New details on missing Saudi journalist

Turkish and Saudi officials are investigating.
2:42 | 10/16/18

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Transcript for New details on missing Saudi journalist
Hey guys that smiling and Terry in Istanbul Turkey you're watching ABC is like her outside right now I just initially this scene. This is the neediest I'm kind of over here people going live kind of 24 hours today of course I'm just gonna watch you. Around the corner to show you where it all happened. Says there's the door. Here's the Saudi consulate. And we've seen images of jamaat to show he walking in of course we sigh images of his fiancee waiting out here we have breaking and he tells from the associated press and anonymous Turkish official. Has told the AP that they have quite certain. And certain forensic evidence they suggest. That confirms the kind of democracy at inside the Saudi consulate ABC news has not confirmed it again it's from an anonymous Turkish official and that's been a problem for the last two weeks a lot of anonymous officials. Leaking information very few people actually going on the record ABC news as police sources have not come from that any evidence was found that we do know that investigators. Or inside the consulate yesterday investigators are heading to the conflict resident. Later today and there are also focusing on the black and it went from this Saudi consulate here that fatty concert residents. Which is very near by and other updates state secretary of state Mike Pompeo is in Riyadh we thought video of him. Locking up the plane of course. Meeting with king some on briefly and then meeting with the crown prince Mohammed than some on notice and be at that meeting. Quite a bit longer and you see many of them all smiles they were joking about jetlag event's. I just I read you Mohammed than some mine apparently turns to the secretary of state and says we are really strong an old allies that we face our challenges together the past. The day it's tomorrow secretary of state Mike Pompeo turns him and says. Absolutely now the optics of this earth strange normally in a diplomatic spattered when you have diplomatic questions. Hewitt summoned the ambassador disputed State Department urged the White House to answer those questions in Washington instead the secretary of state has fun across the world. To meet with the king and the crowd of friends and the other thing we're looking at it that CNN report that says this was all an interrogation gone wrong CNN is reporting that the saudis are preparing a report. Today tomorrow in the near future that says. This is an interrogation gone terribly wrong being never meant to kill and not only that they say that the people who did this will be held responsible and if they that it wasn't ordered directly from the top suspect a lot of questions first of all and how you get in there if it wasn't ordered or at least. That that very tot didn't have knowledge of this second what interrogation methods re is if this went terribly wrong. And the biggest question of course is why the saudis had been lying to us for the last few weeks two weeks ago the saudis said jamaat to show he walked into that consulate and walked out on his very well if they're saying now he walked in. To be interrogated and that guy. The very different story we have just heard doubt that investigators are going to the consular residents. Bring a check that thanks so much for spinning and I'm Alan and Terry and assemble and you're watching ABC news five.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"Turkish and Saudi officials are investigating. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"58540385","title":"New details on missing Saudi journalist","url":"/International/video/details-missing-saudi-journalist-58540385"}