U.N. Declares Emergency Over Iraqi Refugee Crisis

U.S. launches more airstrikes to help Kurdish forces in fight against ISIS.
8:46 | 08/15/14

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Transcript for U.N. Declares Emergency Over Iraqi Refugee Crisis
You can. Tens of thousands without homes escaping the terror of ices. The UN declaring an emergency for the Iraqis displaced by the advance of the Sunni militant group and now today the UN Security Council. Looking to authorize the use of economic and military force to take down I. Right now the international hot -- Iraq. Alert the one I'm Susan -- in Washington DC the crisis in Iraq deepening a change of government is expected in Baghdad as Kurdish forces are battling the group known as crisis. Now calls itself the Islamic state in Northern Iraq. ABC's Mohammad -- -- was at the front lines with the Kurdish -- murder forces. And spoke to one soldier about the fight against -- here's -- that interview. How long have you been fighting on the front lines about -- now two months it is it easy being here. It is not easy ball is something you have to do anything they can't just let it go like -- -- does come -- mighty Donovan quote action because this before so what's gonna happen if crisis makes it through here. They're gonna accuse everyone we don't know delicate effort the delicate about sheets -- all of -- young one woman -- everyone to dislike is too easy for them to good people. Other troops and other checkpoints had just fled. Is that can happen it. They don't it is that -- I don't know if something you're fighting for what you might -- deflecting -- and unfold on few. -- -- quite -- more guns 6070 has now sold because as of their employees -- to dust jacket design isn't. Can you be done of course the front of -- They have missiles they have rockets and tanks we -- into. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we need to be licensed no really but he needs the equipment. Don't have I mean how you up and while. They all have these obvious weapon of this some constitutional what oh as well -- -- -- businesses. So this is only get outs and nobody -- he gets by with nobody -- there. He had no body armor and -- how to fight the clintons have a rifle and a sudden loss of Harvey have you up embargo -- still sort. People -- they have rocket to have nearly -- on the community and yes because the US army. When -- done to you don't missile. -- -- at the -- -- -- -- -- How are you going to be and they had tanks they have rockets they have modern weapons you know like they are fighting for nothing -- real -- before -- because you believe something that's -- reflect what. But bigger in the fight photo of money or -- oh photo resembles what -- output before -- -- to -- some. -- -- here did not Islam that you just young guy is -- the Islam altogether it plugged in -- that don't. Except -- -- others and who what do you need. -- -- Yeah yeah just fell below the ultimate thing the only thing we need good -- have you often heavy wet -- but what are heavy weapons described. I mean have you up and the other and it's anything bigger than here on this. Now we're joined by ABC's -- Lila who is back in their appeal Mohammed. Tell us the situation on the ground right now she -- control of Northern Iraq. Susan that's a very good question you know today -- made the mistake of saying I was in Northern Iraq to a friend. And he replied and he said you know there is no such thing as Northern Iraq it's actually Kurdistan. That's what the Kurds in Northern Iraq is it's an independent. -- is -- -- it's an autonomous. Part of Iraq the Kurdish troops are known as the Kurdish passion -- There legendary fighters they say they belong to the soil. And they will continue to defendant's right now I can say -- -- losing control of Northern Iraq right now it's the cash Marta. We do have crisis those Islamic state fighters that are in pockets certainly -- already taking control of Mosul and some of the villages around Mosul. But for the most part it's the cards that are in power and in charge here. And from what you've seen those Kurdish forces hold back -- To be blunt -- camps. As much as the fighters. Are are proud fighters have a long tradition of being able to -- their land. As you saw that clip that you just -- There's simply outgunned they just don't have the weapons just don't have the advanced machinery the diocese has stolen or captured from the Iraqi Army. The way it works is like this America. Is new weapons new armored vehicles and -- this equipment to Iraqi Army. -- -- came and capture that from Iraqi Army so -- is very well armed right. The US and they're using tactics they're very north of. It. -- in -- there for the US launched more airstrikes again today is that doing enough to help hold prices down. Absolutely we we've spoken of -- -- commanders I've spoken to the deputy prime minister here in Iraq and they all say that he airstrikes have been crucial. Obviously they're not getting rid of -- those airstrikes but what they're doing is they're stopping ice is from advancing forward. In some cases ice is was getting close to another town called irbil irbil is a place that has so a lot of American interest a lot of American diplomats and business people -- Interest here Brent and Obama has has indicated that -- it was a red light that America will descended. Also those airstrikes and actually pushed -- is back and they're no longer advancing towards air bill. Of course they can always events and other cities the question is you know will there be more airstrikes and how many more airstrikes would take -- finally decapitate ices. Our perks up folks and -- scared. You know they were there there's a real sense of fear once once ices. Troops nicest fighters. Started coming down that road I went to the checkpoint that's about half an hour away from -- It's basically a single road. And crisis is just a couple of miles on the other side of -- road if ice is rolled down with a convoy into the city of irbil it would be a disaster. Politically militarily pictures of humanitarian situation. It would be disasters so far the Kurds are holding outlined. But they're not as -- straight as they were a couple. Weeks ago when ice has looked like it was good to go to town it looks like -- is secure from now -- it's very much likes his huge. -- Mohammed the White House seemed to indicate the situation on -- -- jar was not dire enough to warrant US rescue mission. But it seems as though they're still quite a lot of people trapped up there right. -- absolutely it was the problem I spoke with some senior US officials here as the talks that the air strike humanitarian airlift for going on. The problem from day one what does it. American officials really didn't have a -- clue exactly how many people were trapped on -- -- It started out -- -- -- started out there. You know maybe 20000 people were trapped wind at 101000 went out of 5000. We're hearing now there might be around 2003000. That are still on that now. Content in the United Nations as they're not sure -- the people were on that mountain. Are there by choice or if they're there because they're trapped. And so it's it's a very -- situation what we do know is that it. The flow of refugees from that mountain into the refugee camps to below has slowed down to a trickle -- may -- just a few hundred every -- cross border. So whatever refugees are there it's clear that there are not coming. And prime minister Nouri Al-Maliki is set to relinquish power are people in a -- hopeful that their new prime minister can drive about crisis. Yeah absolutely you know Iraq is a country that's fractured along sectarian lines. Well we've been hearing from all the other sexton on Shiite -- because you know Maliki has a very powerful Shiite bloc in this country. From the -- -- from the Kurdish leaders. They -- say the same thing they say anybody but Maliki they were ready to work. Reconciliation on some kind of unification the country as long as -- was power. They don't mind if its Shiite prime minister they say that Maliki was the what it was consolidating power amongst themselves as allies. And -- hopeful that another prime minister will effectively get this country clean slate. -- that all of the country's minorities all of the country's ethnic groups can work together to defeat crisis. ABC's -- -- thank you for joining us from irbil Iraq. Thanks. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring the story for exclusive updates on the go. You've been watching international hot spot I'm Susan -- in Washington DC.

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{"id":24999959,"title":"U.N. Declares Emergency Over Iraqi Refugee Crisis","duration":"8:46","description":"U.S. launches more airstrikes to help Kurdish forces in fight against ISIS.","url":"/International/video/declares-emergency-iraqi-refugee-crisis-24999959","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}