Deadly Grenade Attack on Belgian City

A man attacked holiday shoppers at a square in the city of Liege.
1:12 | 12/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly Grenade Attack on Belgian City
The death stolen -- grenade and gun attack in Belgium is now up to four including the attacker and among the victims. -- fifteen year old boy and a seventeen year old girl. At least 75 people were wounded when the man tossed hand grenades and opened fire in the crowded center we. Police say it's not clear whether the man then killed himself or was killed accidentally. I was driving -- -- -- The markets. Who I thought -- was something like -- that was broken something. You know -- against. Second boom -- glass breaking. Special people who are running and screaming. Gordon -- sold on the markets all the people -- leaving the team that's. I stuffed with she had withheld some people. Everybody. People most vocal incite people witness and so policeman it becomes. The more that it was don't believe it's.

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{"id":15147173,"title":"Deadly Grenade Attack on Belgian City","duration":"1:12","description":"A man attacked holiday shoppers at a square in the city of Liege.","url":"/International/video/deadly-grenade-attack-on-belgian-city-of-liege-15147173","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}