Deadly protests in Iraq rock the Middle East

An anti-government protest in Iraq is just one of many demonstrations in the Middle East.
3:01 | 11/05/19

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Transcript for Deadly protests in Iraq rock the Middle East
And guy is and more air war full horrifying news we're moving overseas to the bloodshed. In Iraq them over a month of violent protests there were more than. 275. People have died and thousands more. Injured on these protests are sweeping. Across the Middle East with no Indian sites are Middle East producer Matt in the Geary joins us now from the group. Matt thank you for being with us I just want to start with Iraq because that's what I was talking about spurs can you remind us of why the Iraqi People are protesting. Good morning Kimberly the Iraqi People are pretty much testing the same thing that government needs people are. Which is a government they you know news rot in affected. And not a member anti public service. In both cases in a rock as well as an on the rulers have been able to. And wolf for many years by convincing people that sectarian divides are bearing reality people are full of the secretary the and now the new generation is coming up and saying we're not quite as entices others where our grandfathers it's we identified more. It's members of each and we have gotten more of a stronger national identity. And we want to do away with the old order. The old rulers. If we don't want to be ruled by. Who are corrupt state for more from the public purse and return nothing. Lots. Do you think that and the protests there have sort of influence. The protest in other parts of the Middle East because it's sweeping all over the the Arab nations right now. There is news that there's a new ground swell of protest to start happening in the last few weeks. Many observers are calling this Arab Spring two point hollow. We've had we've and unrest in Sudan and looks like the people that are many bonds. Have been able to form a new. Public spirited coalition government. We had Algeria with the same thing. In Lebanon in you know rock. Doesn't seem to be like they'll be any calls about some at least in the short term. The difference between Lebanon in Iraq nearly lose. Is as you pointed out in the introduction. In Iraq it's been very bloody so far we've had at least 275 people killed just in the suit weeks of protests. And that numbers probable decline and this protest continues. Let Knox is much more peaceful so far the police and the security forces and intervened and middle try and move people away from. Some. But in both the cases it fears that the government are stalling for time. They don't seem to be ready to hand over power just yet. People it is both countries. Quit so any bank at odds about. RA down lots of unrest demo wanna thank you Matt Aguirre right there in Beirut thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"An anti-government protest in Iraq is just one of many demonstrations in the Middle East.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66767064","title":"Deadly protests in Iraq rock the Middle East","url":"/International/video/deadly-protests-iraq-rock-middle-east-66767064"}