America's commitment to Israel's security is rock solid plan on wavering. That is why we believe it is essential to. The rocket attacks from terrorist organizations. Inside Gaza on Israelis cities and towns must end. And -- broader -- -- story. The goal must be a durable outcome that promotes regional stability and advances the security. Legitimate aspirations. Israelis Palestinians alike. President Obama has emphasized. These same points in his multiple conversations. With president Morrissey of Egypt and we appreciate. President -- seize personal leadership. And Egypt's efforts thus far. As a regional leader and neighbor Egypt has the opportunity and responsibility. To continue play. A provisional and constructive role in this process. I will carry his message to Cairo tomorrow. -- of the consulting with President Abbas in Ramallah. Let me also say to act the prime minister. I'm very pleased that the iron -- defense system is performing so well. Our partnership in support of this system. Represents America's enduring commitment to the safety and security and the Israeli people. And -- Israel's right to defend itself. But no defense is perfect. And our hearts break for the loss of every civilian. Israeli and Palestinian and for all those that will -- Or who are living in fear and danger. I know today it was a difficult day and I offer my deepest condolences to -- The loved ones of those who were lost and injured. In the -- there is no substitute for security and -- just and lasting peace. And the current prices certainly. Focuses us on the urgency of this broader goal. So in the days and had the United States will work with our partners here in Israel and across the region. -- an outcome that bolsters security for the people and Israel. Truce conditions for the people of Gaza. And moves toward a comprehensive peace for all people of the region. I think you prime minister or on your hospitality. And look forward to our discussion. -- And so that's got to vote began between the secretary of state in a prime minister there the secretary arriving in Israel as a short time ago. Again to make discussions happen. About the possibility of -- Secretary Clinton -- America's commitment to Israel. Is rock solid the situation in the Gaza Strip very fluid and very active at this hour. Of course stay with ABC news now and For the very latest. As these days unfold. -- it's -- a special with the from in the ABC news now.

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{"id":17771668,"title":"Clinton on Mideast Ceasefire: 'America's Commitment to Israel's Security Is Rock Solid'","duration":"5:58","description":"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discusses ceasefire with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.","url":"/International/video/clinton-mideast-ceasefire-americas-commitment-israels-security-rock-17771668","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}