A closer look at what happened to the Boeing jet in the Ethiopian crash

A 737 flight simulator gives a closer look at flying while a plane goes down.
3:32 | 03/19/19

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Transcript for A closer look at what happened to the Boeing jet in the Ethiopian crash
The investigation continues into. The Ethiopian plane crash on that Boeing 737. Acts that killed everyone on board David Curley has a closer look into this he's in a flight simulator. In Canada David. Tim we are in Toronto this is a simulator for a 737 this is actually the version before the maxis is the next gen. There really aren't any Max. Simulators that are available to public Air Canada has one Boeing has won in Miami bit. American Airlines doesn't get there are Max simulator until December of this year but we're gonna use this to try and show you. What happened in the line aircraft the first crash of a Max but first let me give you a little bit of the news. I am told that investigators from the NTSB are going to. Oddest out of in Ethiopia where the Ethiopians have taken the data from the two black boxes that means that the analysis from the Ethiopian crashes started well. French investigators have told us there are similarities between the two crashes is set data we'll tell us. Was are actually something the same to happen and was it what's called MCAS which is an anti stall system which is new to the Max and Erin Murphy who's a flight instructor it's gonna help us. Gonna give you a sense of what that would have done. In the Max in the lion air crash and it if it had anything to do with the Ethiopia which we don't know yet. So stalling his when your plane is running out of air speed and you start to fall out of the sky. Claimed as a wanna do that you do the passengers of the pilot and so it's an automatic system that wants and goes down the aircraft to gain airspeed so you can fly again. So let's put this into what would be an MCAS it would automatically if its thinking installing a lawyer or not we jetliner they weren't stalling. The plane thought they were good computer thought they were telling absolutely correct so it's it it noses down since the yoke on its own the columns useful that's right. So the flight controls are gonna serve reacting these are my flight controls really the flight path of the aircraft and I'm feeling a very heavy sensation of these controls as that MCAS malfunction occurs go down and we are any doubt you could see it nearly of the airline air that they were fighting pulling back and having a hard time pulling back on the train trying to get the truth to recover from this trim down condition. And it would continue to fight in it becomes a really really heavy see saw situation today. Not gonna come back to it was a good thing and it comes to mobilize Muslim or we do that so that pilots and lion air did not give love interest back on just show our audience. So the idea is. Listen this automation is doing something I built on it to do. The Boeing procedure which they pointed out after lying there and talked about in reiterated with all of you is if you don't like the automation. The shortest answer is just turn off the automation you can fly the airplane just fine annually rights that you would. Turn off the auto pilot pilot off and now bids that detail work horizontal tail is what noses there's still going down because there's a secondary system that's causing this problem that's the end cast malfunctioning. I'm coming to the stabilizer trim switches I just. Isolated DN cast by turning that off. Now I have manual control the aircraft. But I do have to retrain its able to get the nose to come back up to cruise or in this case I wanna start climbing it is I'm getting very close to ground. A trimming trimming trimming I can feel the pressures coming out of control called. Overseas once again completely meant you were sliding it player of the old school Manuel a lot of pilot whatsoever and automated systems except the auto thrust at this point. Erin Murphy thank you very much that gives you a sense of what they're supposed to do which is basically. Set off the system and by the aircraft's. Jim back to you.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"A 737 flight simulator gives a closer look at flying while a plane goes down. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61786005","title":"A closer look at what happened to the Boeing jet in the Ethiopian crash","url":"/International/video/closer-happened-boeing-jet-ethiopian-crash-61786005"}