Crisis in Syria: Evacuations as Tensions Rise

Thousands flee as the U.N. team of chemical weapons inspectors prepares to wrap up its mission.
1:36 | 08/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Crisis in Syria: Evacuations as Tensions Rise
All this talk about retaliation has people in Syria running scared. -- let's get the very latest from ABC's Molly hunter who is live in our Jerusalem bureau good morning Molly let me start here tell us about the evacuations that are going on in Syria. Good morning that we've heard of thousands of people fleeing from area -- -- normally there's a pretty steady flow Syrian. And street eleven on but in the last 48 hours we've -- a much different demographic we've seen wealthy Syrians from Damascus with Damascus license -- I'm now we -- the main road from Damascus to being really. Is actually devoid of army checkpoint usually army checkpoints are riddled. Throughout that read so we think that maybe the army had a -- -- that -- in preparation. For what six. -- about the weapons inspectors in the United Nations that are inside Syria what's the latest on them. They're expected to -- -- again today it had -- is. Field visits as we said Monday it was kind of a rocky start Tuesday they laid low and yesterday they headed out again. Yesterday at Secretary General bank -- That his team inside Syria would need a total of four. Am local time now the thinking is that the US will not strike while UN weapons in -- While UN weapons inspectors are on the ground so we're waiting and watching to see if the weapons inspector it. Eight through the weekend or if they get out of there. -- -- on -- reporting live from terrorism thank you.

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{"id":20106163,"title":"Crisis in Syria: Evacuations as Tensions Rise","duration":"1:36","description":"Thousands flee as the U.N. team of chemical weapons inspectors prepares to wrap up its mission.","url":"/International/video/crisis-syria-evacuations-tensions-rise-20106163","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}