Conclave to Elect Next Pope Begins March 12

Cardinals will attend Mass in the morning before entering the Conclave to start election process.
3:00 | 03/08/13

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Transcript for Conclave to Elect Next Pope Begins March 12
This from the Vatican just moments ago we have learned that the papal conclave will in fact start this coming Tuesday -- will start that day on Tuesday then the cardinals will enter the conclave to begin the election process. We go right now to Eyewitness News. Tuesday with a home. Yeah. They -- the word came out while we were out a very rainy Saint Peter's Square that the cardinals following their second meeting up following because they're still in it during their second meeting conversational general congregation today. They came to a decision that they will now all the conclave to the next electrical on Tuesday -- Tuesday and more specifically Tuesday afternoon in the morning. They will hold a mass inside saint Peter's basilica -- only we'll -- her spiritual guidance and his sermons. The cardinals hope that that spiritual guidance full elect. Not so much the right man but that they would select the man chosen by god. Now they are still in session their decision follows a week of meetings -- general congregations and in some cases to meetings today yesterday and today they discussed my -- a number of issues among them spiritual leadership -- government that governments but also some other rather interesting issues from bio ethics to the role of women in that church that is certainly a big -- again the first vote will take place Tuesday afternoon can you know as well as everyone else they traditionally -- one vote on the first day and if necessary from thereafter -- -- -- 2 in the morning to in the afternoon.

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{"id":18685032,"title":"Conclave to Elect Next Pope Begins March 12","duration":"3:00","description":"Cardinals will attend Mass in the morning before entering the Conclave to start election process.","url":"/International/video/conclave-elect-pope-begins-march-12-18685032","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}